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How Many Areas Can Be Effectively Treated By CoolSculpting At The Same Time?

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Most healthy individuals have a bit of body fat. But when stubborn fat begins to appear bulging in certain areas and makes you look thicker and bigger than normal, it can be extremely frustrating. To help keep the body in shape, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that can get rid of the excess fat deposits in just a few sessions. 

So how many areas can be treated with CoolSculpting in a single treatment visit? CoolSculpting can be safely done on up to 4 areas in one session. However, this depends on the type of machines and how many applicators the medical spa currently has. To do fat freezing simultaneously on multiple areas, it’s recommended to use the CoolSculpting Elite which has two applicators. If there are two Elite machines, they can perform the treatment on four areas at once. 

Can You Do CoolSculpting In Multiple Areas At Once? 

CoolSculpting is an advanced body contouring procedure that uses the fat freezing technique to break down fat cells in target areas in the body. It was first introduced with the CoolSculpting Legacy machine that can treat a single area with one handpiece. Naturally, the treatment time with the Legacy applicator takes longer especially when addressing fat in larger body areas. 

Fortunately, the CoolSculpting treatment has evolved with newer technologies and it’s now possible for cosmetic providers to perform the procedure on multiple areas in one session. The latest CoolSculpting Elite is the upgraded version of Legacy and it features two applicators to efficiently treat several areas simultaneously. 

Since CoolSculpting Elite is an FDA-cleared device, there should be no issue at all when you want to treat more than one area at the same time. Some cosmetic surgeons share on RealSelf website that they can administer CoolSculpting on at least 3 to 4 areas in one day. However, it’s important to have an initial consultation with your provider to know the best approach to treating your unwanted fat. 

Common Areas That Can Be Treated In One CoolSculpting Session

Excess fat deposits can be found in almost any part of the body. And for most patients, the reason why they want to get a body sculpting and fat reduction procedure is that these fatty tissues are difficult to banish with efforts through diet and exercise programs.

CoolSculpting works well to target the subcutaneous fat that lies just beneath the skin surface. It’s usually the type that bulges on the skin and can be easily pinched or squeezed. A CoolSculpting treatment can treat these different areas with stubborn fat deposits: 

  • Inner and outer thighs – The fat freezing procedure can help achieve an inner thigh gap and remove the unsightly saddlebags. 
  • Abdomen – The stomach and abs area are one of the common places where the body stores fat and CoolSculpting can help get rid of the adipose tissue for toner and slimmer upper body.  
  • hips – The fat that collects around the hips and waist are also commonly called flanks or love handles. 
  • Bra fat – These are the pockets of fat that appear bulging underneath the armpits. 
  • Back fat – CoolSculpting is also an effective treatment for eliminating the body fat that develops on the upper, middle, and lower back areas.
  • Buttocks – Pouches of unwanted fat can also form under the buttocks and result in what is usually referred to as ‘banana rolls’.  
  • Upper arms – The flabby fat in the upper arms has also been proven to respond well to the CoolSculpting treatment. 

Factors To Consider When You Want To Address Multiple Areas 

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One thing to note about CoolSculpting is that it removes excess fat cells gradually, unlike liposuction surgery that can get rid of the body fat in one go. Most patients may not see their desired results until several months after treatment. 

But if you want to see quicker results from the procedure, you can definitely discuss with your provider about having multiple areas done in one visit. Here are some things that you need to know before you get several areas done with CoolSculpting: 

1) Availability of CoolSculpting applicators 

While there’s no problem with the CoolSculpting Legacy machine, it may not be the best applicator to use when you want to treat multiple areas in a single session. Using the older model is time-consuming and it delivers cold temperatures to smaller surface areas so it can be less efficient in targeting body fat. 

If you want to have CoolSculpting done in more than one area, you should inquire about the types of applicators that they are using. Ideally, they should be equipped with at least one or two Elite machines so they can administer the treatment in up to 4 areas at the same time. Elite treatments also use improved applicators that can cover up to 18% more skin surface to freeze more fat cells in a short amount of time. 

