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Tear Trough Filler in New Jersey

Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Even Without Plastic Surgery

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Fix Under Eye Hollows With Tear Trough Correction at Ethos Spa

Fine lines, wrinkles, and deep nasolabial folds aren’t the only signs of aging that people should worry about. Many patients also experience hollowness below their eyes, causing them to look old and tired. If your undereye creams aren’t enough to lighten the dark circles under the eyes, then it’s time to consider getting a hyaluronic acid filler for the tear trough area.

At Ethos Spa, we offer high-quality tear trough corrective fillers to fill the hollowness under the eyes. This lightens the skin there and fills the deep tear trough crease to bring back the patient’s youthfulness.

Ethos Spa: The Best Tear Trough Treatment Provider in New Jersey

At Ethos Spa, we’re proud to offer eye filler treatments as a safe and effective alternative to lower eyelid surgery for fixing eye hollowness and improving facial contours. Here’s why you should consider us for your tear trough filler treatment:

  • Customized Treatments Made For You. At Ethos Spa, we always consider our patients’ needs and conditions before recommending the best treatment plan for them. This allows us to provide you with the excellent care and treatment you deserve.
  • Highly-Trained Aestheticians and Injectors. Our team is composed of highly-trained doctors and beauty experts who can help you reach the results you desire and more. We always keep up with the latest treatments and technologies in the aesthetic industry.
  • World-Class Treatment Facilities. All of our treatments are performed inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure your comfort and safety. This also allows us to provide you with the best results for your aesthetic needs.
  • Many Aesthetic Services to Choose From. At Ethos Spa, we want each of our patients to feel more confident about themselves and the way they look. We offer a wide selection of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments for your face and body, so you can be the most beautiful you from head to toe.
Let Your Beauty Shine With Cosmetic Services at Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness

At Ethos Spa, we’re committed to providing you with the best cosmetic treatments that are guaranteed to be safe and effective for your skincare needs. Book a session now with us and start your journey towards seeing your best skin yet.

How Tear Trough Filler Treatment Works

The deep crease found between the upper cheek and lower eyelid is your tear trough area. As your skin loses the natural elastin and collagen over the years, this area starts sinking and casting a dark shadow below your eyes. This causes most people to look tired or older than their actual age.

Dermal fillers come in different kinds that target specific problems, so your plastic surgeon can’t just use lip injections like Restylane Silk to fill the hollowness under the eyes. The tear trough area is especially sensitive, so only a hyaluronic acid filler with the right formulation should be injected here.

At Ethos Spa, our HA filler treatments are proven safe and effective in reducing deep tear trough creases. You can trust us to increase the fullness under your eyes and make you look a few years younger.

Are You a Good Candidate for Tear Trough Fillers?

Although minimally invasive facial contouring treatments tear trough fillers are safer than plastic surgery for lightening the dark circles under the eyes and restoring facial volume there, it may not be the best procedure for everyone. Hyaluronic acid gel fillers work best for patients who:

  • Have mild to moderate undereye bags
  • Have good overall health
  • Aren’t taking blood-thinning medications
  • Don’t have blood-related medical conditions
  • Understand how the treatment works
  • Have realistic expectations about the treatment

Why You Should Choose Tear Trough Filler Injections

There are lots of reasons to choose eye filler treatments when it comes to eliminating dark circles under the eyes and reversing some signs of aging. Here are some of the best reasons why you should choose tear trough fillers over blepharoplasty and other similar treatments:

  • Makes Your Eyes Look Brighter. By reducing the hollowness and darkness that formed in the tear trough area, dermal fillers can make your eyes appear naturally brighter than most eye creams could.
  • Quick Treatment Sessions. Each tear trough filler treatment only takes less than an hour to complete. You can even return home within the same day as the treatment after seeing your injector for some post-procedure reminders.
  • Minimal Risks and Downtime. Since tear trough fillers are minimally invasive, patients don’t have to worry about the long downtime and several risks that often come with plastic surgery
  • Compatible With Other Skin Rejuvenation Treatments. You can pair tear trough fillers with other anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments like Botox and laser skin resurfacing. Just make sure to ask your doctor about the best treatment options and when is the best time to get them.
Redefine Your Beauty at
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At Ethos, we’ll be glad to assist you in determining the right treatment plan for your aesthetic & wellness needs. Visit an Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness clinic nearest you or contact us today to know what service best fits your concerns.

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Your Tear Trough Correction Experience at Ethos Spa

Getting HA fillers for eye bags is a quick and easy procedure that only takes less than an hour to complete. Here’s what you can expect during your tear trough filler appointment at Ethos Spa:


After booking an appointment for tear trough fillers at Ethos Spa, our doctor will see you for an initial consultation. During this time, we explain to you how the treatment works. We also examine your medical history and look at the tear trough area to see if you can benefit from this kind of procedure. 

Unlike surgical procedures, you won’t need extensive preparations for tear trough fillers. Just avoid drinking alcohol and taking certain medications for a few days before the appointment. 


Tear trough filler treatments are like any other dermal filler treatment. A numbing cream may be applied under your eyes to help minimize the pain and discomfort. Once the treatment area feels numb, our injector administers the right amount of dermal filler under your eyes.


The entire procedure only takes less than an hour. You may notice significant improvements immediately, but it’s important to wait for a few days for the filler to fully settle underneath the skin. Around this time, you may experience bruising and swelling in the tear trough area. These symptoms usually subside after a few days, but call us immediately if they worsen or persist.

Myths About Tear Trough Fillers, Debunked

Undereye filler treatments are painful.

There might be some pain and discomfort during the treatment, but most of our patients said that the pain is tolerable. Some of the dermal fillers we use for the procedure already contain lidocaine, a numbing compound that helps minimize the pain.

Tear trough filler injection makes the eye area look darker.

The bluish hue that appears after a tear trough filler treatment only happens if the dermal filler was incorrectly injected. Our experts at Ethos Spa have been performing this treatment for many years now, so the chances of skin discoloration happening to you are slim when you get treated in our medspa.

Injectable filler treatments have toxins.

Dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that makes the skin look firm, plump, and healthy. Tear through injections don’t contain silicone, plastics, or other toxins that might harm you.

Let Your Beauty Shine With Cosmetic Services at Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness

At Ethos Spa, we’re committed to providing you with the best cosmetic treatments that are guaranteed to be safe and effective for your skincare needs. Book a session now with us and start your journey towards seeing your best skin yet.

FAQs About Tear Trough Deformity and Dermal Fillers

Q: How many tear trough filler injections do I need?

A: This depends on how deep the crease is in your tear trough area. Shallow tear troughs might only need one syringe split between the two treatment areas, while deeper creases need more injections. To find out the exact amount of tear trough injections required for you, make sure to consult with our experts at Ethos Spa today.

Q: How long does tear trough dermal filler last?

A: Tear trough fillers are only temporary but it takes a few months before the body absorbs all of them. You can always return to Ethos Spa for additional tear trough fillers every few months to maintain your youthful appearance.

Q: When is lower blepharoplasty a better pick than tear trough fillers?

A: A lower eyelid surgery is often recommended for patients with severe undereye hollowness. Consult with a plastic surgeon today to find out which treatment is the better pick for you. 

Say Good-Bye to Undereye Bags With Tear Trough Fillers at Ethos Spa

Take your first step to achieving your beauty goals and rejuvenating your appearance with tear trough filler treatments at Ethos Spa today. We use high-quality dermal fillers to restore volume under the eyes and lighten the dark circles there. Our team always makes sure to provide each patient with excellent results and the ultimate medspa experience. 

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