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What Are the Differences Between Bikini and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

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Whether or not you want to undergo laser hair removal procedures is simply a matter of preference. While there’s nothing wrong with leaving hair down there, there are many people who feel more comfortable with little to no hair. Which is why, when it comes to hair removal, men and women have many options to go hair-free. Two of the most popular procedures right now are the bikini laser hair removal and the Brazilian laser hair removal.

So what are the differences between a bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal? A bikini laser hair removal includes only the hairs in the bikini line, while a Brazilian laser hair removal covers more areas, including the upper thighs, the entire pubic area, and the area between the buttocks. Choosing which one to get ultimately depends on your preference, so here’s more of what you should know about these hair removal procedures.

Difference Between Bikini and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The main difference between a bikini and a Brazilian laser hair removal is how much hair is removed, and where. Generally, bikini laser hair removal involves a smaller portion of your intimate area, while Brazilian can include most or the entire pubic region.

During a bikini hair removal, a laser technician will only target the hair along your bikini line, as well as the tiny hairs that are a few inches away from it. While there won’t be any hair peeking out of your underwear or bathing suit, the rest of the hair on your pubic region will remain untouched.

Brazilian hair removal, on the other hand, will target the entire pubic area, including the labia, upper thighs, and anus. You can opt to leave a small triangle or rectangle (landing strip) along the front of your pubic area, but the rest will be treated to truly keep this area hair-free.

For a more detailed comparison, check out our table below:

Treated AreaAlong your bikini areaAll of the hair in your pubic bone, labia, upper thighs, and anus
StylesBikini laser hair removal can remove pubic hair in certain styles, including:

Bikini line (or basic bikini) – limited to the hair along your bikini line that would be visible outside your underwear or bathing suit

Extended bikini – the bikini line plus a few inches around the pubic bone to leave a more defined triangle patch in the front

French bikini – the bikini area and most of the hair in the front pubic region, except for a strip

Bikini full – the bikini area, the entire front pubic area, but not the butt strip or anus
Brazilian laser hair removes all the hair in your pubic bone, labia, upper thighs, and anus, though you can opt to leave a small triangle or rectangular patch in the front pubic area.It’s different from the French bikini and bikini full style because it also removes the hair in the butt and around the anus.
Best ForPatients who don’t want to remove all hair on their genitalsPatients who aren’t comfortable with the invasiveness of treating areas like their labia or around their anusPatients that want the convenience of removing all unwanted hair in their nether regions

There’s really no right or wrong choice for laser hair removal, as it simply comes down to what you prefer. If you like some hair to grow around the area, getting a bikini laser removal is a better solution. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable being completely hair-free down there, you’re better off getting a Brazilian.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

Only good laser hair removal equipment will give you the results that you want, whether you opt for a bikini or Brazilian hair removal. Although you have many options when choosing a hair removal method, laser hair removal treatment is one of the best long-term solutions to getting rid of unwanted hair. 

If you’re still hesitant with laser hair removal procedures like the bikini or the Brazilian treatments, then try weighing its pros and cons along with otherwise more traditional hair removal procedures like waxing. 

 Laser Hair RemovalWaxing
CostAround $300 to $550 per session. You’ll need 5 to 12 sessions spread every 4 to 6 weeks, followed by a maintenance session every two years.Around $20 to $120 per session for either bikini waxing or Brazilian waxing. You’ll need to wax at least twice a month to keep your pubic hairs from growing long. You’ll need to wax consistently to reduce the pain of waxing and see better results.  
ProcessLasers target your hair to heat up the hair follicle. This damages it to the point that it can’t grow hair anymore.A hard or soft wax is applied to the treatment area and attaches to your hairs. The wax pulls away the hair from the roots.  
ProsLong-term results. After finishing all your treatments, hair will take months or years to grow out. It’s not a permanent hair removal solution, but it’s the only long-term hair removal option.

No ingrown hair, razor burn, and rashes. Treatments stop hair from growing entirely, preventing ingrown hairs from causing painful bumps.  

Cost-effective in the long run. Although laser sessions are more expensive, the results last longer and only require maintenance once every two years.  
Cheaper sessions. You can opt to only wax when necessary (i.e. summer), but the process can be more painful if you don’t wax regularly.

Good for all skin tones, skin types, and hair colors. Wax can work effectively on all skin and hair colors.

Can be done at home. Waxing can be done safely at home.
ConsSome laser equipment aren’t appropriate for dark skin or lighter hair. Most lasers are best for patients with dark hair and light skin tone. If your provider doesn’t have the high-quality aser equipment, those with darker skin may experience skin discoloration, while those with lighter hair colors may not have effective treatment.

At-home laser hair removal isn’t that effective. At-home laser hair removal devices don’t have the same power as laser equipment professionals use.

Can cause burns if you don’t shave. It’s recommended that you shave or trim your pubic hair because long hair can cause burns on the skin during the process. Don’t wax your skin before treatment, since this pulls out hair, which is needed for an effective treatment.  
Less cost-effective in the long run. Although waxing sessions are cheaper, more sessions are needed to maintain your hair, which doesn’t stop normal hair growth.

Causes ingrown hair. There is a chance for hair to curl when it grows back, causing an ingrown.

Requires you to grow out your hair. Even if you aren’t comfortable with hair in your private areas, you’ll still need to grow your hair out to at least a quarter of an inch so that the wax has something to cling to.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman shaving her legs with a razor inside the shower at home

There’s minimal pain involved in laser hair treatment, whether you choose a bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. However, there are ways to make your procedure quick and straightforward. A few things you can do before your treatment include:

  • Avoid sun exposure. If you have a sunburn or tan less than two weeks old, you’ll need to reschedule your appointment.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol. These can make you more sensitive during your treatment, which can make the laser feel more painful than it normally is. Ideally, avoid alcohol at least one week before your treatment and caffeine immediately before your procedure.
  • Shaving your treatment area. There needs to be hair attached to the follicle but no hair beyond the skin. Long hair can cause burns during the laser treatment, so shave your treatment area at least 12 hours up to one day prior to your appointment. Use a clean, sharp razor and avoid scented shaving products. Trimming isn’t recommended because it’s more time-consuming and can still leave your hair too long for the procedure.
  • Avoid plucking and waxing. Don’t wax or pluck your hair – these methods pull hair from the root, leaving nothing for lasers to target. Avoid this at least two weeks before your treatment to give it time to grow.
  • Observe good hygiene. This means showering and making sure your pubic area is clean – your laser technician will thank you for it.
  • Wear loose bottoms. Before heading to your appointment, wear underwear with breathable fabric that won’t irritate your skin after your laser treatment. Avoid tight bottoms like skin-tight jeans. Wear a flowy skirt or loose pants made with light fabrics like linen.   

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair With Ethos Spa

Whether you choose a bikini or Brazilian style when it comes to laser hair removal, With the right equipment and a skilled provider, you can get the long-term hair removal solution that gets rid of your unwanted hairs and gives you the comfort and confidence to feel your best.

At Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness, we provide our clients with safe and effective treatments  to remove unwanted body hair, among our many other services. Our advanced and high-quality tools and techniques, together with our highly-trained and experienced staff, are happy to give you the results that you want. Discuss your treatment plan with our specialists today by booking an appointment.  

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