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Can You Fix Tear Troughs With Dermal Fillers?

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Dermal fillers are a popular minimally invasive procedure that can address a wide range of cosmetic concerns. From smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines to plumping sunken cheeks and enhancing facial features, injectable filler treatments are versatile and can do anything to rejuvenate your appearance. One of the common age-related issues that many people have is the presence of tear trough deformity or under-eye hollows. 

So are dermal filler injections effective for tear trough correction? Yes, you can get dermal filler treatments to restore volume in your under-eye area. This will help minimize the dark circles and soften the wrinkles and lines around your eyes. A tear trough injection may also help conceal the puffiness or bags underneath the eyes. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are the best type of injection for tear trough treatment.  

Dermal Fillers for Tear Troughs: Do They Actually Work?  

Tear troughs are the indentations or deep shadows that are located between your lower eyelid and upper cheek. Some individuals naturally have a tear trough deformity due to genetics, while others can develop them over time because of the aging process. Either way, tear troughs become more prominent as the skin becomes thinner and loses collagen which causes a hollowed appearance underneath the eyes. 

While tear troughs are completely harmless, they can contribute to having a more aged look. The dark shadows under your eyes may also cause you to look more tired than usual. Fortunately, dermal filler injections can help rejuvenate and brighten the under-eye area. 

Getting tear trough fillers can be tricky since the under-eye area is very delicate. Some people also have thinner skin underneath the eyes which is why tear trough filler injections should only be done by experienced and highly-skilled injectors. 

Dermal fillers have incredible volume-replenishing benefits. When administered correctly, tear trough fillers can enhance your under-eye region by plumping the skin and providing a smoother eyelid-cheek junction to minimize the hollowness.  

But do note that tear trough fillers may not be as effective if the appearance of dark circles is caused by skin discoloration or pigmentation. It may also not completely remove larger eye bags, especially if excess fat has accumulated in the under-eye area. In these cases, getting a blepharoplasty or cosmetic surgery is the better option.

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Ways You Can Benefit From Tear Trough Fillers 

Facial filler injections have several advantages for tear trough correction. It’s a convenient and straightforward procedure for any patient who wants to restore lost volume and boost hydration under the eyes for a fresher and wrinkle-free appearance. Here’s an overview of the top benefits of tear trough filler treatments: 

1) Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation 

One of the main benefits of tear-trough filler injections is that it’s not as invasive and painful as facial plastic surgery. It’s a relatively quick procedure with minimal downtime which makes it a great treatment of choice for those who can’t qualify or don’t want to undergo reconstructive surgery. 

2) Minimizes Dark Circles Under The Eyes

The loss of facial volume underneath the eyes can accentuate your dark circles. The thin skin under your eye region is also more prone to puffing up easily which results in the appearance of eye bags. Tear trough fillers can revitalize your under-eye area by adding volume to lighten the dark circles.

3) Improves the Appearance of Under Eye Wrinkles and Lines 

Another sign of aging that occurs under the eyes is the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Tear trough filler injections can also help smooth out the wrinkles and lines beneath and around your eyes for a more youthful look. Fillers can also boost hydration and collagen production to improve your skin from the inside and keep new under-eye wrinkles from forming. 

4) Reduces Hollowness in the Under Eye Area 

Some people also have prominent lower eye bags due to the hollowness between the lower eyelid and upper cheeks. Providers can inject an under-eye filler into the visible groove to provide support and restore volume which can help smooth the transition between the eyelid and cheeks. 

What the Procedure for Injecting Dermal Filler for Tear Trough Looks Like  

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure, tear-trough injections should only be given by a trained injector or plastic surgeon. Before the session, you should consult with your provider to determine the severity of your tear trough deformity and discuss your treatment plan. The injections are usually administered in a medical office or aesthetic clinic. 

Here’s what you can expect from a tear trough filler treatment: 

  • The treatment area is cleansed and disinfected to prevent risks of infection. 
  • A topical anesthetic or numbing cream may also be applied to manage your discomfort and pain during the injections. 
  • Once the skin is numbed, the syringe will be prepared by your provider with the tear-trough filler. 
  • A sharp needle or blunt cannula will be used to place the filler into the skin under your lower eyelids.
  • After placing the filler, the area must be gently massaged to spread and even out the material. 
  • The whole procedure generally takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes depending on the amount of under-eye filler injected. 

How Long Will Dermal Filler for Under Eye Hollows Last? 

Like most facial filler treatments, the results of tear trough injections are temporary but they can provide desirable improvements for 6 to 12 months. The duration of its effects will depend on the type of tear trough filler and the number of injections used for the treatment.

