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Extended Bikini Laser Treatment: Procedure and Comparisons

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Thinking of baring it all with an extended bikini laser, but not sure what it entails? At Ethos Spa, we’ve got all the details you need to determine if it’s right for you. Let us walk you through everything extended bikini laser hair removal has to offer.

What is extended bikini laser hair removal?

laser hair removal treatment

Extended bikini laser hair removal is a more expansive treatment than regular bikini laser hair removal. It removes hair a few inches past the regular bikini line, extending further down the legs and closer to the pubic area. 

The treatment covers 3-4 inches on the inner thighs around the panty line as well as going inside the panty line on the top and sides. 

It removes hair that may show when wearing swimsuits or underwear but does not include the labia or all pubic hair like a Brazilian laser treatment.

How the procedure works

During extended bikini laser hair removal, a laser emits pulses of highly concentrated light which targets the base of the hair follicles. The laser light gets absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and gets converted to heat energy, which damages the hair follicles. 

This prevents the hair from growing back. The treatment usually takes about 10 minutes and 6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart are needed for optimal results.

Preparing for treatment

In preparation for extended bikini laser hair removal, you should avoid plucking, waxing or electrolysis for 6 weeks beforehand. The laser targets the hair follicle so it needs to be intact for the procedure to work. 

You can shave in between sessions but should also avoid sun exposure or tanning which can reduce effectiveness. Before your appointment, the area should be shaved and clean.

What to expect during the procedure

During extended bikini laser hair removal, you will lie on a table while the technician applies a cold gel to the treatment area. As the laser glides over your skin, you may feel some warmth or mild pinpricks of pain from the laser pulses. 

The procedure is not extremely painful but some discomfort can be felt, especially closer to the more sensitive genital regions. Dr. Soni will adjust settings and use cooling methods to maximize comfort.

Side effects and risks

Most people do not experience any significant side effects from extended bikini laser hair removal when performed by a trained professional. 

  • Short-term side effects like redness, swelling, irritation, or pigmentation changes usually resolve within a few days. 
  • Blistering, crusting, burns, or scarring are very rare. 
  • One risk is skin discoloration, especially for those with darker complexions, but this can often be avoided with proper pre and post-treatment care.

Recovery and aftercare

After extended bikini laser hair removal, you may experience some redness or irritation for 24-48 hours. Use aloe vera gel and avoid hot baths or showers during this time. 

Also, stay out of the sun and refrain from picking or scratching the area. After 5 days, you can exfoliate gently to prevent ingrown hairs. Always moisturize daily and avoid waxing or plucking between sessions.

Results and maintenance

You can expect to see a 10-25% reduction in hair growth after each session of extended bikini laser hair removal. Results continue to improve with each successive treatment. 

Maintenance sessions may be needed in the future as hormone changes can cause some hair to grow back, but much finer and lighter than before. Just a few touch up sessions help keep the area smooth.

Types of bikini laser hair removal 

When it comes to bikini laser hair removal, you have choices. Here are the most popular styles our specialists can perform:

  • Bikini Line. Just tidies up the edges along your panty line. Removes the visible hair that may peek out along a standard bikini bottom’s edges.
  • Extended Bikini. Expands beyond the bikini line, clearing an extra inch or two on the sides and adjoining pubic area above. May leave a slim strip shape.
  • Brazilian. Thoroughly removes hair from your bikini line, between your thighs, surrounding the labia, and in between your buttocks. Sometimes a tiny strip is left on top. One of the most requested styles.
  • Full Brazilian. For those who wish to go entirely bare – all pubic hair is removed to keep the entire bikini zone smooth. No strip left at all.
  • Custom Shape. Dr. Soni can tailor the hair removal pattern to your personal preferences, creating a customized look.
  • French Cut. Slimming down the sides of your bikini line in addition to the front. Leaves most hair intact for a conservative extension.
  • Bikini Plus. Beyond a French cut, also clearing some outer labia and adjoining upper pubic hair. Still a measured extension of hair removal.
  • Full Bikini. Eliminates all visible hair except a small strip or triangle. Most hair removal of the common bikini laser options.

