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Does Being on Your Period Affect Your Ability to Get Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

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Brazilian laser hair removal is one of the top options for permanent hair reduction, unwanted hair, and ingrown hair in the bikini area. Women may hesitate to schedule Brazilian waxes or laser hair removal treatments outside of their menstrual cycle because of the sensitivity of the treated area during this time. There are also concerns about whether Brazilian wax is hygienic during their period.

So does being on your period affect your ability to get Brazilian laser hair removal? No, it doesn’t. Many women may be uncomfortable with the idea, but there are actually no proven adverse health risks involved with having Brazilian laser hair removal treatment while on their period.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal on Period

Compared to other alternative body hair reduction treatments, you’d be glad to have chosen the Brazilian laser hair removal method, as it results in a smooth skin type even if you’re menstruating during your treatment session.

The laser hair removal method in the bikini area requires 6 to 8 treatment sessions, which have about 4 to 8 weeks of intervals each, so it’s quite possible to have your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment scheduled during your period.

Brazilian laser hair removal treatments during your menstrual cycle may sound risky, but it’s actually safe. The only difference with having Brazilian laser hair removal during your period is your pain threshold and skin sensitivity, which is influenced by your menstruation. 

Laser hair removal for Brazilian treatments is safe because selective photothermolysis is used in the procedure, in which hair follicles are targeted with short pulses of light energy. Compared to continuous beam lasers, this method does less damage to normal tissue.

Does Being on Your Period Affect The Quality of Laser Hair Removal?

Experts noted that pain tolerance is reduced in the week before the menstrual cycle, or during the first few days of your period. The change in pain sensitivity is directly attributed to lower estrogen levels and increased blood flow during your menstrual cycle. 

So it’s understandable that many patients report slightly more painful Brazilian laser treatment sessions during their period. In addition to that, patients also notice longer swelling in the treatment site after Brazilian laser hair removal treatment during their period.

It’s generally safe to get Brazilian laser treatments during your period, but do consider your level of pain tolerance during your menstrual cycle before deciding to push through with your appointment. But regardless of whether you have menstruation, if your skin has a relatively low pain threshold, it wouldn’t make any difference if you push through with the appointment or not.

For maximum safety, inform your laser technician about your pain tolerance and menstrual cycle (if you’re on your period) so they can make the pain more bearable by adjusting the laser energy to a lower setting.

Can Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Affect Your Menstrual Cycle?

Most people have reservations about laser treatments, thinking that lasers may cause adverse effects on the normal function of their organ systems and cells. Similarly, it’s a popular misconception that laser hair removal during your menstrual cycle can affect your hormones and delay your period.

There’s no scientific evidence about the adverse effects of Brazilian laser hair removal treatments on the menstrual cycle. What’s properly backed up is the fact that Brazilian laser hair removal doesn’t influence your menstrual cycle because the laser doesn’t penetrate deeper than the skin and hair follicles.

What to Expect on Brazilian Laser Hair Removal During Your Period

Brazilian laser treatment is an effective hair removal method that uses laser technology to create damage to the hair follicle up to an irreparable extent. Because it uses laser light energy, it retains your smooth skin and hygiene even as you menstruate.

Unfortunately, it’s the other way around: your menstrual cycle interferes with the effectiveness of your treatment. The changes in hormone levels don’t just affect your pain threshold, it also strengthens the hair follicle which makes it difficult for them to be targeted by the laser removal treatment for hair reduction.

It’s your hormones that trigger your hair growth cycle during your period. During your period, hormone levels can increase, causing stronger hair follicles and greater pubic hair growth. But thankfully, the pain sensitivity and overall discomfort experienced during the Brazilian laser treatment doesn’t have a long-term impact. The impact of laser technology applied to your skin will also only affect the superficial layers of the skin to eliminate hair up to its root.

But it goes without saying that it’s still important to take note of the things you need to prepare for before your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment to achieve enhanced effectiveness and reduced discomfort.

How to Prepare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal During Your Cycle

Having your period will not affect our laser technicians’ quality performance during your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. Simply make sure to follow hygienic instructions, such as cleaning, shaving, and wearing a tampon prior to your treatment; and also to inform your technician that you are on your cycle for your session.

