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laser hair removal procedure at Ethos Spa

Don't Take Risks with your Laser Hair Removal | Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center|Summit, NJ

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While procedures like laser hair removal are minimally invasive and have a very high success rate, it doesn’t mean they are without risk. At the end of the day, you’re still having laser applied to your skin, with the sole purpose of damaging those hair follicles so they no longer produce new hair. When done properly, the effects can be dramatic, and last anywhere from 6 months to multiple years.

However, when performed improperly, laser hair removal still carries serious potential risks. While the more common complications from include skin irritation or a lightening or darkening of the skin’s pigment. Less frequently, there may be blistering, crusting or other changes in skin texture.A laser operator who is not medically trained may also make incorrect judgments about skin abnormalities. If skin cancer is treated as a sunspot, it may obscure the disease until the effects are much more advanced.

Who You Choose to Perform Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure Matters

In 2011, 78% of the lawsuits involving laser hair removal procedures included a non-medical practitioner. Your practitioner matters! At Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center, all our practitioners are medically trained. The laser operator has to make any number of assessments of the patient’s skin, and how best to handle treatment.

In the end, it’s vitally important to consider that it’s not just the technology that matters, it’s the operator and the support staff that are really doing the work. Do your due diligence when considering laser hair treatment specialist. Talk openly and honestly with our staff during your free pre-procedure consultation. Review testimonials from many of our satisfied customers, and don’t take unnecessary risks with your skin health.

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