Other factors like your skin type, age, lifestyle, and muscle activity may also affect how long your dermal fillers will last. For example, frequent movement of the cheeks or lower eyelid contraction may cause the filler material to break down faster. Your metabolism may also contribute to how fast your body processes the filler material. If you have a high metabolism, you may notice the effects of tear trough fillers fading quickly. 

What Dermal Filler Is Usually Used to Fix Under Eye Bags and Tear Troughs?   

Hyaluronic acid is the most common dermal filler material used for tear trough rejuvenation. The majority of HA fillers have smooth, gel consistencies that are suitable and safe for placement in the under-eye area. Other injectables, especially semi-permanent fillers like Radiesse and Sculptra, aren’t typically used since they have thicker textures and come with higher risks of nodule formation. 

Here’s an overview of the common hyaluronic acid-based fillers that can be injected for tear troughs: 

1) Juvederm Volbella 

This injectable filler is designed with Vycross technology which means that it contains a low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid. This allows your tear trough injection results to look more natural and provides a longer-lasting effect of 12 to 18 months. Volbella also has a thinner and milkier texture which allows for a safer and smoother injection to the under eye area. This injectable is also specifically approved for tear trough correction.  

2) Juvederm Ultra 

This hyaluronic acid filler has a smooth, gel-like material and it’s excellent for adding volume under the skin surface. It also helps moisturize and hydrate the skin to improve overall elasticity and reduce hollowness and dark circles. It can also address wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes. The results of Juvederm Ultra can last for about 6 to 12 months. 

3) Restylane-L

This dermal filler has a clear gel substance made out of hyaluronic acid and is already mixed with 0.3% lidocaine to minimize discomfort during the treatment. It’s formulated with Restylane’s patented NASHA Technology which gives the filler material a smoother texture and a more fluid consistency for the tear trough area. Its results can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. 

How Much Dermal Filler Do You Need For Tear Troughs?   

Dermal fillers are usually prepared in a syringe and contain about 1.0 ml of product. The number of syringes or amount of filler to be used for the procedure will depend on the extent of your tear trough deformity. Mild tear troughs may require injections of 0.5 ml filler material on each side so 1 syringe is enough. Meanwhile, deep tear troughs may use 1 dermal filler syringe on each under-eye area. 

Note that the exact number of filler injections needed may still vary depending on your doctor’s assessment of your under-eye hollows and tear troughs. That’s why you should have an in-person consultation to discuss how your treatment will go.  

Are Dermal Fillers for Tear Trough Correction Safe?  

Tear-trough filler procedures are safe as long as you get the injections from a qualified provider. However, there are still some side effects that may happen immediately after the treatment. Here are some of the common reactions that may occur from the procedures: 

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Pain in the treated area 

Most of these side effects may subside within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the injections. If you notice persistent swelling and bruising for more than 2 weeks, you should already see your doctor to get treatment. The good thing about hyaluronic acid fillers is that they’re reversible with the help of hyaluronidase injections.

Other potential risks and adverse events that may require medical care or another visit to your provider are: 

  • Lumps that form due to overfilling the undereye region with dermal fillers
  • Skin discoloration, also known as the Tyndall Effect, happens from placing the fillers too superficially
  • Delayed allergic reactions due to hypersensitivity to the filler material
  • Delayed signs of localized skin infections 

Who Can Get Tear Trough Dermal Filler Injections? 

Anyone with mild to moderate hollowness or bags under the eyes is a good fit for the tear-trough filler treatment. You can also get the procedure if you want to minimize the wrinkles and fine lines beneath your eyes. However, you may not be qualified for the cosmetic procedure if: 

  • You are diagnosed with a bleeding disorder or an autoimmune disease
  • You have a known allergy to the active substance in the tear trough filler 
  • You have an active skin infection near the intended treatment area 
  • You have excessively thin or sagging skin under the eyes
  • You have a deep tear trough
  • You have dark circles caused by pigmentation

Restore Your Youthful Under Eye Appearance With Tear Trough Fillers at Ethos Spa

Cosmetic filler injections are an increasingly popular treatment for tear trough correction. It can effectively plump the skin to reduce the hollowness and in turn lighten the shadows in your under-eye area and smoothen the wrinkles and fine lines.  

Ethos Spa is a leading medical spa that provides state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments for facial rejuvenation. We have a team of highly-trained doctors and aestheticians who can safely and effectively administer your dermal filler procedure for tear trough enhancement. We also offer other minimally invasive aesthetic solutions such as laser resurfacing, acne treatment, PRP hair restoration, and Botox injectables. Get started on your beauty journey and get in touch with us today.

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