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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal While On Your Period: What to Expect

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Brazilian hair removal targets unwanted pubic hair growth and ingrown hair in the bikini area and is one of the top choices for a more permanent hair reduction, unwanted hair, and ingrown hair. Given the sensitivity of the treatment area during menstruation, it is no wonder that some women would hesitate to schedule their Brazilian wax or laser hair removal treatment outside of their menstrual cycle.

So can you get Brazilian laser hair removal when you’re on your period? The short answer is yes. While it’s important to note that pain tolerance and skin sensitivity can be influenced by the menstrual cycle, there’s no proven contraindication or health risk in having the treatment while on your period. 

Can You Undergo Laser Hair Removal While On Period?

Generally, it is safe to have laser hair removal treatments during menstruation. There is no severe health risk or long-term side effect in doing so, but the menstrual cycle still influences pain tolerance and skin sensitivity. According to an expert, pain thresholds are reduced during the week before or during the early few days of their period due to lower estrogen which also increases blood flow.

Thus, while it’s safe, it still depends on your pain tolerance if you want to reschedule your Brazilian wax or laser removal appointment. It’s no secret that many patients report a slightly more painful session and longer post-treatment swelling in the treatment area

However, it’s still important to note that laser hair removal works through a recommended interval per session that targets the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle where the follicle and the root are most connected and the pigment is the darkest. This is where the laser light for the hair removal treatment session is most effective. It is also more effective for dark hair and lighter skin tone.

Besides, there is little difference when you reschedule your laser removal or waxing appointment, especially if you have a relatively higher skin pain tolerance. This goes without saying that if you are on your period and decide to go on with your session, you should tell your technician so the laser energy can be adjusted to a lower setting to make the pain more bearable.

Can It Affect Your Menstrual Cycle?

It was once believed that having laser hair removal treatment during your period can delay your period and affect your hormones. However, contrary to the myth, having laser hair removal during your period does not affect your menstrual cycle as the laser does not penetrate deeper than the skin and the hair follicle. 

Your menstrual cycle, however, can affect your treatment. Aside from increased skin sensitivity and blood flow, hormone levels can strengthen the hair follicle, making them more difficult to treat. 

How Should I Prepare for the Treatment During My Period?

1) Consult Your Technician

If you’re on your period, it is important to consult with your technician before you start your waxing or bikini laser hair removal treatment. During your consultation, you must discuss your menstrual cycle, medical history, and pain tolerance. Regular communication can also help you and your technician discuss your options in rescheduling appointments based on your cycle and your pain tolerance. 

2) Wear Tampons for Hygiene

To ensure a safe and hygienic skin treatment, many medical spa specialists strongly advise patients to use tampons or menstrual cups in the bikini area if patients are to undergo treatment while on their period. In fact, rescheduling is recommended by technicians if patients arrive without using tampons during their treatment. 

Meanwhile, to avoid the spread of contamination, menstrual pads aren’t recommended prior to the appointment.

3) Wear Ample Clothing

Before your session, you should prepare by wearing loose clothing to avoid chafing after the treatment. More sensitive skin during your period means it would be better if you keep on wearing comfortable clothes after the treatment to alleviate the swelling and discomfort.

4) Clean The Treatment Area

Discharge due to your period during your treatment is normal and is nothing to be embarrassed about. However, before coming to your medical spa appointment, you must ensure proper cleaning and shaving of the treated area to avoid infections.

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