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What to Expect from Consultations for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal with Period

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Brazilian laser treatment is a popular option for removing unwanted hair in intimate areas without the risk of having ingrown hair or razor burns you’d usually have from shaving or waxing. This procedure involves multiple treatments, so many clients ask about having laser hair removal sessions during their period.

So how will your consultation go during your Brazilian laser hair removal session while on your period? Your consultation includes interviewing you, letting you fill out the necessary forms, consulting you about your pain tolerance, and giving you the option to reschedule. If you choose to still have your laser hair treatment session, you’ll just be asked to wear tampons and have your laser settings adjusted — other than that, nothing will change with the procedure. 

How Your Consultation for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Will Go If You Have Your Period

Laser hair removal treatments promote hair reduction by targeting every hair follicle with laser energy, destroying them to delay or stop hair regrowth. Because of how our hair growth cycle works, you can expect multiple treatments to have long-lasting effects. 

The Brazilian laser treatment removes all your pubic hair. Because of this, clients wonder how their consultation will go if one of their treatment sessions coincides with their menstrual cycle. During your consultation, you can expect the following:

  • Basic information and medical history – you’ll be asked to fill out your basic information and medical history — this is usually asked during your first treatment session. You must also indicate the medications you’re taking that might affect your procedure. You’re not suitable for a laser hair treatment if you:
  • Are taking acne treatment medications
  • Are pregnant
  • Have genital herpes (HSV-2)
  • Easily develop cold sores
  • Genetic disposition – you’ll also fill out a form on your genetic disposition, like how your eye and hair color and skin tone react to the sun. This allows your practitioner to determine your skin type and the best laser hair removal treatment machine.
  • Pain tolerance – your practitioner will ask you about your pain tolerance, especially if you’re on your period. During this time, you’ll find the treatment more painful because your hormonal changes make you more sensitive.
  • Laser setting – you may also discuss adjusting the laser setting with your practitioner to reduce discomfort during your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, especially when you’re more sensitive during your cycle.
  • Rescheduling – you can also discuss rescheduling your laser hair treatment session, but it might make it less effective. Practitioners advise having the procedure on time to target more hair follicles at the right phase of their hair growth cycle. 

Here’s how your consultation for your laser hair removal treatments will likely go. Your practitioner will discuss your options on having the procedure while you’re on your menstrual cycle and the ways to make it less uncomfortable for you.

How Your Menstrual Cycle Can Affect Our Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You may generally feel uncomfortable when you’re on your period, and having a Brazilian laser hair removal session during this time might not help your overall mood. Hormonal changes also make hair regrowth stronger and make you more sensitive, so you might find treatment sessions more painful than usual.

You can ask your practitioner to reschedule your laser hair removal session, but this might also make your treatment less effective as it needs to target hair follicles at the anagen or growth phase at a given time. Skipping your procedure would mean less laser energy to work on destroying them and stopping hair regrowth.

If you’re having a Brazilian laser treatment during your monthly cycle, you should discuss this with your practitioner. They can adjust the machine settings to make the procedure less painful. You’ll also be required to wear a tampon during the session.

Should I Shave Before Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Yes, you should shave your pubic hair before getting a Brazilian laser hair treatment, whether you’re on your period or not, to reduce possible pain during the procedure. Pigments or melanin in your hair absorb the heat from the laser energy that will destroy the hair follicles. 

Having long body hair during the laser hair removal procedure can make your treatment more painful and may even risk causing burns and hyperpigmentation. Avoid waxing or removing your hair at the roots — this might make your laser treatment less effective because laser energy won’t be able to destroy the hair follicles without the roots.

Preparing for Your Brazilian Laser Hair Removal While on Period

You can do several ways to keep your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment as comfortable and effective as possible, even when you’re on your period. This will keep your hair reduction procedure on the right track. Some of the ways you can do to ease discomfort from laser treatment when on your cycle are:

  • Wearing a tampon
  • Asking your practitioner to adjust laser settings
  • Taking ibuprofen and other over-the-counter painkillers
  • Consulting your practitioner about having numbing creams
  • Communicating with your practitioner if the procedure gets too painful

You may consult with your laser hair removal practitioner about other ways to ease your pain during your Brazilian laser treatment while you’re on your cycle. They may have more techniques to keep you comfortable.

Schedule a Consultation Today at Ethos Spa for Your Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is a popular option for hair reduction in intimate areas that leave your skin smoother without ingrown hair or razor burns. But since it involves multiple treatments to destroy every hair follicle more efficiently, you may have some treatment sessions that coincide with your monthly cycle. However, you may still have your hair removal procedure as long as you communicate with your practitioner properly.

You can get your Brazilian laser treatment at Ethos Spa for a safe, comfortable, and effective procedure possible, even if you have menstruation. We’re trusted by many clients across New Jersey for delivering satisfactory cosmetic treatments with our advanced tools and highly-trained professionals. You may schedule a consultation today for your Brazilian laser treatment by visiting our med spa, giving us a call, or requesting a form from our website.

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