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Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: What to Expect

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When Brazilian waxing became popular in the 1980s, it was a service that catered to women who wanted to wear bikinis without showing excess hair in the bikini area. Later on, men’s beauty standards, fashion trends, and hygienic practices had men seek out similar services. As a result, Brazilian hair removal became a service available to both men and women. If you’re someone who’s never tried this treatment before, then there are a few things to expect.

So what should men expect when getting their first Brazilian laser hair removal? If you have an average pain threshold, then Brazilian laser hair removal would be bearable to you. After the procedure, expect your excess skin hair to grow more slowly than if you shaved them. Brazilian laser hair removal can also reduce the likelihood of  ingrown hair. Below are some more things that you can expect if you’re interested to know more about male Brazilian laser hair removal

How It Works

Prior to your first Brazilian hair removal procedure, it’s recommended that you trim or shave your pubic area short, since this can prevent skin damage from burns. Your laser technician may also do this for you. At the start of your laser hair removal procedure, the technician will also place a cooling gel that can protect your skin from burns during the process. 

During the procedure, the technician will direct a laser towards your pubic region and your anus. That light will be absorbed by the pigment in your skin and your hair and convert it into heat energy, so patients with dark skin and dark hair colors can absorb more light energy than patients with light skin and lighter hair colors. 

That heat can reach temperatures ranging from 50°C to 70°C, depending on your hair color and skin tone. This is enough heat to penetrate through the dermis layer in your skin and damage your hair follicles, disrupting the hair growth cycle. A hair follicle is a tube that holds a strand of hair that is responsible for hair growth. 

The initial session is enough to damage hair follicles and initiate hair shedding within the treated area. Over time and multiple sessions, your hair follicles will produce thinner, sparser hair. Eventually, it will stop growing hair, leaving your area smooth and hairless for longer periods of time compared to other hair removal treatments like shaving and waxing.  

Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 

Many men choose Brazilian laser hair removal because of the advantages it has to offer compared to Brazilian waxing, shaving, and other types of hair removal. These benefits include:

1. Remove Excessive Hairs for Aesthetic Purposes

Many men feel more attractive and comfortable in their own skin with less body hair, including their pubic area. Even if most people will not see your pubic region, having little to no hair in your private parts can affect your confidence and self-esteem because of how you see yourself. 

Through other hair removal methods like waxing and shaving, you can expect your hair to grow back within a month. However, if you undergo Brazilian laser hair removal procedure and finish all your required sessions and have maintenance sessions at least once a year, it can take months or even years before you see any hair, if any. This saves you the time, energy, and resources for any future hair removals in the future. 

Another misconception about Brazilian laser hair removal is that it can make you completely hairless down there. This isn’t always the case. If you want thinner, finer, and sparser hair in your pubic and anal region, laser hair removal can do this when your hair grows back.

2. Hygienic Purposes

Having a lot of body hair doesn’t necessarily equal poor hygiene practices, but for some men, having little to no body hair has its perks. Aside from little to no body hair being aesthetically pleasing, there are some who find that less body hair around their private parts can feel cooler and less irritating, especially during the hotter summer months. 

There are also those who have naturally thicker hair around their genitals and buttocks, which can take more effort to keep clean and tidy. Men can benefit from a Brazilian laser hair removal session to reduce the amount of hair growing in these areas so that there is little to no hair visible.

3. Reduce Ingrown Hairs Compared to Shaving

Shaving is possibly the cheapest and most common way to keep that area of your body hairless, but it does come with drawbacks. Aside from the razor bumps, fast regrowth (pubic hair grows faster than the hair on your head and you might notice stubble after just a few days) and the risk of nicking your skin during the process (which can seriously hurt any man’s nether region), there is a chance of developing ingrown hairs. 

Ingrown hairs develop when your hair growth ends up inside the skin rather than up to the surface. This can lead to papules or pus-filled pustules which can be painful to extract especially near your genitals and can cause scarring. Ingrown hairs are most commonly developed from shaving, but it can also develop from waxing or plucking.  

In comparison, getting a Brazilian laser treatment is a more effective hair removal method that can avoid ingrown hairs. Laser treatment can also help ingrown hairs disappear after a few sessions and leave you with smooth skin.

What to Expect

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Brazilian laser hair removal can be done at home or in an aesthetic clinic that offers laser hair removal services. However, since the treatment involves sensitive areas of the body, you’d want to have it done in a clinic by professional technicians who know how to handle these delicate and hard-to-reach areas. This also reduces the risk of skin burns, infections, and severe skin irritation. 

In terms of pain, laser treatments involve very minimal pain, though this can vary depending on your tolerance. The heat from the laser can be uncomfortable, but this will subside after the treatment. Some patients compare this to the pain of a rubber band snap or, at worst, a stinging similar to a sunburn.

After the procedure, redness and irritation are common side effects. These are normal occurrences and will go away after a few hours, and your technician may use a topical anesthetic or soothing cream to help.  

