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Shape Up Those Jiggly Thighs and Love Handles

Does your body have a little more jiggle than you would like? If so, body contouring can help. With body contouring solutions, you no longer need to go through an invasive procedure like liposuction.

Body Contouring can be effectively used on:

  • Thighs
  • Love handles
  • Lower Face
  • Neck

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Body Contouring

What is Body Contouring?

Does your body have a little more jiggle than you would like? If so, body contouring can help. With body contouring solutions, you no longer need to go through an invasive procedure, like liposuction. These noninvasive and minimally invasive options will produce great results without pain or risk. Start by seeing if body contouring is right for you, and then check out the various options available.

Who Is a Candidate?

It is important to understand that body contouring is not a substitute for weight loss. Rather, these techniques are used to shape your body. The ideal candidate is within 15 or 20 pounds of his or her ideal body weight, meaning that only a touchup is required to look better. For instance, you might have jiggly thighs or love handles that need shaped up, but losing weight will not help. Body contouring makes it easy to get rid of these problem areas.

What to expect?

You have different options to choose from, so you need to understand your options in order to know what to expect. If you choose Coolsculpting, the surgeon will freeze the fat right off your body. Typically, it removes around 25 percent of the fat in a given area. Best of all, the procedure only takes around an hour to complete, and no downtime is required. Come in during your lunch break, have the procedure done, and go back to work. It is that simple.

TruSculpt is another option. While Coolsculpting freezes fat, truSculpt heats it up. Because the heat tightens the skin, this is a good option for people who have a lot of loose skin. Being quick and easy, you can stop in to get a treatment before going out with friends.

Syneron Profound is growing in popularity. This treatment rejuvenates and tightens the skin. While most people use Syneron Profound on the lower face or neck, it can be used on almost any part of the body.

If you have a double chin, Kybella might be the right choice for you. This treatment is injected directly into the fat cells located under the chin. It reduces the fullness in the chin, thereby making you look thinner. These treatments only take about five minutes, and most people achieve optimal results after two to four injections.

While some people come in for a single treatment, many chose to get a combination of treatments. That way, they enjoy the best results. Talk about your desired outcomes with your doctor, who will then create the combination body contouring procedures that will work best for you. From tightening your inner thighs to removing a double chin, you can treat your entire body with combined treatments.

You no longer have to live with loose and saggy skin. Even if you are not carrying around a lot of excess weight but still are struggling to get your body to look the way you want, consider having one of these treatments. Start with a consultation to find out which treatment or treatments are right for you, and then lock in a schedule.


47 Year Old Mother Feeling Beautiful Because of Ethos Spa

I recently had cool sculpting done I franks and upper abdomen. I couldn't believe my eyes six weeks after my photos were taken. My flanks work on upper abdomen was gone and I felt beautiful. I decided to have work done on my lower abdomen the results are amazing if anybody is looking for a boost I highly recommend this office. Please check them out you will want to come back for more! You will love Alex, Donna and Lauren! They treat you like gold! Just their personalities and graciousness is what pulled me in! I cannot imagine going anywhere else. Ethos Spa in Summit, New Jersey is the place to go!

Bellamia70 | June, 2016