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Why You Should Choose Laser Hair Removal For a Brazilian or Bikini Line

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When summer comes, it’s time to clear your body of any unwanted hair to help create smooth skin for the beach. With the amount of skin you need to show, you need an effective skincare treatment that can easily clear up any noticeable groups of hair. One of the most popular and effective hair removal treatments available is laser hair removal.

So why receive laser hair removal treatment for a Brazilian or a bikini line? Laser hair removal treatment can quickly and accurately remove any small or big patches of hair, especially ingrown hair, razor bumps, or pubic hair without any complications or side effects. 

Should I Do Laser Hair Removal For a Brazilian or Bikini Line?

Other hair removal treatments can be more of a hassle than a solution to smoothen the bikini area or to create a full Brazilian. Waxing and shaving can create ingrown hairs—newly grown hair that embeds itself into the skin. These are difficult to remove without direct treatments such as manually inserting a needle to lift it out of the skin.

While shaving is an option, it is laborious and may not be able to remove all the unwanted hair in the body. Improper shaving may also create razor burns or shaving bumps where the skin becomes irritated due to the razor. Since a Brazilian entails the complete removal of pubic hair, it’s best to have a safe and effective hair removal method to prevent any form of irritation from occurring in that area. 

For a fast, painless, and effective treatment, the best way to go is laser hair removal. With ultramodern laser technology, the dermatologist will target the source of hair growth: the hair follicle. The machine will emit a light that will be absorbed by the pigment in the hair, transforming that energy to heat when it reaches the follicle. This will damage the follicle, removing and preventing any unwanted hair from showing on the skin without harming it at all.

After multiple sessions, you can receive a clear and fresh bikini line or Brazilian for the rest of the summer and beyond. Though it’s expensive compared to other hair removal treatments, the cost and efficiency of laser hair removal make up for the waste and extra expenses needed for wax, shaving, and any additional appointments as these treatments need the hair to regrow.

Other Treatment Areas For Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment is flexible as it can reach difficult places that a razor or wax cannot effectively cover. It is also perfect for sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to the pain and irritation of waxing or the use of a razor for shaving. Hence why the face is a usual target for laser hair removal. Though since it has thin hair, it may take multiple treatments to fully remove all the unwanted hair. It also cannot be done on the brows to prevent any damage to the eyes.

The legs are also a common target for hair removal. Since the hair in the legs is thicker and darker than other parts of the body, just like within the bikini line and in the pubic region, it responds incredibly well to laser hair removal treatment as it can safely intake more heat to fully detach any unwanted hair and fully block off any future hair growth. 

Another common treatment area for hair removal is underarms. Though it is usually done through waxing or shaving, the use of friction may cause different reactions in the skin, leaving it darker or thicker than it was before the treatment. This can be avoided completely by receiving a laser hair removal treatment. 

But do note that not all skin types are a candidate for laser hair removal. The treatment is noted to be particularly effective for those with fairer skin tones and darker hair due to how the tone of the pigment affects how it absorbs the laser. Those with a darker skin tone may end up with skin discoloration. Fortunately, this is only a problem for older and lower-quality laser technology as developments have made this a non-issue.

Other patients that cannot undergo laser hair removal are those who are pregnant, sensitive to cold sores, those with tattoos, taking medication for skin conditions like acne, those with keloid or raised scars, and those with herpes. Consult a dermatologist or aesthetician if you have any skin conditions or if you may be sensitive to any side effects of laser treatment. 

What to Expect From Laser Hair Removal

Once you go through the initial consultation and diagnosis with the dermatologist or laser technician, you can proceed with the treatment. It begins when the dermatologist applies a numbing agent or an anesthetic cream on the treatment area to prevent any pain from occurring. Some patients report that the most pain that can be felt is akin to a light slap.

The entire treatment can be as fast as 5 minutes or it can last up to a little under an hour. Since the bikini area and the treatment area for Brazilian covers a wide area in the body, it may take the latter period of time to properly finish. Though the treatment may be finished, you may need to stay in the clinic for another hour for the anesthetic to wear off. 

Once the initial treatment is finished, stray hair strands may begin shedding from the body. Though it may not happen that quickly for everybody, follow-up treatments are still required to fully clear up the treated area. 

The sessions must be spaced by about 6 weeks to allow the hair to fully regrow. But do remember that it may grow back to be shorter and smaller than it was before the treatment. With each laser treatment, the hair in the bikini line or in the pubic region will slowly decrease until nothing or little is left.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

The total duration of laser hair removal depends largely on the type and tone of the skin, its condition, how it is treated after the procedure, and the hormonal levels of the body. Some do report permanent results while others have experienced hair regrowth in smaller and thinner amounts.

Even when the full treatment cycle is completed, maintenance treatments may be done early to clear up any pesky hairs that may show up and to extend the impediment hair growth. For most, it takes more than 12 sessions of laser hair removal treatment to completely prevent hair growth in the body, which is incredibly expensive. The most efficient way to maintain the effects of the treatment is to check if a yearly touch-up treatment is needed. 

How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal 

As with every skincare procedure, necessary pre-treatment actions should be done to eliminate any uncomfortable side effects to occur during a bikini line laser hair removal or a Brazilian laser hair removal. Follow any additional instructions the laser technician may provide. 

1) Don’t Pluck or Wax

Avoid any treatments that will agitate the hair follicle like hair plucking or waxing 6 weeks prior to the initial laser hair removal session. This will protect the hair root and pigment so that it absorbs the heat in its most natural state. 

Instead, it’s required to shave the treatment area a day before the procedure. A clean-shaven treatment area will prevent any burns or heat-related complications from the laser and it will help the hair follicle directly take in the heat.

2) Limit Exposure to Heat 

As the main conductor of laser hair removal is heat energy through light, a common instruction  is to stay away from any similar exposure for 2 weeks before the treatment. This includes hot wax, suntanning, tanning beds, and saunas. Any sun damage will increase the chances of uncomfortable side effects from the laser. Incorporate 30+ SPF sunscreen in your skincare routine to protect your skin from UV rays in preparation for the treatment. 

3) Wear Loose Clothing

Come to the clinic with loose clothing that leaves plenty of space in the planned treated areas. Not only because those regions of the body are newly shaved, but to prevent further irritation once the hair follicles in them have been damaged by the laser treatment. 

Excellent and Worry-Free Laser Hair Removal At Ethos Spa

Laser hair removal treatment is one of the most effective ways to finally brighten up the bikini line, a Brazilian, or any spot of the body that has unwanted hair. It is pricier than shaving or waxing, but it’s instantaneous with surefire results so that you can spend more time enjoying a clear-shaven body than worrying if the hair may grow back.

At Ethos Spa, we can provide you with a world-class laser hair removal treatment that leaves your skin hair-free without any trouble. We also offer a wide list of non-invasive skin care procedures to revitalize your skin. Book an appointment now to get your dream bikini body.

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