1) Consult With Your Laser Technician

If you’re on your period, it’s best to communicate it with your technician at least 24 hours before your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment session. Make sure to discuss your menstrual cycle and pain threshold so that he can do the necessary adjustments to make the pain more bearable. You can also consult with your laser technician on whether it’s an optimal decision to reschedule your appointments based on your menstrual cycle.

2) Maintain Hygiene of the Treatment Area

It can get quite messy to bare your sensitive under area for hair removal procedures while you’re menstruating, which is why hygiene is a valid source of concern when having Brazilian laser hair removal treatments during your period. Take note of the following to maintain the hygiene of your treatment area during your Brazilian hair removal:

  • Wear tampons instead of menstrual pads. You may risk the spread of contamination when you use menstrual pads prior to your appointment, so a tampon is strongly recommended to be used by the patient. If you’ve decided to push through with your appointment, and you’re not wearing a tampon, make sure to at least bring spare tampons to be used during and after your treatment. Failure to bring or use tampons will make your technician recommend you to reschedule your treatment.
  • Clean and shave the treatment area. Prior to your appointment, make sure to properly clean and shave the treatment area to avoid the risk of infections. Clean your skin with simple soap and feminine wash (if applicable), but remove creams or lotions as they may interfere with the laser procedure or increase your sensitivity to pain. Lastly, shaving is preferred over waxing, threading, and tweezing; which technicians are strongly against.

3) Wear Loose Clothing

Prepare comfortable clothes that are loose to prevent chafing after the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. Loose clothing helps alleviate post-treatment swelling and discomfort, which you are prone to because of your increased skin sensitivity during your menstrual cycle.

Post-Treatment Care Instructions for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal During Your Period

The post-treatment care required when you have Brazilian laser hair removal during your period is similar to the aftercare instructions if you’re not menstruating. Such instructions after your laser hair reduction session may include the following:

  • Gently cleanse the treatment area with mild soap.
  • Apply a cold compress to reduce burning discomfort or slight pain, and to lessen the skin sensitivity of your bikini area.
  • Apply antibiotic cream recommended by your physician to treat any signs of crusting.
  • Exfoliate at least 5 to 30 days following your treatment session to speed up hair shedding.
  • Avoid or reduce sun exposure for at least 2 months.
  • Don’t wax, scratch, or use tweezers on the treated area.
  • Don’t rub the treated area within 48 hours following your treatment session.

When Is The Best Time to Have Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

If you’re a person with low pain tolerance, regardless of whether you have your period or not, rescheduling won’t make any difference. Especially if you have a dark skin tone, you’d more likely experience slight pain and mild discomfort compared to individuals with a light skin tone.

Pain sensitivity is the only difference between having your treatment scheduled during your period. But if you’re already hypersensitive to pain then it’s best to simply push through, or do as recommended by your laser technician.

Although the hormonal fluctuations during your menstrual cycle may have an impact on the ease of laser hair removal work because of more rapid pubic hair growth and stronger pubic hair follicle. Thankfully, going to an expert and trusted in laser hair removal services may resolve that issue.

So the best time to have Brazilian laser hair removal is as scheduled by your laser technician. But if it’s your first time having this treatment, it’s best to have your first session at the time between the end of summer to the first few weeks of fall or winter.

The objective behind finishing all of your treatment sessions way before summer is because of the sensitivity of the treated area to ultraviolet rays. So having your first treatment session at the end of the summer prepares you to flaunt your hairless bikini area for the next summer season.

Get Professional Hair Removal Treatments Anytime at Ethos Spa

Brazilian laser hair removal is safe, effective, and relatively painless even as you menstruate. Contrary to popular misconceptions, using laser light energy for body laser hair removal will only affect the superficial layers of the skin so you don’t have to worry about it altering or damaging anything in your internal systems. 

Brazilian laser hair removal can cause mild discomfort as you menstruate, but going to an expert laser technician can ease any mild discomfort while providing quality hair reduction. At Ethos Spa, we offer safe, affordable, and effective permanent hair removal, hair reduction, waxing, and laser treatments that suit all types of skin, hair color, and skin tone. 

Get smooth, hair-free skin and book your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment and bikini laser hair removal appointment now at Ethos Spa.

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