2) Preparation before the treatment 

CoolSculpting requires very minimal preparation but if you’re getting multiple areas treated at once, you should be in good health and be physically ready to spend more than an hour in the clinic. Doctors recommend eating a good meal or having a snack before the procedure. You should also drink water and stay hydrated before and during the treatment.

While CoolSculpting isn’t painful, you may experience slight discomfort from the intense cold and deep pulling sensations from the applicator. You may also feel vasovagal reactions like dizziness, headache, and lightheadedness so it’s best that you have a bottle of water throughout the treatment. 

3) Downtime and side effects

There’s typically just little downtime needed after CoolSculpting. However, if you received the treatment in numerous areas in one sitting, you can expect that you may feel some level of discomfort and pain after the treatment. Some of the common side effects you may experience are soreness, firmness, swelling, bruising, itching, and tingling which may last for several days up to weeks. 

How Long Does It Take For CoolSculpting To Eliminate Fat? 

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CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis technology is based on the principle that fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperature treatment compared to other cells and tissues in the body. With this fat freezing technique, the excess adipose tissue cells are destroyed immediately and are expelled naturally through the body’s lymphatic system. 

However, the fat elimination process isn’t immediate and it can take some time before all the dead cells are removed. On average, you may see CoolSculpting results within a month or two after the treatment. Here’s an overview of how CoolSculpting works to diminish the fat cells: 

  • What happens during the treatment: On the day of the procedure, the CoolSculpting applicator applies controlled cooling to the targeted areas. It initially breaks down the layer of underlying fat and releases the adipose tissue cells that will be metabolized by the body.
  • What happens after the treatment: The fat cells will begin to crystallize and the body reacts by inducing an inflammatory response where macrophage (white blood cells) will go to the treated area and dispel the dead cells from the system.
  • Weeks to months from the procedure: Over time, the treated fat cells are processed by the body and flushed away through the lymphatic system. Repeated treatment sessions can help remove more fat and provide significant improvements to your body shape and contour. 

How Long Will The CoolSculpting Results Last? 

CoolSculpting provides amazing results for the elimination of fat without surgery. Studies show that it’s able to provide visible fat reduction of up to 25% in one treatment session. Moreover, the body fat that is removed won’t return, provided that you maintain a healthy weight. So as long as you’re consistent with your strict diet and exercise routine and avoid weight gain after the CoolSculpting procedure, you can expect that its effects are permanent.

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Is Needed For Optimal Body Contouring Results? 

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Cosmetic providers take several factors into consideration when creating an individualized treatment plan for CoolSculpting. This may include a patient’s unique aesthetic goals, body composition, and fat distribution. To efficiently trim down fat in one or multiple areas, they may recommend getting at least 2 to 3 treatment sessions.

The procedures are always timed at 8 to 12 weeks apart to allow the fat cells in the treated area to be processed by the body. Some patients, especially those who are near their ideal weight prior to the procedure, are usually already satisfied with the outcomes of their initial session and may not require additional treatment. 

But for those who want to see greater improvements in their body shape, a second or third treatment can be administered to stimulate a stronger inflammatory reaction that eliminates more fat. 

Experience Safe CoolSculpting Procedures at Ethos Spa 

Nowadays, liposuction is no longer the only choice for simultaneously eliminating fat in different areas of the body. CoolSculpting is a great non-surgical solution for people who want to achieve their dream contours and a slimmer physique. With the latest Elite technology, it’s convenient to address more than one area in a single session.

At Ethos Spa, we are equipped with the latest advancements in body contouring procedures to give patients the best CoolSculpting experience. Our team of experts can create a custom treatment plan to help you reach your desired body goals. To book a consultation or inquire more about CoolSculpting, call us today and talk with one of our specialists. 

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