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Kybella Injections for Chin Reduction: Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness

Remove Unsightly Double Chins with Kybella Injections

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Reduce Chin Fat with Non-Surgical Solutions

Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness is your source for state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments in New Jersey and nearby areas. Through our effective injectables like Kybella, we can provide you with transformative results from minimally invasive treatments that provide similar results as cosmetic surgery. 

Your chin can round out your facial features and affect your overall appearance. This is why fat pockets and double chins can affect the way you look and feel about yourself. Given the difficulty of removing unwanted fat in areas like your chin, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle may not be enough to give you the results you want. But through our Kybella injections, we can burn fat cells through natural means and improve the appearance of your chin. 

For safe and effective aesthetic injectables like Kybella, visit Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness to schedule your initial consultation with our board-certified aesthetic doctors. Our world-class service from our team of highly-qualified staff can deliver the right treatment plan to help you look and feel your best. 

Why You Need Kybella

Kybella is a minimally invasive and non-surgical injectable treatment that’s can reduce the excess fat pockets around your chin area. It’s a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally found in your liver’s bile acid that breaks emulsifies and breaks down fat, making it easier for your body to absorb and filter out fat. Through Kybella injections, you can naturally break down your stubborn fat pockets, allowing your body to gradually absorb, filter, and excrete out the excess fat. 

Kybella injections are a safe procedure. The only FDA-approved injectable that’s designed to contour and reshape your chin, it’s an effective method of removing stubborn fat pockets without the need for more invasive solutions like fat grafting and liposuction.

Many patients opt for Kybella treatments before more invasive solutions for the following reasons: 

Let Your Beauty Shine With Cosmetic Services at Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness

At Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness, we’re committed to providing you with the best cosmetic treatments that are guaranteed to be safe and effective for your skincare needs. Book a session now with us and start your journey towards seeing your best skin yet.

Minimize the Appearance of Chin Fat

Fat deposits in your chin can be difficult to get rid of even with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Kybella injections permanently destroy these fat cells, allowing your body to filter them out of your body and reduce the fat in the area. 

Improve Your Contour

If your chin is too big to complement the rest of your facial appearance, dermal filler treatments may not be the best minimally invasive option for contouring and reshaping. In this case, you can benefit from the fat cells dissolving and showing a tighter, well-defined chin contour. 

Reshape Your Neck and Chin Transition

Double chins can affect the transition from your chin to your neck. Create a slimmer, smoother, and well-defined transition by removing the excess fat accumulated in your double chin. 

Benefits of Kybella 

Ethos Spa Skin & Laser provides master injectors that can produce the best outcomes for every treatment. Our Kybella treatments offer the following benefits for patients who want quality services and the best results from every session:

Avoid the Risks of Liposuction

Kybella treatments can result in common side effects that are often associated with injectable aesthetic treatments. This can include pain, swelling, bruising, and redness – and these can be easily managed with home remedies and subside in less than 2 weeks. Surgical options like liposuction, on the other hand, have a higher risk of bleeding, infection, and scarring. It can also mean longer downtime and recovery periods after your treatment. 

Permanently Burn Away Chin Fat Cells

Kybella injections will break down and permanently destroy the fat cells in your chin. What remains will then be absorbed, filtered out, and excreted from your body, leaving behind a smoother chin appearance. As long as you maintain your weight and avoid habits that can lead to forming a new double chin, you can maintain the results of your Kybella injections. 

Use Acids to Effectively Burn Away Fat

Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally found used by your liver to break down fat and make it ready for digestion. In the hands of our skilled treatment providers, Kybella injections can smoothen out your chin and produce slimming results. 

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At Ethos, we’ll be glad to assist you in determining the right treatment plan for your aesthetic & wellness needs. Visit an Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness clinic nearest you or contact us today to know what service best fits your concerns.

