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Chemical Peels at Ethos Spa in New Jersey

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Resurface a Clearer, More Radiant Skin with Chemical Peels at Ethos Spa 

Peel off acne scars, uneven skin tone, and other skin impurities by undergoing chemical peel treatment at Ethos Spa. This skin resurfacing treatment offers a non-invasive solution for removing hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and other blemishes and improves skin texture to give you a brighter and more glowing appearance.

Ethos Spa offers different types of chemical peels suitable for your skin type and skin tone, from superficial peel and medium peel to deep chemical peel. Achieve a radiant glow without plastic surgery with these skin peels. Book an appointment at Ethos Spa by calling us, visiting our clinic at Summit, New Jersey, or filling out a form at our website.

Light Up Dull and Blemished Skin 

Nothing shouldn’t stop us from braving the sun and going out into the world to fulfill our daily activities. But we cannot deny that it has left skin impurities that become eyesores on our appearance. Sun damage, aging, and other factors have left our skin with acne scars, uneven skin tone or skin discoloration, wrinkles, and other skin impurities.

Let Your Beauty Shine With Cosmetic Services at Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness

At Ethos Spa, we’re committed to providing you with the best cosmetic treatments that are guaranteed to be safe and effective for your skincare needs. Book a session now with us and start your journey towards seeing your best skin yet.

Remove these cosmetic concerns and reveal brighter and more glowing skin with the help of the chemical peel treatment here at Ethos Spa. Our facial peel has various types, such as light chemical peel, medium chemical peel, and deep chemical peel. These reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, and loose skin of different severities to give you naturally radiant skin.

Shed Off Skin Impurities with Chemical Peels

Chemical peel treatment is a skin resurfacing procedure where we will apply a type of chemical solution on your face. This solution will exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. It clears your skin from the following cosmetic problems:

  • Fine lines around the mouth or eyes
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Several types of acne
  • Freckles
  • Sunspots
  • Liver spots
  • Age spots
  • Uneven skin pigmentation
  • Precancerous spots
  • Rough skin
  • Dull skin
  • Scaly patches
  • Melasma or brown patches from birth control pills or pregnancy

The chemical solution for your facial peel removes these skin impurities by removing the top layer of the skin. The new skin that resurfaces from your procedure comes out brighter, clearer, and more radiant. You can do this treatment alone or combine them with other procedures.

Types of Chemical Peel

Your facial peel treatment has different types of chemical solutions to use depending on the severity of your hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and lines and wrinkles. Of course, it will also depend on the procedure you choose. The type of chemical solution differs by the depth of its resurfacing abilities.

  • Superficial or light chemical peel – superficial peel only removes your epidermis or the top layer of your skin. This type of peel resolves:
    • Acne
    • Fine lines and wrinkles 
    • Skin dryness
    • Uneven skin tone

The common chemical solutions used for superficial peels are:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • AHA or alpha-hydroxy acid

Patients may require a light chemical peel every 2 to 5 weeks to have the desired results.

  • Medium chemical peel – More potent than a light chemical peel, a medium chemical peel can remove not only the epidermis but also the upper part of the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis. It’s also strong enough to remove dead skin cells from your skin for exfoliation. This facial peel reduces the appearance of:
    • Lines and wrinkles
    • Moderate skin discoloration
    • Freckles
    • Age spots
    • Precancerous growths, like actinic keratosis

The common types of chemical solutions used for this type of facial peel are glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid. A moderate chemical peel can also smoothen your rough skin texture.

  • Deep chemical peel –  deep chemical peels remove deeper skin cells that only one treatment might be enough. Aside from the skin impurities that superficial peel and moderate peel can remove, this deep peel treatment can also smoothen dynamic wrinkles, deeper, depressed acne scars, and precancerous growths. Doctors use Trichloroacetic acid (TCA peel) or phenol peel to treat your skin.

Each chemical peel type requires the best aftercare to produce the best results. Schedule an appointment with us at Ethos Spa to know the better type of chemical peel suitable for you.

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At Ethos, we’ll be glad to assist you in determining the right treatment plan for your aesthetic & wellness needs. Visit an Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness clinic nearest you or contact us today to know what service best fits your concerns.

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Benefits of Chemical Peel 

A chemical peel removes the damaged outer layers of our skin to reveal a more radiant appearance. This skin resurfacing treatment offers different types of benefits for you.