Your skin in the treated area may lose its moisture during the procedure because of the laser, which can result in dry skin that is prone to crusting and blistering. It’s important that you don’t pick at your skin to avoid scarring and infection. In case this happens, your technician or a dermatologist may recommend you apply moisturizer to the area to help hydrate your skin. 

All your hair in the treated area will not immediately go away after one session. Ingrown hair will disappear after your first appointment, but not all hair follicles may be damaged enough to stop hair growth instantly. Over the next few sessions, you will notice your pubic hair shedding gradually until there is little to no hair remaining in the area. Laser treatment isn’t a form of permanent hair reduction, however, and you’ll need maintenance treatments to ensure that your hair follicles don’t fully repair themselves and return that area to its original state. 

How Many Sessions Are Necessary?

The number of sessions necessary can vary between men. Factors like your skin type and the type of hair you have can determine whether you need as little as five or six sessions, or as many as 12 sessions. These are all spread out and performed five or six weeks apart, which means it can take months before you achieve the results you want. 

After you’ve finished all your required sessions, you will need at least one maintenance treatment per year to ensure your hair follicles don’t grow back. Should you decide to skip maintenance sessions, your hair will eventually grow back, but expect it to be less thick than it was before you began laser treatment. 

Pre-Treatment Care

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Prior to your first sessions, remember to do or practice the following:

  • Shave your treated area. Hair can get in the way of the laser pulses, which is why it’s necessary to trim and shave your pubic area one day before the treatment. We don’t recommend waxing your pubic area at least 10 days before your laser hair removal. Some technicians can do it for you, but those with a lot of hair in their treatment area may be advised to reschedule. 
  • Shower before your treatment. Laser technicians are professionals and will help you feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment. If you want to have a less awkward experience, we recommend showering before the treatment. Avoid using any new products on the treated area, as this can cause irritation during the procedure. 
  • Wear loose, dark clothing. Ideally, you’ll want to go to your aesthetic clinic in loose shorts or baggy pants made of cotton or any breathable fabric. Tight-fitting clothing can be uncomfortable for your treated area after the procedure.  
  • Avoid sun exposure. At least one week before your treatment, avoid prolonged UV exposure, as you could be at risk of a sunburn. If you have a sunburn, got a tan, or used tanning products, you need to wait two weeks before getting a laser hair removal treatment as you may have skin damage that will need to heal and be exfoliated first. 

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

The initial redness and discomfort will eventually subside a few hours after your treatment. Afterwards, practice the following to reduce any additional side effects:

  • Avoid picking, scratching, and touching the treated area. After your procedure, the treated area may feel sensitive to the touch, so it’s best to avoid unnecessary touching around the area. Picking and scratching at the hairs and skin crusting can expose new and tender skin or open wounds, which can result in bleeding, scarring, and infections. 
  • Avoid excessive heat (hot showers, saunas, heat packs, etc.). Avoid taking hot showers, going into saunas or hot tubs, or applying heated objects onto the treated area. This can cause skin damage that can result in permanent scarring. If your pubic area feels sensitive or uncomfortable, apply a cold compress.  
  • Wear loose clothing with breathable fabric. Ideally, wear cotton underwear and loose bottoms. Tight clothing and non-breathable fabrics can rub against your skin, causing friction that can discolor your skin and can be uncomfortable on sensitive skin. 
  • Avoid exercising for at least 48 hours. Physical exercise and other unnecessary movement can cause friction in the pubic area, which can cause pain, discomfort, and skin discoloration. 
  • Moisturize your treated area regularly. If you notice skin crusting and blistering in your pubic area, this is because the laser might have dried out your skin. Aside from exfoliation five days after your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, you will need to apply moisturizer to help rehydrate your skin while it heals.   
  • Avoid sun exposure for one week after the session. Sun exposure can affect your skin’s discoloration, can make the discoloration permanent, and result in additional skin damage. After one week, if you have to go outside or get a tan, apply sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. 
  • Exfoliate after five days to help shed additional treated hairs. After five days, your skin should have fully healed from the effects of the laser. Use a gentle exfoliator on your pubic area and buttocks to help shed hair and dead skin cells. Following your first exfoliation, you should exfoliate at least three times per week. You will notice more hairs fall out within the next few months and after several treatments. 

Improve the Way You See Yourself with Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 

Men deserve to look their best and feel good about themselves. For many, this means keeping their privates clean and tidy, with hair that’s either barely there or completely hairless. When you get your Brazilian procedure done by professionals with years of experience, you can expect a smooth experience, minimal pain, and results that can give you the confidence to be your best self. 

Ethos Spa is a premier laser hair removal center for men and women. Our state-of-the-art clinic in Summit, New Jersey houses a team of experts and staff that specialize in several different treatments to make you feel and look your best. Book a consultation with us  and see if Brazilian laser hair removal is the best solution for you. Try Brazilian laser hair removal at Ethos Spa today. 

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