What does French bikini laser hair removal involve?

French bikini laser hair removal removes hair from the visible bikini line in front, as well as the sides of the bikini line creases between your upper thighs and outer pubic region. 

French bikini laser hair removal has become a sought-after method for removing pubic hair in women. It uses precision laser technology to target and damage hair follicles in the bikini region, putting an end to future regrowth. 

The name stems from the “French cut” style bikini line it creates. Compared to classic hair removal methods like shaving and waxing, our experience shows laser offers longer-lasting smoothness and prevents irritations like ingrown hairs.

How The Treatment Works

The laser technology behind the process is called selective photothermolysis.  the device releases pulses of bright light that interact with the dark pigment in your hair follicles. The melanin absorbs these light waves, converting them into heat energy. 

This heat essentially inflicts thermal damage to the follicles, disrupting their ability to regenerate hair in the future. The advanced lasers used in our practice selectively target dark bikini hairs, without harming the surrounding skin. 

Dr. Soni advises that multiple treatments spaced apart are typically needed to achieve optimal long-term hair reduction, as hairs continuously cycle through various growth phases.

Extent of Treatment Area

During a French bikini laser session, our technicians will remove hair from your pubic mound, outer labia, and inner thighs, while leaving a small strip or triangle of hair intact on the pubic mound. The more intimate perineum and anal areas are not treated. 

This makes it less extensive than a full Brazilian laser treatment. We customize the exact pattern according to your personal preferences.

The Many Benefits

Opting for French bikini laser hair removal offers a variety of advantages:

  • Longer-lasting hair reduction compared to shaving or waxing
  • Eliminates risk of ingrown hairs and shaving bumps
  • No need to let hair grow out between sessions
  • More comfortable procedure than pubic waxing
  • Boosts confidence in swimsuits and lingerie

Is The Procedure Safe? What About Side Effects?

Laser hair removal is widely considered safe when carried out properly by a trained technician using appropriate protocols. However, some temporary side effects can occur in a minority of patients:

  • Short-term redness or swelling post-treatment
  • Pigment changes if tanned skin is treated
  • Rare blistering or crusting
  • Paradoxical hypertrichosis – excessive hair growth (extremely rare side effect)
  • Serious risks like scarring and burns are highly unlikely with proper laser settings and care.

Recommended Number of Treatments

According to our extensive experience, most patients need 4-6 French bikini laser sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve optimal long-term hair reduction. 

Some periodic maintenance may be required in the future as hormones naturally fluctuate over time. Any hair that manages to regrow after treatments will be noticeably finer and lighter.

How To Prepare

Dr. Soni recommends his patients follow these preparation guidelines before undergoing their French bikini laser treatment:

  • Avoid direct sun on bikini treatment areas
  • Stop waxing or plucking hairs ahead of time
  • Trim any longer hairs to maximize results
  • Thoroughly cleanse the area to remove any oils, lotions or debris that may interfere with the laser
  • No need to shave before treatments

The Procedure and Recovery Process

During the quick French bikini laser procedure, cooling will be applied to maximize your comfort. Any minor pain felt is typically minimal. 

Some post-treatment redness or swelling may arise but generally subsides within a few hours. Most patients can resume normal activities immediately after their session is complete.

What is the meaning of full bikini laser hair removal?

Full bikini laser hair removal, also known as Brazilian laser hair removal, utilizes advanced laser technology to eliminate unwanted hair from the entire pubic region, including the outer labia, perineum between the genitals and anus, and buttocks.

The procedure involves Dr. Soni directing pulses of laser energy precisely at the hair follicles in the treatment area. 

The laser light gets absorbed by the natural melanin pigment inside the hair itself, heating up the follicle and damaging it so that hair can no longer regrow.

Multiple treatments are required, typically 4-6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart, in order to target hairs that are in different stages of the growth cycle. Each full bikini session takes around 10-15 minutes to perform.