The benefits of chemical peel treatment are:

  • Removes scars and blemishes – chemical peel removes the top layer of your skin, clearing even depressed scars. It also resolves skin discoloration as it reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  • Lifts the skin – chemical peel can also lift your face without the need to have cosmetic surgery. This is a perfect alternative for those without time for extra downtime or who are squeamish about going under the knife.
  • Natural-looking effects – chemical peel offers gradual and natural-looking effects because it only sheds off dead skin cells and the part with damaged skin, improving skin texture and tone.
  • Non-invasive – patients apprehensive about injectable treatments and incisions can benefit from chemical peels. It’s a non-invasive treatment where the practitioner will only apply chemical solutions to your face. With deep chemical peels, you may undergo more preparations.
  • Youthful appearance – skin peels leave the treated skin with better skin texture and glow, giving you a youthful appearance. 

These are only some of the benefits of receiving skin resurfacing treatment with a chemical peel. It’s suitable for different skin types and skin tones. Schedule an appointment with Ethos Spa to learn more about what this solution can do for your skin.

Skin Resurfacing Treatment with Chemical Peels at Ethos Spa

At Ethos Spa, you will be under the care of board-certified doctors who are committed to conducting procedures that will prioritize your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. We are also equipped with methods and equipment to help make your treatment session as pleasurable as possible.

Your chemical peel treatment will start with consultations where we will discuss how the procedure works. We will assess your skin to know the most suitable treatment according to your skin condition, aesthetic goals, and preference.

Here’s the procedure of your facial peel treatment session:

  1. The practitioners will clean your face while massaging it to prepare for the chemical solution.
  2. Your hair will also be covered to protect it from the solution.
  3. Expect to wear goggles or apply gauze to your eyes for protection.
  4. For deep and moderate chemical peel, you may receive sedatives or topical pain relief.
  5. For deep peels, you will also be administered IV fluids.
  6. For superficial and moderate peel, we will gently apply the chemical solution to your face.
  7. We will apply a cold compress or hover a handheld fan to reduce the stinging sensation.
  8. For deep peels, the application of the solution will be applied to your skin at an interval of 15 minutes per area.
  9. A neutralizing solution will be applied to your face, or we will wash off the excess chemical peel.
  10. For deep peels, we will apply surgical dressing on the treated skin.

Ethos Spa is committed to providing patients with a comfortable and safe experience. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about how we lessen your discomfort during procedures.

When Will Results Show

Your superficial peel will heal within around 1 to 7 days – you may also expect to notice results after this. The effects of your superficial peel will also depend on how many treatment sessions you’ve already had since this requires multiple procedures every 2 to 5 weeks.

Almost similar to a light chemical peel, a moderate chemical peel might produce noticeable results after 7 to 10 days. It also depends on the treatment you’ve already had.

As deep chemical peels are more potent and can resurface deeper layers of the skin, recovery from this procedure may take around 2 weeks – some side effects even take months. It might also take several months to show effects.

Let Your Beauty Shine With Cosmetic Services at Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness

At Ethos Spa, we’re committed to providing you with the best cosmetic treatments that are guaranteed to be safe and effective for your skincare needs. Book a session now with us and start your journey towards seeing your best skin yet.

Side Effects

Patients may become anxious or flustered about the side effects of chemical peel, but these reactions are pretty normal – these even mean that your procedure is working. We will fully discuss at Ethos Spa the side effects patients can expect. 

Some side effects are:

  • having a darker skin
  • redness
  • swelling
  • scabbing

Those are just some of the mild side effects. Your aesthetician at Ethos Spa will instruct you on the proper ways to deal with these reactions.

Get Your Chemical Peels Today at Ethos Spa for a Brighter and Fresher Skin

Chemical peels are non-invasive solutions for achieving a younger-looking skin – radiant and blemish-free. It may also vary according to the depth of skin resurfacing the chemical can do. Facial peel treatment can resolve your pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne, scarring, and other facial impurities.

Ethos Spa is equipped with advanced technology and techniques for cosmetic treatments, conducted by board-certified doctors. We are committed to guiding patients towards achieving the best version of themselves. Have naturally glowing skin without cosmetic surgery with a chemical peel. Book an appointment at Ethos Spa to learn more by calling us, visiting our medical spa, or filling out a form at our website.

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