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Where Can I Buy Dermal Fillers Without License and Why Isn’t It Safe to Do It?

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Dermal filler treatments are safe and effective alternatives to plastic surgery for patients who’d like to improve their skin and eliminate their wrinkle areas, facial folds, and facial lines as well. But although these treatments are simple and performed in aesthetic clinics, others may still find them costly, which is why some prefer to buy dermal fillers and administer the injectable treatments without the assistance of a licensed aesthetic professional.

But are dermal fillers safe to administer by myself? There are many websites online that claim to be legitimate sources of dermal filler injections, but the fact that these fillers are accessible is questionable because only licensed professionals are entitled to purchase dermal fillers. The expertise of an aesthetic provider is crucial for the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, and this is why it’s not safe to perform it all by yourself.

Where Dermal Fillers Can Be Bought Without A License and Why It’s Not Safe

The primary benefit of dermal fillers (e.g, Juvederm) and other injectable treatments (e.g, Botox injection) is that these non-surgical cosmetic procedures are safe, quick, and easy in correcting wrinkle areas without the long recovery period and downtime from other procedures like plastic surgery. But with the ease of having an injectable filler treatment procedure comes the ease of access to such treatment as well. 

Currently, there are many websites selling dermal filler injections from different brands. Other than the legitimacy of the website selling a brand of cosmetic fillers, there are many other factors why a license to administer these dermal filler injections is a necessary requirement to ensure patient safety and the effectiveness of their chosen dermal filler procedures.


Can You Buy Dermal Fillers Without License: Why You Shouldn’t Do It

Buying dermal filler injections online without a license is dangerous. More than a minimally invasive injectable treatment with minimal side effects, a dermal filler injection is a medical device, aesthetic medicine, and cosmetic injectable that should be injected into the skin by people who are authorized to do so. 

The side effects that usually occur in cosmetic fillers may be simple, but serious complications (i.e, severe allergic reaction) are still possible despite the rare chance of its occurrence. Aside from that, the following are the reasons why you can’t buy injectable dermal fillers if you’re not licensed to perform such a treatment:

  • The evaluation of patient eligibility for the injectable filler treatment is disregarded
  • Lack of injection expertise on the proper administration of dermal filler treatments
  • Lack of knowledge on the right dermal fillers to use
  • Lack of knowledge on sufficient and immediate remediation of adverse effects

1) The Evaluation of Patient Eligibility for the Treatment is Disregarded

If dermal filler treatments are performed in the office of an aesthetic provider, an initial consultation is usually required to review the medical history of a patient as well as any existing condition and planned treatments that may interfere with the effectiveness of the dermal filler treatment. 

For instance, Juvederm fillers (e.g, Juvederm Ultra), a type of injectable dermal filler, have a lidocaine component to reduce pain and discomfort. Other patients may have an allergic reaction to this but they don’t know it until adverse reactions become visible in their skin or body.

Additionally, the beauty goals of a patient is usually an important aspect of determining their eligibility for having the treatment. In some cases where skin problem areas are extreme, drastic measures such as facial plastic surgery may be required.

2) Lack of Injection Expertise in Proper Administration of Dermal Filler Treatments

Any licensed aesthetic provider or nurse practitioner with sufficient education and training can administer these injectable treatments (e.g, Botox injections, injectable dermal fillers). 

This is why even in non-aesthetic settings, only a medical professional such as a registered nurse or someone with certified training can administer injection treatments. Likewise, this is also applicable to Botox cosmetic treatments. 

The aesthetic professional that administers Botox (i.e, Botulinum Toxin Type A) must be duly qualified to perform the cosmetic procedure. This means that extensive Botox training and legitimate Botox certification are also required before one can administer Botox injections.

So it’s important to keep in mind that no unlicensed professional can ever match their knowledge of facial anatomy, dermal fillers, and the proper injection technique using a cannula or needles.

In addition, a filler mishap can be prevented by the expertise of the aesthetic injector. In order to evaluate the patient’s eligibility, the aesthetic doctor will consult with them first and review their medical records.

3) Lack of Knowledge on the Right Dermal Fillers to Use

Each dermal filler has its own cosmetic purposes and patient safety benefits. Despite the guarantee of temporary adverse reactions and minimal allergic reactions from a hyaluronic acid filler injection, there are still many other individual factors to consider when choosing the right kind of cosmetic fillers and cosmetic procedures to resolve facial skin problem areas.

Depending on your medical history and beauty goals, your aesthetic provider will make sure to administer the right kind of dermal filler during your treatment session. It’s also important to note that bodily reactions vary from person to person, and only a qualified aesthetic provider will know the best kind of dermal filler that can provide effective results while minimizing the possibility of the occurrence of any adverse reaction.

4) Lack of Knowledge on Sufficient and Immediate Remediation of Adverse Effects

Knowing the legitimacy of the seller can help guarantee the authenticity of the dermal fillers bought, but it can’t guarantee that a patient will be safe from the adverse effects that will come with the dermal filler injection.

Dermal fillers are safe, and they don’t require long periods of downtime and recovery. However, they can still lead to some temporary side effects, and these adverse reactions typically resolve on their own. Meanwhile, there are proper ways of handling these side effects that would be instructed by your aesthetic provider.

Experience Expert Care From Aesthetic Professionals at Ethos Spa

Dermal filler treatments are effective and safe – they’re a quick and easy alternative to facial plastic surgery. And it’s just as important to choose your team of aesthetic professionals who are highly trained and experienced in performing dermal filler procedures as it is to choose fillers with high quality.

Instead of buying dermal fillers and administering the treatment on your own, get the quality treatment you deserve with Ethos Med Spa. We provide affordable state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments such as lip filler treatments, Botox treatments, and other hyaluronic acid filler injections to clients who wish to fulfill their aesthetic goals

Our medical spa is committed to offering the best aesthetic solutions according to your beauty goals. Get in touch with us and begin your beauty journey today.

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