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Rejuvenating Dermal Fillers For Under Eye Area

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The eyes are the part of the face that mostly depicts your age. As people age, their eyes lose volume and appear hollow with dark circles. Along with aging, other lifestyle factors may also contribute to the constant worn-out and tired appearance of the eyes. Good thing there are many ways to eliminate eye bags and restore the youthful glow in the eyes, one of which is through dermal fillers.

So are dermal fillers effective to reduce the signs of aging in the tear trough area? Dermal filler treatment is a minimally invasive way to effectively and safely fill in the lines, wrinkles, and volume loss in the tear trough area without the use of cosmetic surgery. With under-eye dermal fillers, you can restore your energized and well-rested appearance after the procedure.

Dermal Fillers Under Eyes: Why You Need It

Dermal fillers are injectable filler treatments that are commonly applied on the face, causing a collagen-stimulating effect that makes the skin appear younger without the stiffness associated with other injectable treatments such as Botox. Dermal filler injection treatments can be used to correct fine lines or for a brow lift.

Under eye dermal filler treatments are used to restore volume and glow in the tear trough area to make it appear brighter, plumper, and more well-rested. The face changes with age, so dermal under-eye filler treatment is needed for the following:

  • Reduced skin laxity. Aging causes the skin to lose elasticity over time, making it droop, sag, and lose firmness as the connective tissue in the skin weakens.
  • Shifts in fat deposits. The skin holds the fat in place so as the skin moves, so do the fats. This further affects the appearance of the skin in the under eyes, making it appear deeply hollowed.

Tear trough filler treatments are effective in addressing skin laxity. However, if skin laxity and excess skin in the area is severe, then other tear trough rejuvenation treatments such as laser treatment and other anti-wrinkle injections may be more suitable. Consequently, this procedure isn’t recommended for dark and wrinkled eyes caused by genetics and skin disease.

Additionally, the following conditions must be met before you decide to have your tear trough filler treatment:

  • You have sufficiently thick and elastic eye skin
  • Your tear troughs aren’t extremely deep
  • You have tear trough deformity
  • You don’t have skin infection
  • You’re physically healthy
  • Under eye sagging, loose skin, excess skin, and dark under eyes are mild to moderate

Dermal Fillers For Eye Bags And Dermal Fillers For Under Eye Wrinkles

For lightening and smoothing the skin around the under eye, dermal fillers can be an effective tear trough treatment solution. The following are the benefits of choosing under-eye dermal filler treatments over lower eyelid surgery or tear trough correction solution through plastic surgery:

  • Fast results
  • Convenience of the procedure
  • Minimal to no downtime and side effects
  • Applicable to all skin tones and types

Types Of Dermal Fillers Used For Under Eye Area

In general, the dermal fillers used in the tear trough area are:

  • Hyaluronic acid filler (i.e, HA filler)
  • Poly-L lactic acid filler
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite filler

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are the commonly used kind of dermal filler, which consist of Juvederm and Restylane filler. Both dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid-based, which only differ in texture. Moreover, Belotero Balance, which also has an HA filler base, is also used in the under-eye area.

Additionally, Juvederm products have an anesthetic component called Lidocaine to reduce any discomfort once the HA filler injection comes in contact with the skin. The following are the Juvederm and Restylane fillers that can address the problems in the under-eye area:

  • Juvederm Ultra. With its smooth consistency, Juvederm Ultra is used more often than Restylane because of its smoother texture to make the skin appear tighter and plumper.
  • Restylane Silk. With clear and soft gel-like consistency, Restylane filler injection can eliminate dark under-eye hollows to make your face look more refreshed.
  • Restylane Lyft. This filler injection has a thicker material which makes Restylane filler ideal for forming facial contours and enhancing facial volume.

Procedure Dermal Fillers For Under Eye Bags Duration

The procedure for dermal fillers is generally in-office of a certified aesthetic provider. A small, fine needle is used to avoid leaving marks and to make the procedure as minimally invasive as possible.

Before the treatment, a treatment plan will be created by our provider that suits a patient’s needs. This involves the assessed problem areas in the treatment area so you can arrive at the desired outcome for the procedure. A complete medical history of the patient will also be obtained as needed to reduce the likelihood of adverse effects.

Dermal Fillers Under Eye Experience During Treatment

Dermal filler treatments are generally painless and usually take up to 15 to 30 minutes per treatment session. Depending on the patient’s preference, topical anesthesia may be applied to avoid any feeling of mild discomfort or pain.

Fine needles are used to incorporate the fillers under the skin of the treatment area. This is where seeking the services and expertise of skilled injectors becomes crucial. With skilled injectors, they know how to properly place the under-eye dermal filler at the right amount to avoid overfilling or underfilling the area.

Dermal Fillers Under Eye Experience After Treatment

After the treatment, expect a normal amount of swelling to be visible as the body is still in the process of absorbing the filler into the body. Dermal under-eye filler treatments usually have no recovery and downtime, but expect your body to fully adjust to the fillers within a period of 2 weeks.

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last Under Eyes?