Before treatment, Dr. Soni usually advises that the area must be freshly shaved and free of any irritation or inflammation. He may apply a topical anesthetic to help minimize discomfort. 

During the procedure, the patient wears protective eye shields while the laser is pulsed repeatedly over the skin, often accompanied by a cooling spray or device to safeguard the surrounding skin.

Among the undeniable benefits of full bikini laser hair removal are:

  • More permanent hair reduction compared to temporary methods like shaving and waxing. After a full course of treatments, any remaining hair is finer, lighter, and requires much less frequent maintenance.
  • Prevention of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and skin irritation often caused by shaving and waxing methods.
  • Long-lasting smooth bikini skin, which can provide added confidence before vacations, honeymoons, or simply wearing swimsuits or underwear.
  • Saving considerable time and money over the long run compared to short-term hair removal techniques.

According to clinical studies, potential side effects are generally mild and temporary, such as redness, swelling, and changes in pigmentation. Rare risks like burns or scarring can occur if proper protocols are not closely followed.

Studies show laser hair removal is an effective treatment for significantly reducing unwanted body hair. On average, 70-80% long-term hair reduction can be expected after 4-6 full bikini treatments. 

While some periodic touch-up sessions may be needed, any regrowth is often much finer and lighter. It works best on coarse, dark hair. All skin types can be safely treated.

What does bikini plus laser hair removal include? 

Bikini plus laser hair removal builds on a French bikini treatment. It removes hair from the front bikini line, the sides, some outer labia, and the upper edge of pubic hair growth extending above the bikini line.

So in addition to the French bikini pattern, a bikini plus also clears some of the lower abdominal and outer labia hair. This moderately extends the treatment while still leaving most pubic hair intact.

What is deep bikini laser hair removal? 

Deep bikini laser hair removal targets hair follicles across the entire pubic zone, not just the bikini line. This includes:

  1. Bikini line – The area bordering bikini bottom edges, typically extending 1-3 inches beyond your panty line.
  1. Pubic area – The hair on your mons pubis and outer labia. Deep bikini treatments eliminate all visible pubic hair.
  1. Perineum or peri-anal area – The delicate region between the vulva and anus. Deep bikini treatments remove all hair here.
  1. Buttocks – Deep bikini may also involve removing hair from the buttocks nearest the perineum, sometimes termed a “thong line” treatment.

In contrast to regular bikini line laser hair removal, our experience shows deep bikini treatments cover a larger surface area and are more thorough. However, they achieve smoother, silkier results and longer-lasting hair removal across your entire intimate region.

The procedure for deep bikini laser hair removal resembles other laser protocols:

  • A laser device pulses a concentrated beam of light at the hair follicles. The natural melanin pigment inside absorbs the light, impairing the follicle and halting future regrowth.
  • Multiple treatments are often needed, typically 6-8 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart. More may be required for maximum hair reduction.
  • Dr. Soni treats your full pubic area in under 30 minutes during the quick sessions. You feel little pain or discomfort during the brief process.
  • You may need maintenance sessions periodically as hair follicles can regenerate over time.

How is thong line laser hair removal different from bikini laser hair removal?

The main difference is that thong line hair removal only treats the sides and back of the bikini region, rather than the front bikini line. The following facts about the thong line procedure should give you an inkling of how to distinguish it from the latter:

  • The thong line focuses on a narrow strip of hair along the anal cleft, while the bikini line covers a larger region including the mons pubis and labia.
  • Thong line treatments are sometimes faster, taking around 10 minutes per session, while bikini treatments take up to 15 minutes depending on the area size.
  • The total cost of treatment is lower for the thong line since it covers a smaller area and requires fewer sessions overall.
  • While results are long-lasting for both, the thong line may need more periodic maintenance treatments (around 6 to 12 sessions on average) due to the highly hormonal location.

How does bikini line laser hair removal differ from full bikini laser hair removal?

