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Bikini VS. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: What’s the Difference?

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Laser treatment has provided many clients with long-lasting and more interventional options for removing unwanted hair in various areas, like the underarm, upper lip, and other parts with body hair, even the intimate areas. They can choose between having a Brazilian or a bikini laser hair removal, depending on their needs and aesthetic goals.

So what’s the difference between a Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal treatment? The main difference between these two procedures is the treatment area or the amount of body hair they target. Bikini laser hair removal removes the hair only at the bikini line or bikini area, and the Brazilian laser treatment removes your entire pubic hair, including those at your genitals.

What’s the Difference Between Bikini and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

The difference between having a bikini or a Brazilian laser treatment lies in the treated area and the amount of hair the laser light will target. Bikini laser hair removal removes unwanted hair only at the bikini area or the part outside the panty line. This laser treatment removes the pubic hair 3 inches beyond the bikini line or about an inch inside your panty line. You may also get rid of the hair at the top of your intimate area.

Like Brazilian waxing, the Brazilian laser treatment removes all your pubic hair, including those at your labia and perianal area, and not just the bikini line. But clients can also have their procedure customized and leave hair in some areas, like the landing strip.

Brazilian and bikini laser treatments target every hair follicle in the area with heat from laser energy to delay or stop hair growth. Both of these procedures leave you with smooth skin. Many clients find these body laser hair removal options convenient because of the minimal risks of ingrown hair, razor burn, and itchy stubbles you’ll get from having Brazilian wax or bikini wax and shaving.

Laser hair removal treatment in intimate areas leaves you secure and worry-free, whether you’re about to have a fun time at the beach, an intimate moment, or you simply want smooth and hairless skin.

Comparing Bikini and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal can have many similarities, but their differences matter greatly for delivering clients their specific cosmetic goals and preferences. To learn more about these two laser hair removal options, you might want to know how they work, their treatment procedures, and their levels of discomfort. You should also familiarize yourself with their styles or how to customize each solution.

1) How It Works

Bikini and Brazilian laser hair treatment procedures have similar methods of action. It promotes hair reduction by targeting every hair follicle using laser energy. The pigments or melanin in the hair absorb the heat from the laser light, destroying the hair follicles and delaying or stopping them from hair growth. 

This hair removal method works best for a client with lighter skin color and dark hair, but technological advancements have now allowed even a client with a darker skin tone to benefit from the procedure. This hair removal process now works well for every skin type.

2) Treatment Area

The main difference between a bikini area and Brazilian laser hair removal is the treatment area. The bikini laser treatment removes hair at the bikini or panty line, similar to a bikini wax. It gets rid of hair 3 inches at the bikini area or an inch within the panty line. It can also remove the hair at the top of your pubic region.

Similar to Brazilian waxing, Brazilian laser hair removal treatment targets all body hair in intimate areas, including the perianal area and labia. Clients also have the option to further customize their procedures.

3) Treatment Procedure

Both laser hair removal methods are non-invasive and require minimal downtime while giving long-lasting results. The treatment session for both cosmetic procedures can be similar as it goes as follows:

  1. The treated area will be cleaned to prevent skin irritation or infection.
  2. Your pubic hair will be shaved off to reduce pain or discomfort.
  3. A cooling gel or numbing cream will be applied 30 minutes before the treatment to minimize discomfort.
  4. The laser light device will be glided or hovered onto the treatment area to target the hair follicles.
  5. The treated area will be wiped off to remove any residue.

Their treatment sessions also won’t last too long. The bikini laser treatment lasts around 10 to 15 minutes, while the Brazilian laser procedure can last longer due to a broader treated area lasting 20 to 30 minutes. 

Because of the hair growth cycle, you can expect multiple treatments from both laser hair removal treatments. Hair follicles don’t grow hair all at once in a given time, and laser light needs them to be in their growing phase for the procedure to work. You’d need around 6 to 8 treatments done between 4 to 6 weeks to get long-lasting effects with both solutions.

4) Pain

Clients react to pain differently, but many report that the treatment isn’t as painful as they’ve imagined and are pretty tolerable. Among all regions, the laser hair removal process in intimate areas can be more uncomfortable while not entirely more painful. Clients mention that the sensation can be similar to when you’re having the treatment for your upper lip or underarms – the feeling is similar to having rubber bands snapping against your skin. 

Between bikini and Brazilian laser treatment, the sensation is just similar. But you might be more uncomfortable about having a Brazilian laser procedure since it targets more intimate areas. You can discuss with your practitioner about your pain tolerance and anxieties about the treatment, so they can do the necessary steps to alleviate your discomfort.

5) Treatment Styles

Bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal treatment can be customized into different styles you want. You can discuss with your practitioner the different ways you can have your laser treatment. The styles for having your bikini and Brazilian laser treatment are:

  • Basic bikini – pubic hair at both sides of the panty lines is removed.
  • Californian bikini – hair at the panty lines is removed along with some areas above the pubic region.
  • Thong bikini – more hair at the panty lines and top area is removed than with a Californian bikini, including at the bum area.
  • Full Brazilian – all hair is removed from all areas.
  • Brazilian with stripe – all hair is removed, leaving behind a stripe of hair
  • Brazilian with triangle – all your pubic hair is removed, leaving behind a triangle.
  • Brazilian with custom design – all hair is removed, leaving a shape of your choice.

Consider your lifestyle and preferences to know more about the styles you can commit to. Some experts also recommend waxing or shaving first in your preferred style to gauge if you can stick with it.  Know the best hair removal for you by determining your aesthetic goals, knowing the maintenance you can handle, and reflecting on your past hair removal routines. Consulting an expert will greatly help you learn more about the best hair removal option for you.

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Bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are popular options for keeping your intimate areas smooth and hairless. Their difference lies on the treatment area, where bikini laser treatment removes hair at the panty line, while the Brazilian laser procedure removes all of your pubic hair. You can book an appointment today at Ethos Spa to discuss the better treatment for you between a bikini and a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. 

We’re trusted by many women across New Jersey for our laser hair removal treatments because of our cutting-edge tools and techniques for giving clients comfortable and successful procedures. You can also expect your treatment to be performed by highly-trained professionals. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or filling out a request from our website. You may also visit our clinic at Summit, New Jersey.

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