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How to Apply Numbing Cream Before Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

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Brazilian laser hair removal has kept many patients smooth and hairless in sensitive areas, saving them the trouble brought by ingrown hair, razor cuts, awkward hair growth, and other downsides from shaving or waxing. But like many hair removal methods, this laser treatment may also come with discomfort. Because of this, many ask about receiving lidocaine and any other topical anesthetic products to ease the pain.

So how do you apply lidocaine or topical anesthetic cream before a Brazilian laser hair removal session? Wash the treatment area first before applying a liberal amount of numbing cream, making sure to wear waterproof gloves. Topical anesthetic must be applied 30 minutes to an hour before the laser hair removal treatment session. Aside from applying topical numbing cream, you can also explore other ways to reduce discomfort during your cosmetic procedure.

How to Apply Lidocaine Before Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Lidocaine is one of the active ingredients in a numbing cream or topical anesthetic, and yes — it’s safe and pretty simple to apply to your sensitive areas before having a laser hair removal treatment.

To apply topical numbing cream, ensure the treatment area is cleaned in preparation for the procedure. Simply slather liberal amounts of the topical anesthetic on your sensitive areas and wait for 30 minutes to an hour before having the laser hair removal method — wear waterproof gloves if you’re going to apply the cream yourself.

Applying a topical anesthetic is usually optional in medical spas before treatment sessions for removing unwanted hair, so you may request your aesthetician about having one. Aside from lidocaine, numbing creams can also have benzocaine and tetracaine as active ingredients.

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How to Reduce Discomfort During Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment is a reliable technology providing permanent hair reduction in targeted areas, like the upper lip, underarms, legs, bikini area, and even sensitive areas. This treatment might be convenient, but some patients still find it a bit uncomfortable as the laser light targets the hair follicles.

To reduce discomfort, you may apply a cold compress or choose a laser hair removal method with a cold feature. You might also want to avoid having a treatment session while you’re on your period. You should keep yourself hydrated, avoid caffeine, shave your hair, and tell the aesthetician if you feel any pain.

1) Apply Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress is also one of the alternatives for reducing the sensation from your permanent hair removal procedure. Other aestheticians use ice packs and put them on the treatment area before laser treatment or any other cosmetic procedure. 

This will keep it numb for a few minutes and can even reduce redness or swelling. The downside of this technique is that it can take more time before it numbs the skin and a few minutes before the sensation will return.

2) Prefer Laser Treatment with Cold Air Feature

Another way to reduce discomfort while removing unwanted hair using laser treatment is to consult if your trusted medical spa has a dynamic cooling device — this tool is usually used during your laser hair removal session. It provides relief by giving the treated area a cooling sensation by blowing cryogen. The dynamic cooling device can be applied on the skin before the treatment session to numb the area and after receiving the burst of laser for relief.

3) Avoid Sessions During Your Cycle

Avoid having your laser hair removal session scheduled during your cycle. Your pain receptors become more active during your menstruation, so you might be more sensitive to pain. You’re also not generally comfortable during your period, so your permanent hair removal treatment might add to this unease.

4) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated, especially if you have a permanent hair removal treatment soon. Drinking enough water keeps your lymphatic system flowing. This will help reduce pain during your laser hair removal method as it flushes out from the body the toxins that increase your pain sensitivity.

5) Communicate with Your Aesthetician

It’s necessary to set your pace during your treatment session and communicate with your aesthetician if the sensation is still tolerable. You can always ask for breaks or any other numbing technique if it gets too painful.

6) Avoid Caffeine

Avoid drinking coffee or consuming anything with caffeine if you have a Brazilian laser treatment coming up. This will make you more sensitive to discomfort and make your procedure more painful.

7) Shave Your Hair

Shaving the hair in your sensitive areas before your laser treatment can help reduce discomfort and make the procedure more convenient. This prevents the hair from absorbing the laser light from the device, causing pain and risking burns and pigmentations.

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Laser hair removal treatment at the sensitive areas or Brazilian laser hair removal removes unwanted hair with long-lasting or even permanent effects. Unlike waxing or shaving, this technology destroys hair follicles with laser light. It might save you time, effort, and worry over ingrown hair, razor burns, and other concerns, but it’s not without discomfort. 

Topical numbing cream, like lidocaine, can reduce the rubber band-snapping sensation from the treatment. This topical anesthetic must be applied to the treatment area 30 minutes to an hour before the treatment. 

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