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Why Can’t Lactating Women Undergo CoolSculpting

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In the case of new mothers, a postpartum belly won’t disappear soon after giving birth. Weight reduction timetables vary from woman to woman depending on a variety of circumstances, such as how much weight was gained during pregnancy, whether or not they are breastfeeding, their food and exercise habits, and so on. Weight loss may begin as soon as a woman gives birth; new mothers will drop approximately 12 pounds as their uterus shrinks back down to the level of the belly button, but expect some stubborn fat to persist long after your pregnancy is done.

So should new mothers get CoolSculpting done on them? No, especially if they’re breastfeeding. Frozen cells are destroyed and removed by the body during the CoolSculpting procedure. Doctors would prefer not to have these inflammatory substances in circulation since they might potentially make their way into a mother’s breast milk. Unless advised by a physician, lactating mothers should wait until they’ve finished breastfeeding before having CoolSculpting done.

Women Who Breastfeed Shouldn’t Undergo CoolSculpting

Even after losing baby weight, many women struggle to lose postpartum belly fat. Even after regaining a semblance of their pre-pregnancy appearance, many new mothers detect stubborn fat in some regions.

New mothers can regain their pre-pregnancy bodies with post-pregnancy body reshaping treatments. One of these treatments is CoolSculpting. Surprisingly, women who have not yet had children can also utilize CoolSculpting to get rid of excess abdominal fat.

There have been very few scientific studies looking specifically at the safety of cosmetic operations during lactation. Obviously, the biggest issue, in this case, is the prospect of chemicals or drugs being absorbed into the mother’s system and then excreted into her breast milk, thus affecting infant growth and development.

What Does Science Say

According to review articles published in Dermatological Surgery in 2013 and the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology in 2017, most cosmetic procedures are safe to use during lactation because there is little concern for significant systemic absorption of any of the agents used in these procedures.

On the other hand, research on non-invasive fat removal procedures such as CoolSculpting hasn’t been done yet, especially when women are currently  breastfeeding. However, it appears that these body contouring techniques could be used during breastfeeding.

To avoid unnecessary hazards to the body, experts advise delaying any cosmetic treatments until the nursing phase is through. Many women will naturally shed a considerable amount of pregnancy weight without the need for a fat reduction treatment.

Breastfeeding may also result in hormonal alterations or imbalance. CoolSculpting may not be the best solution during this time. As a new mother’s hormones settle, her body tends to shift, resulting in unfavorable outcomes. To achieve the best outcomes, it’s advisable to wait around 6 months after nursing.

Alternatives to Reduce Postpartum Belly Fat

Even without needing to go for CoolSculpting treatments, there are other ways for new mothers to lose their postpartum belly fat. The following options can be done even by those mothers who are breastfeeding.

Exercising Regularly

Regular exercise will help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight within a few months. However, if you want to see your tummy flatten, you’ll need to practice some abdominal muscle-targeting workouts.

Here’s the trick: don’t start with crunches right away. Remember the connective tissue that stretched out between your abdominal muscles? All pregnancies will stretch the abdominal skin, which is typical. The tissue will rebuild itself as it heals.

However, preliminary research indicates that abdominal crunches performed too soon will stretch these connective tissues even more, making them thinner and weaker. This is not the way to go when you want a robust, supportive core.

To begin, you should work on strengthening your deepest abdominal muscle, the transverse abdominis. Consider this muscle to be your body’s internal “girdle”

While you should see a physical therapist or a doctor about other exercises that you can do safely, pelvic tilts are a good place to start. You should be able to go to deeper abdominal workouts such as planks in 8 to 12 weeks.

Eating Well

When you’re caring for a baby around the clock, it’s easy to just grab a piece of  chocolate and abandon healthy eating habits – especially in the middle of the night when the rest of the house is fast asleep.

So here are some quick, tasty, and nutritious snacks:

  • High fiber cereal to keep your system operating smoothly
  • Chopped up veggies and fruit
  • Yogurt (no sugar added) topped with granola or dried berries

Belly Wraps

After having a baby, some women use a postpartum belly wrap to aid their muscles. While most of them will promise you a flatter stomach, as well as lower back and stomach support,they won’t likely transform your shape.

Wraps or binders do help with pain and healing following a Cesarean section, according to research. These wraps may also aid in the repositioning of your organs and muscles following childbirth.

Postpartum belly wraps are also known as belly bands or belly binders. Doctors recommend binding following severe abdominal surgery, such as a Cesarean section. Using an after-birth belly wrap has advantages, including:

  • Assists in pain relief
  • Increases blood flow
  • Aids in the healing of muscles and incisions
  • Reduces post-surgery edema
  • Helps you have better posture

Shed Postpartum Weight Safely at Ethos Spa

A CoolSculpting treatment after breastfeeding may be worth the wait for some mothers. If this is you, consider getting this treatment done at Ethos Spa.

At Ethos Spa, we want our clients to feel good about their bodies without having to worry about serious side effects or lengthy recovery times. Our team of licensed aestheticians and staff are highly-trained in CoolSculpting and other fat reduction and removal treatments, especially to those looking to shed some post-pregnancy weight.

Visit Ethos Spa for a safe and comfortable postpartum fat removal. Call us today to book an appointment.

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