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When your skin’s collagen starts to break down, you end up with unsightly frown lines and wrinkles all over your face. These little lines and wrinkles add years to your appearance, and can cause your self-confidence to tank. Get your confidence back with Dysport.

This treatment relaxes the muscles that cause lines between your eyebrows, wrinkles around your mouth, and crow’s feet. The result is smooth looking skin that makes you appear years younger. If you are tired of dealing with lines and wrinkles, it is time to check this treatment out.

What to Expect

If you decide you want to get a Dysport treatment, you will need a professional consultation. The doctor will examine you to determine if you are a good fit and then go over your expected results.

Once you decide to move forward, the staff will clean and numb the area of the skin. Next, the doctor will use a thin needle to inject the solution under the skin. This is a quick process that takes less than an hour. No downtime is required after your procedure. You might have some redness and a slight amount of swelling, but that can be covered up with makeup.

Due to the quick process, this a great treatment to get over your lunch break or before going out with friends. You can slip in, get your treatment, and go out to do the things that you want to in no time. It is almost as easy as grabbing a coffee during your lunch break, only instead of a caffeine jolt, you get a younger looking face.

The Results

The majority of people who have the Dysport treatment see results within a week, although full results for people take up to two weeks. Regardless, at that time some you will look and feel younger. Your lines and wrinkles should be gone, your skin should be smooth, and your appearance more youthful.

Typically, these results last for three months. Patients commonly come in for injections every three months so they do not have to worry about wrinkles and lines again.

Not Just for Women

You might think that Dysport is just for women, but that is hardly the case. Men often use Dysport and similar treatments as well. In fact, the number of men using these treatments increased four times from 2000 to 2014. That makes this a good choice, regardless of your gender.

Is Dysport Right for You?

If you have lines and wrinkles, this is likely a good choice. You do need to be under the age of 65 and in good physical condition to undergo the treatment. Schedule a consultation to determine if you meet the criteria and can learn more about how this can help you look younger.

There is no reason to live with fine lines and wrinkles anymore. Whether you used to be a smoker or are simply experiencing the natural signs of aging, Dysport can help. Schedule a consultation so you can finally say goodbye to your lines and wrinkles.

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