Immediate results may be evident after the procedure but as time passes and the filler becomes more absorbed into the skin, the results may be more visible. Tear trough filler treatments are one of the safest and most effective solutions to a dark eye circle or sagging under eyes, but they’re not permanent. 

Some patients report that under-eye dermal fillers may be long-lasting, while some report that they need maintenance treatments for a much shorter period than other people. Moreover, dermal eye fillers usually last for up to 2 years. 

Once it wears off, it means that it’s time for a touch-up. Regular maintenance treatments are required to maintain the results of your under-eye dermal fillers. The frequency of under-eye filler maintenance treatments depends on how your body metabolizes and reacts to these dermal fillers.

There are many factors that affect the longevity of the effect of under eye dermal fillers such as the following:

  • The rate of metabolism of dermal fillers
  • The type of under eye filler applied
  • How much filler was applied under the eye
  • Location of the filler in the treatment area

One of the factors affecting the longevity and effectiveness of dermal fillers is the type of under eye filler injected into the skin. Furthermore, shown below is the lasting effect of each kind of filler used:

Type of Filler UsedHow Long it will Last
Restylane filler12 to 16 months
Juvederm filler9 months to 1 year

It’s essential to have the expected results discussed with a doctor so you know how to properly maintain your under eye dermal fillers. If fillers fade within 2 weeks after the procedure, it’s important to consult with your aesthetic provider for necessary adjustments. This usually happens because the normal swelling that occurs after the filler has been injected eventually subsides.

Moreover, the lasting effects of tear trough injection fillers depend on the aesthetic provider you choose. Aesthetic providers usually overfill the tear troughs during the treatment session so once the swelling subsides, the results will be favorable. If you want the best results from your under-eye dermal filler treatment, make sure you choose a team of skilled injectors and qualified medical aesthetic specialists.

Are Dermal Fillers Safe To Use Around The Eyes

The good thing about under-eye filler treatments is that these treatments usually use hyaluronic acid fillers. Results are not permanent, but so are adverse effects. 

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid components to help stimulate the production of collagen underneath the skin of the treatment area. The process of injecting a minimally invasive needle into the skin makes this treatment procedure a generally safe and natural one compared to its alternatives.

Expected Risks And Side Effects Of Under Eye Fillers

There are no serious adverse effects associated with this procedure; they merely occur temporarily at the injection site, and they can last up to a week or less. Some people may experience mild redness and swelling after their under-eye dermal filler treatment, but the recovery time usually doesn’t take as long as other injectable treatments such as Botox. Other expected side effects of the treatment include the following:

  • Pain or itching
  • Swelling and lumps
  • Firmness and tenderness
  • Bruising, redness, or discoloration

In addition, the tear trough area is a very sensitive area because of the thinness of the skin. Hence, in rare cases, it may result in an adverse effect called the Tyndall effect which is a visible discoloration in the under-eye area. So under eye dermal fillers are also not recommended for people who have thin under-eye area.

Treatment Instructions For Safe Under Eye Filler Procedures

Dermal filler treatments are generally safe, and side effects usually go away in no time. But there are certain ways of preparation and aftercare that can further reduce possible adverse effects from the treatment.

It’s also important to choose a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is board-certified and experienced in performing the procedure to ensure the maximum safety and effectiveness of your dermal filler treatment.

Don’t forget to completely disclose all pertinent medical information for your treatment plan. You should also familiarize yourself with it and have your aesthetic provider thoroughly discuss its contents, implications, and FDA warnings so as to ensure the safety of the treatment procedure.

Pre-Treatment Instructions For Under-Eye Fillers

A patient who plans to undergo under-eye dermal filler treatment procedures is usually discouraged from taking in blood thinning medications and supplements for at least a week before the under-eye dermal filler treatment session. Additionally, alcohol consumption must also be avoided for at least 24 hours before the dermal filler procedure or as instructed by an aesthetic provider.

Aftercare Instructions For Under Eye Fillers

Reduce any visible side effects and experience longer treatment results by doing the following aftercare instructions:

  • Avoid touching the treatment area for at least 6 hours after the treatment
  • Gently wash the treatment area with soap and water after 6 hours
  • Avoid putting makeup on so as not to conceal the appearance of bruises
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures such as intense heat or cold
  • Avoid taking aspirin and other blood thinning medication
  • Avoid alcohol until the 2-week recovery period has lapsed

Restore Your Youthful Glow With Safe Under Eye Dermal Filler Treatments at Ethos Spa

Dermal filler treatments stimulate collagen production underneath the skin, restoring skin tightness and glow. Using it for the under-eye area has many benefits, but make sure to choose the right aesthetic provider and be well-informed about the important instructions before and after the treatment to ensure the safety and effectiveness of every under-eye dermal filler session.

When it comes to effective cosmetic treatments and premium injectables in New Jersey and New York, Ethos Spa is your trusted partner. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and every member of our team is dedicated to striving for it. As always, we strive to provide you with a dermal filler experience that is tailored to meet your cosmetic goals.

Get the results you’ve always wanted with under-eye fillers today and reach out to our team for your skin consultation.

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