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How Many Weeks Apart Should You Wait Between Your Underarm and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

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Laser technology has increasingly become popular in replacing the regular shaving and waxing of unwanted hair growth because of its long-term results. The procedures of laser hair removal work through multiple treatments in which the hair follicle is burned through the hair root to prevent further hair growth. Thus, to maximize the longevity of the results of the laser hair removal treatment, it’s essential for a patient to attend these sessions at the right intervals.

So how long is the ideal interval for each laser hair removal session? In general, it ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. What your laser technician will specifically instruct you, however, will vary according to several factors such as the stages of hair growth, the hormonal areas, follicle regeneration, hormonal issues, skin type, and hair color. For instance, underarm laser hair removal sessions might be spaced differently from Brazilian laser hair removal sessions.

How Long Should You Wait Between Each Laser Removal Session?

Laser hair removal is a versatile skin treatment that can provide long-term results in place of regular shaving and waxing, which sometimes cause skin irritation and ingrown hair. It can be applied to different parts of the skin to eliminate unwanted hair by destroying hair follicles. Some of the common treatment areas for laser hair reduction are underarm hair, body hair, upper lip hair, and facial hair. Laser hair removal is also used to eliminate unwanted body hair in the bikini area. 

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General Timeline of the Treatment

Laser treatment is nowadays one of the most popular treatments for unwanted hair growth. It is more long-term than waxing, and it is minimally invasive, unlike plastic surgery. However, it also requires a regimen of properly timed sessions. This may vary according to several factors. However, just to give you an idea of what you can expect after each session, below is a loose timeline of the whole treatment:

  • Session 1: It’s during the first laser treatment session that you can expect to feel the most discomfort and see the most noticeable results. The laser shocks and weakens the hair follicles, so patients might already witness the thinning of hair in the treatment area. Redness and swelling are normal and are expected to subside after a few hours.
  • Session 2: Body hair undergoes a resting and growth cycle, and hair continues to fall from other areas.
  • Session 3: By this time, the slowing down of hair growth is more noticeable.
  • Session 4: By this time, new hair regrowth should feel rough, if not minimal, and you can already shave between sessions.
  • Session 5: By this time, the skin will already appear hairless and feel smooth.
  • Session 6 and final treatments: After you have completed the sessions, you can expect a decrease of at least 80% in hair growth.

When undergoing laser hair reduction, patience and discipline are key. As time progresses and as you go along the laser treatment sessions, you will find that the treatment gives promising results.

Sessions and Intervals for Each Area of Treatment

Laser hair removal isn’t a fully permanent hair removal treatment. However, one can maximize the results of this procedure and stretch its longevity by years by undergoing a number of sessions spaced by weeks depending on the treatment area. Below is a breakdown of the estimated number of sessions and week interval per session for each treatment area:

Treatment AreaNumber of sessionsInterval per session
Legs3 to 6 sessions4 to 6 weeks
Back5 to 7 sessions4 to 6 weeks
Face and neck6 to 8 sessions4 to 6 weeks
Underarms6 to 8 sessions4 to 6 weeks
Bikini area/Brazilian hair removal5 to 10 sessions4 to 6 weeks

Factors Affecting Per Session Intervals and Number of Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Depending on the location of the treated area, hair follicles vary in characteristics. Likewise, while the goal of laser hair removal in providing results that last as long as possible doesn’t change, the number of sessions, the methods employed, and the intervals between these sessions will also vary. 

It’s important to monitor these intervals according to your skin treatment goals in order to reach the optimal results you desire. Lastly, to understand the potential of your results better, it is also essential to understand how your laser treatment results may vary according to your individual characteristics.

1) Hair Growth Stages

The length of your treatment can be influenced by the stages of hair growth, through which individual hairs undergo at different rates. The following are the stages of the hair growth cycle:

  • Anagen (growth phase): This is the phase where cells in the hair root divide to add length to the hair. This is the only phase wherein the hair follicle is connected to the hair.
  • Catagen (transition phase): This is the phase where the hair stops growing.
  • Telogen (resting phase): This is the final phase where the hair sheds and the hair follicle begins a new growth cycle.

Given that laser hair removal works by transmitting heat to the hair follicle through the hair, only the hairs in the anagen phase will be affected by laser treatments. Hair growth cycle rates are different for each patient, which is why intervals per session will also vary between individuals.

2) Hormonal Areas

The presence of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone in the treatment area can also influence how many sessions you might need for your laser treatment. Hormonal areas of hair growth are areas of the skin whose hair growth is affected by the release of hormones. 

For instance, hair on the face, neck, underarms, and bikini area tend to start growing during puberty. This makes them hormonal areas of hair growth. Hormonal areas require more treatments for hair in these parts to be fully eliminated.

3) Follicle Regeneration

Some hair follicles are stronger and more resistant to others. This makes the skin require more repetitive laser treatment sessions if some hair follicles aren’t completely terminated. Thus, the density of hair follicles in the treatment area can also affect the number and interval of treatment sessions. 

The more hair follicles an area has, the more treatments it requires and the shorter the waiting times are between sessions. Adhering to the time frames between each treatment is important because the goal is to target as many hair follicles as possible for each session.

4) Hormonal Issues

The determining factor of hormonal areas of the body implies that hormonal issues of patients can also affect the number and interval of laser treatment sessions. Depending on the hormonal changes, the strength of hair follicles targeted by laser treatments is also altered. For instance, those afflicted with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may find that they require more treatments, as they tend to have stronger hair follicles and hair growth.

5) Skin Tone and Hair Color

Laser hair treatments are more effective when targeting a high contrast between the hair and the skin. For instance, it’s most effective in recognizing dark hair color against light skin, reducing the number of treatments required. Likewise, darker skin color means more laser treatments. New technology like Nd: YAG lasers are now able to target lighter hair color.

Skincare and Aftercare in Between Sessions

While waiting for your next session, it’s important to observe the following in order to get the most out of your treatments:

  • Wear loose clothing
  • Avoid the sun’s UV rays
  • Avoid exercising immediately after each session
  • Apply cold compress on swelling areas
  • Don’t wax or thread before and after the laser treatment
  • Avoid fake tans
  • Shave for new hair growth in the treatment area
  • Gently cleanse the treatment area

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