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Tattoo Removal

Gone are the days when tattoos were considered irreversible or permanent. Now, thanks to tattoo removal services, you can have your tattoos safely removed by experienced dermatologic surgeons. Whether you regret getting your tattoo in the first place or your tattoo is standing in your way of finding a new job, our effective tattoo removal services will meet all your needs.

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Tattoo Removal

What Is Tattoo Removal?

In short, tattoo removal refers to the process of removing an unwanted tattoo, typically by laser surgery. Laser surgery is one of the most effective tattoo removal procedures because it offers long-lasting results and safely removes tattoo ink by breaking down the ink particles in your tattoo. From there, your immune system will fight off the broken down ink in a process that mimics the natural fading that you’d see with sun exposure or time.

About the Procedure

When you make the decision to get a tattoo removal treatment, you’ll find that the preferred method is Picosure, a process that uses short pulses and ultimately results in an intense photomechanical impact. This ensures fewer treatments overall and faster results compared to other, more outdated methods of tattoo removal. The process is also gentler on the surrounding skin.

In terms of anesthesia, the procedure is gentle enough that most patients don’t need it. However, if your tattoo is in a sensitive spot on your body, local anesthesia may be offered.

Who’s a Candidate?

Typically, the best candidates are those with fair skin because of the way the tattoo ink pigments absorb in the skin, making it easier to remove. Also, the type of tattoo will determine if someone is a good candidate. For example, the easiest type of tattoo to remove is one with black ink that’s not super dense. Also, older tattoos tend to be easier to remove than new tattoos. Additionally, your health plays a role in whether you’re a good candidate because your immune system will have to fight off the broken down ink particles.

What to Expect?

So, you’ve scheduled a tattoo removal treatment. What can you expect now? For starters:

  • Experienced Doctors
  • Permanent Results
  • Safe and Effective Procedures
  • Minimal Scarring

Additionally, at the conclusion of each treatment, the tattoo being removed will be covered in antibiotic cream and a dressing. For 24 hours after each treatment, you’ll be advised to avoid showering or touching the site in order to prevent infection.

If this service sounds like something you’re interested in, visit Ethos Spa today to schedule your first treatment.