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What’s the Best Age to Start a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

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Unwanted hair doesn’t choose an age from which it will begin to grow on one’s legs, arms, and body. It’s not uncommon for some teenagers to ask questions such as “how young is too young?” for a laser hair removal treatment. Likewise, there are also hesitations among older adults about their eligibility for the treatment.

So at what age do you need to be to get a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment? Generally, Brazilian laser hair removal is safe and suitable for almost all ages. While the treatment is safe, accessible, and equally beneficial for teenagers seeking to eliminate unwanted hair, some clinics would recommend for patients to wait until after puberty before undergoing the procedure.

What’s the Best Age for a Safe and Effective Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is a safe and convenient solution with little downtime for unwanted hair in the bikini area. It’s equally safe and accessible for any individual of any age who is prone to unwanted hair growth in the pubic hair area. 

The old-school methods of shaving, waxing and threading require regular maintenance and yield short-term results. They are done almost too often for people who are naturally prone to unwanted body hair that they sometimes cause ingrown hair, razor burn, irritation, and quicker hair growth.

The main reason for the popularity of the laser hair removal method is its ability to nip unwanted hair “in the bud”. Laser treatment effectively burns the hair follicle through the hair root, preventing further hair growth for several years. Since it uses concentrated laser light, it’s most effective for a light skin tone and dark hair color. However, recent technology has found a way to accommodate any skin type and skin color, including darker skin.

Brazilian hair removal is equally safe for all ages, but it’s not equal in effectiveness. As we age, different factors affect our hair growth, hair color, and skin integrity. This makes age another essential factor in the effectiveness of the laser hair removal method for patients. 

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Considerations for Teenagers

Laser hair reduction in teenagers 14 to 17 years old is safe and is allowed by most clinics under the condition that a parent or guardian consult with an experienced and certified medical specialist or plastic surgeon and sign a written consent for their first appointment. For teenage treatments, aftercare and preparation procedures for each treatment session should be religiously observed by both the patient and their parents. 

Teenagers, despite being a relatively more monitored age group for the procedure, can certainly benefit from laser hair removal out of the fact that it’s rarely the case that teenagers will just grow out of unwanted hair after puberty. Additionally, peer pressure prevalent in this age group further propagates distress among teenage boys and girls with excessive hair growth on the skin, increasing the demand for a more permanent hair removal treatment. 

However, biological and hormonal changes associated with puberty are also the very reason why laser hair reduction in teenagers is relatively more short-term. Teenagers, because of faster hair growth due to hormonal changes, would unfortunately not be able to maximize the high longevity that the results of laser hair removal treatments boast of. At best, it can take only up to 6 months for the hair to regrow. 

Thus, many experts still recommend that laser hair removal be done after puberty. For females, the Brazilian laser hair removal procedure should be done after their menstrual cycle has begun. Certain conditions that can arise during puberty such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) also stimulate hair growth, making removal of unwanted body hair.

Overall, while teenagers require more guidance and discipline in maintaining the aftercare needed for each treatment session, the risks associated with laser hair removal are the same for teenagers as with any other age group.

Considerations for Young Adults

While laser treatment for teens is permitted, experts still recommend getting the treatment after 18 years old. After puberty passes, it can be said that hormonal changes are no longer in the way of maximizing the results of your laser hair reduction treatment. Young adults to middle-aged adults are therefore more able to maintain the results of their treatment sessions for several years.

It’s also during young adulthood that individuals tend to be more preoccupied, making regular shaving and waxing more time-consuming. The hustle and bustle of the daily life of young to middle-aged adults in their 20s and 30s can make them forget the hygienic and regular removal of unwanted hair. 

Worse, it’s sometimes done hastily that it causes razor burn, ingrown hair, and irritation. This is why laser treatment is sought for more permanent hair reduction by individuals of this age. 

Considerations for Older Adults

Skin changes caused by aging can also influence the effectiveness of laser hair treatment. For instance, thinning skin caused by less collagen can make waxing and threading more painful. The stubble of hair growth shortly after shaving can cause irritation due to its greater thickness. This is why starting a Brazilian laser hair removal procedure is also recommended for older adults.

However, the factor of hair pigment change associated with aging can also directly decrease the effectiveness of Brazilian hair removal. As mentioned, laser hair removal is more effective for darker hair color, and is thus less effective for graying hair in the elderly. However, it’s worth noting here that the results are affected by hair color, not by age.

Is There A Best Age Range Where It Is Most Effective?

Suffice it to say that Brazilian laser hair removal is a beneficial treatment for the skin for all ages as long as there’s unwanted hair growth. However, based on the considerations on the effectiveness of the treatment based on age, we can conclude that laser hair removal is best started after puberty when hormones no longer stimulate hair growth, and before old adulthood when the hair starts to gray.

What Should You Expect After A Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Regardless of your age, you might find that your first laser removal treatment will sting. Although they won’t last that long, the following side effects are to be expected after your treatment:

  • Soreness: The treatment area within your groin will normally experience soreness after your treatment for around 24 hours. Exercising can help reduce soreness.
  • Swelling: The treated area will also experience swelling for at most 3 hours. To avoid exacerbating the symptoms, avoid sun exposure and activities that may cause heat to your skin. It might help to apply a cold compress to the treatment area to alleviate pain.
  • Redness: A red discoloration of the skin may be expected due to the heat caused by the laser on the outer layer of the skin. It may help to apply topical gel such as unscented aloe vera.
  • Crusting: You may experience mild sunburn-like crusting after your Brazilian laser hair removal which may last for around a week. A prescribed fragrance-free moisturizer may help alleviate crusting, dryness, and scabbing.

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