The key difference is that bikini line treatments only remove hair from the bikini line itself, while full bikini laser hair removal clears all visible hair from the entire pubic region except a small strip or triangle shape. 

Here’s a comparison table for your easy reference:

AspectBikini LineFull Brazilian
Extent of Hair RemovalRemoves hair along bikini line, typically up to 3 inches beyondRemoves all pubic hair, including labia, perianal region, inner buttocks
Number of Sessions6-12 sessions8-12 sessions
Pain LevelMild to moderate discomfortSlightly more discomfort due to increased treatment area around sensitive genital regions
Side EffectsRedness, irritation, swelling, sensitivity for a few daysHigher risk of blistering, crusting, burns, scarring in delicate genital area with improper aftercare
Ideal CandidateThose with contrasting dark coarse hair and fair skinThose willing to undergo a more invasive procedure for maximum hair removal
CustomizationCan tailor shape and landing stripCan customize shape left behind
CostBikini: $80-$350 per sessionTotal: $500-$4000Brazilian: $250-$550 per sessionTotal: $2000-$6600
MaintenanceTouch up sessions every 6-12 months after initial course to maintain resultsTouch up sessions every 6-12 months after initial course to maintain

Bikini line treatments focus just on the narrow band of hair along the edges of bikini bottoms or underwear. Full bikini treatments extend hair removal across the entire pubic mound above the bikini line as well, for a fuller clearing of visible hair while still leaving some coverage.

What’s the difference between full bikini and extended bikini laser hair removal?

Full bikini laser targets all visible pubic hair in the front pelvic triangle, including the labia, and around the bikini line. It removes hair up to where the “happy trail” ends, just below the navel, resulting in a smooth, hairless bikini area.

Extended bikini laser treats the bikini line plus an additional 3-4 inches on the upper inner thighs around the bikini line. It does not remove hair from the labia or mons pubis. The focus is treating thigh hair that may be exposed by high-cut swimsuits.

Here’s another comparison table:

Essential FactorsFull BikiniExtended Bikini
Areas TreatedFront triangle area, labia, around bikini lineBikini line plus 3-4 inches on upper inner thighs around bikini line
Upper LimitUp to where “happy trail” ends, below navel/abdomenDoes not include mons pubis
Look AchievedCompletely smooth, hairless bikini areaLeaves more coverage, not completely bare
Accompanies Other TreatmentsN/AMay accompany Brazilian laser to treat thigh hair near bikini line

What is the difference between full bikini laser hair removal and Brazilian laser hair removal?

Full bikini laser hair removal treats the bikini line and mons pubis area. Brazilian laser hair removal removes all pubic hair, including the labia and between the buttocks, leaving only a strip or triangle shape if desired. Brazilian covers a larger area for complete hair removal.

Look no further than this table to know how the two compare to each other:

FeatureBikini Laser Hair RemovalBrazilian Laser Hair Removal
Area TreatedBikini line only, including panty line and up to 3 inches beyondEntire pubic region including labia, perineum, and between buttocks
Hair RemovedHair along bikini lineAll pubic hair removed, sometimes leaving a strip or triangle shape
Session Duration20-40 minutes30-60 minutes
Number of Sessions4-6 initially6-8 initially
Pain LevelMild to moderateModerate to high
CostLower due to smaller area treatedHigher due to large area treated
ResultsLong-lasting hair reduction along bikini linePermanent hair removal for entire pubic region
MaintenancePeriodic touch-up sessions as neededMore frequent touch-ups due to hormonal regrowth

Barely-There Bikini Lines Are Achievable With Extended Removal

laser hair removal equipment

Extended bikini laser hair removal goes beyond targeting only the narrow band of hair along standard bikini bottoms, extending clearance onto your thighs and toward your pubic triangle for a fuller reveal of soft, touchable skin.

We hope this inside look at the procedure and comparison to other treatments gave you the full picture. If you’re ready to uncover smooth, hairless skin that lasts for weeks, contact Ethos Spa today

Our experts are passionate about helping you look and feel your absolute best. Request a free consultation now!

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