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Bikini Laser Hair Removal: The Cost, Benefits and Side Effects

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Keeping your bikini area clear and clean can be pretty frustrating, especially in the summer and everyone’s out in their tiniest swimsuits. No matter how much you shave, wax, or trim your bikini line, it can feel impossible achieving that flawless, smooth appearance you know you want. And with hiccups like stubble, ingrown hairs, and razor burn to deal with in this sensitive spot, you end up not wanting to deal with it at all.

This is why more and more women are turning to laser hair removal for their unwanted bikini line hair needs. With a thorough and effective laser hair treatment, you can ensure that your bikini line looks just as amazing out in the sun on the beach as it does in front of your bathroom mirror.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about bikini laser hair removal, from the types of bikini hair removal, to its cost, benefits, and side effects.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal: What This Covers

You probably already know all about laser hair removal, but if not, here’s a quick recap. Laser hair removal utilizes state-of-the-art laser technology to treat body hair with high-energy laser pulses.

These laser pulses are absorbed by the pigmentation in the hair, and the pulses travel down the hair into the hair follicles as heat. The heat destroys the hair follicle, thus stunting future hair growth, making laser hair removal a permanent hair removal solution.

The first question that most new clients ask when it comes to laser hair removal for the groin region is: is it safe? This area is typically sensitive, so you want to make sure you understand everything you do with it.

Thankfully, laser hair removal is completely safe – the lasers are harmless when handled by trained professionals, so make sure to choose your laser provider wisely.

Two Types of Bikini Laser Hair Removal: Brazilian and Bikini Line

Women often come in and ask for a bikini laser hair removal, but don’t know whether they want a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment or a bikini line laser hair removal treatment. While some clinics may use these terms interchangeably, there are some important differences between these two procedures. Here is what you need to know:

  • Bikini Line: Your bikini line is the skin that is just beyond the panty line of your bikini. When you have a bikini line treatment, you are asking your laser hair technician to focus on clearing up the hair that might be visible right outside of your bikini. While this varies from clinic to clinic, a typical bikini line laser hair removal session covers anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of skin above the panty line. This ensures that your visible skin above the panty looks flawless. While this can also include the upper part of the pubic region and the sides of the labia, this is an extra that the client must ask for.
  • Brazilian: Brazilian treatments cover much more skin than bikini line treatments, because it goes beneath the panty, including the perianal and labia areas in the treatment. A patient can expect to be completely bare during a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, and like a traditional Brazilian, they can opt to keep a small patch of hair in the region, similar to the iconic Brazilian landing strip.

When getting your removal laser hair treatment done in your pubic region, it’s important to discuss with your laser specialist or doctor exactly what areas are to be covered before you begin with your treatment. Many patients get their own customizations according to their preferences, discussing where they would like to be treated, and how bare they would like those areas to be.

Figuring Out the Best Bikini Laser Hair Removal for You: Questions to Ask Yourself

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As the pubic area can be customized to your exact wishes, it’s crucial that you have a good understanding of what you want to achieve from your laser hair removal sessions. Here are some questions to ask yourself to get a better idea of what you need:

What is your objective?

What is your overall skin objective with your laser treatment? Do you want to…

  • Reduce ingrown hairs from hair follicles and never deal with razor burn along the bikini line skin again?
  • Worry less about shaving and missing certain spots, giving you the comfort to lie on the beach without stress?
  • Look flawless and hairless skin not only in a light swimsuit, but nude as well?

Answer these questions and how much each question matters to you will help you and your specialist get a better idea of what kind of treatment you need.

How much or little maintenance are you willing to do?

The bikini skin area can be a giant headache to deal with when it comes to hair, simply because the traditional hair removal methods are more trouble than they’re worth. Waxing leads to pain, shaving leads to razor burns and ingrown hairs, and trimming isn’t enough. The extent of your laser treatments will mean answering this one question: how much maintenance do you want to continue doing on your skin after hair removal laser treatments, if any at all?

If you never want to deal with hair in your pubic region again, then you will need a complete laser treatment for the entire area. But if you are willing to continue doing light up-keep, you might just want to do a bikini line treatment.

What hairs give you the most trouble?

There are always certain areas and clumps of light unwanted hair that we forget to deal with at home, or don’t want to bother dealing with because they’re in hard-to-access areas that might lead to skin cuts and bleeding.

Know the parts that give you the most trouble – the areas where curves and bends make it hard to shave or trim without hurting your skin at home – and make sure to let your laser specialist know that these are spots you need to have eliminated permanently.

Cost of Bikini Laser Hair Removal

So how much will your bikini laser hair removal cost? The price for laser hair removal sessions is determined by a number of factors, including the experience and profile of your chosen laser specialist, your geographical location (whether in a city or rural area), and the skin area being treated.

Smaller areas like the upper lip may only cost anywhere from $150 to $250 per treatment, while larger areas like the back can cost up to $1200 per treatment. As laser treatments in the pubic region are all about customization and the patient’s personal preferences, the costs vary. The more complex your procedure, the higher it will cost.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal Benefits

The benefits from the results of laser hair removal in the bikini region are obvious: you can be confident knowing that your bikini line or entire pubic area is hair-free, giving yourself a stress-free time at the beach every summer. As a treatment itself, laser hair removal advantages include:

  • Speed: The longest sessions will take up to an hour, but that’s for the largest areas of the body, such as the back and the legs. For the bikini area, this might take just about half an hour, with zero recovery time or downtime afterwards.
  • Precision: Your skin will be perfectly undamaged while all the hair in the area is removed. Lasers are very precise and with the right specialist, you will never have to worry about pain or skin damage.
  • Reliability: Laser hair removal is a proven process. After anywhere from three to seven sessions, you can be guaranteed to have all your targeted hair removed from the area.

Side Effects from Bikini Laser Hair Removal

When performed by a trained and trusted professional team, there are few risks involved with laser hair removal, even when targeted at the bikini region.

Some of the general laser hair removal side effects include:

  • Temporary irritation, leading to slight blistering or crusting of the skin
  • Mild skin redness
  • Temporary changes in pigment, particularly in dark-skinned patients (rare in light skinned patients)
  • Mild swelling of the treated area

There are no additional side effects from focusing on the bikini area that patients have to worry about.

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If you are preparing for light summer fun on the beach, make sure you have a clear, worry-free mind by getting your bikini area’s unwanted hair treated with laser hair removal. Contact us online from your home today to learn more about laser treatments and how we can help you.

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