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Our Process for Administering Kybella

Before you can receive Kybella injections, you’ll undergo an initial consultation with one of our aesthetic doctors. They’ll discuss what Kybella can and can’t do for your appearance, as well as your beauty goals and if Kybella is right for you. They’ll also determine if it’s safe for you to receive Kybella injections.

If you’re a qualified Kybella patient, we can proceed with the treatment. First, we’ll apply a numbing cream to the injection sites to minimize the discomfort. Your provider will then mark the areas where they’ll inject Kybella. After the injection, Kybella can take several weeks to destroy fat cells and show visible results. 

Depending on the size of your double chin, you may need more than one treatment. Patients can have up to 6 Kybella injections, spread at least one month apart. The results of Kybella treatments are permanent in the sense that your damaged fat cells can no longer recover. However, factors like significant weight gain may result in you redeveloping a double chin. 

Am I Qualified for Kybella?

Anyone older than 18 years that has a moderate to severe double chin can safely receive Kybella treatments. Moderately-sized double chins achieve the best results, while more obese patients may require multiple treatments before they see results. While obese patients may notice a difference, the best and most effective results come from those who have a healthy weight who want to remove stubborn fat cells. Patients who shouldn’t receive Kybella treatments include:

  • Patients planning to undergo cosmetic facial surgery in the near future
  • Have difficulty swallowing
  • Have an infection near or on their jaw, chin, and neck
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Why Choose Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness?

Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness delivers the highest levels of quality to its patients. With its state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments and a passionate team of professionals, you can expect nothing less than excellent care that provides exemplary results. At our advanced medspa, we offer the following: 

Board Certified Cosmetic Medicine Doctors

Our aesthetic treatments are administered by board-certified aesthetic doctors with extensive experience in delivering top-notch results. Led by Dr. Monika Soni and Hardik Soni, Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness uses the latest technologies and techniques to make your aesthetic treatment the best that it can provide. 

Custom Treatment Plans Available

We understand that no two patients have the same beauty goals. Rather than providing the same aesthetic solutions for all our patients, we’re dedicated to understanding what you want and providing the right treatments to turn your beauty goals into a reality. We schedule initial consultations prior to any procedure to discuss your beauty goals and can provide custom treatment plans to help you achieve these goals. 

Find Great Prices for Effective Treatments at Ethos Spa

We’ve got competitive prices and exclusive deals for our injectable treatments. Browse our website or schedule your initial consultation to learn more about our special prices and deals that can help you get the best value for every session. 

Let Your Beauty Shine With Cosmetic Services at Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness

At Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness, we’re committed to providing you with the best cosmetic treatments that are guaranteed to be safe and effective for your skincare needs. Book a session now with us and start your journey towards seeing your best skin yet.

FAQs About Kybella

Q: How many Kybella injections do I need?

A: Some patients opt for one session and notice a visible difference in their appearance. However, to get the best results, many of our patients come back for additional treatment spaced one month apart. Moderately-sized double chins need around 3 treatments, while obese patients may need a maximum of 6 treatments to get the best results. 

Q: Are there any side effects from getting Kybella injections?

A: Swelling, numbness, bruising, and redness under the chin are all common side effects. While they’re not debilitating, this may be discomforting for several days after treatment. In the meantime, you can use home remedies or over-the-counter medicines to manage these effects. If you experience serious side effects like trouble swallowing, contact your medical professional immediately.

Q: Are the effects of Kybella permanent? 

A: Fat cells exposed to Kybella injections will break down and be permanently destroyed. These remains will then be absorbed by your body, filtered out, and excreted from your body. However, that’s not to say that you’ll never get double chins again. Factors like age, genetics, and gaining excessive weight fast can cause you to develop new fat cells that settle back and create the appearance of double chins. 

Transform Your Appearance at Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness

If you are tired of looking at that stubborn chin fat and want a slimmer and tighter appearance, Kybella might be the solution for you. You’ll see quick results that last and bring out your best version, minus the stubborn fat cells. Come in for a consultation so you can learn more about how Kybella from Ethos Spa can help you.