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woman undergoes laser hair removal treatment

Facts about Laser Hair Removal

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Unwanted body hair has been a bane for women and men since the dawn of time. Scam artists still prey on body hair-haters by promoting questionable products that claim to “permanently” remove unwanted hair. However, the truth is the only permanent hair removal solutions have been seen with the use of laser technology. Here is a bit more information about laser hair removal.

How does it work?

The pulsing laser wavelength technology targets the coloration in the hair follicles, which prevents the re-growth of hair in that particular area. The benefit of laser treatments is that because of the melanin absorption there is no damage to the pores nor do they damage the skin tissue surrounding the hair follicles.

Do I only have to get treatment once?

The simple answer is “no.” Most areas will require 3 to 6 laser treatments in order to obtain the most permanent results. How many treatments you’ll need depends on: (a) your skin type and hair color and (b) the growth cycle of your hair. If you are having large areas done such as your back, the length of the treatment will be greater but not necessarily more treatments than smaller areas.

Does it hurt?

Some people experience a slight pinching sensation, but today’s laser hair removal techniques are virtually painless and allow the removal device to glide gently over the skin. This creates a soothing cooling sensation. Those who have extremely sensitive skin can apply a topical anesthetic prior to treatment if they choose to. Some swelling and reddening can be expected after each treatment, however, these symptoms subside within a matter of hours.

Laser hair reduction has become so in demand that engineers are constantly improving the technology, to create more efficient and improved methods.

Where can I get painless laser hair removal?

You can get laser hair removal treatments at Ethos Med Spa at their Summit or Englewood NJ locations.

Thanks to painless laser hair removal, you really do have options besides old-fashioned and ineffective electrolysis treatments, shaving, waxing, or using depilatories. Laser hair removal really is an affordable and permanent option.