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CoolSculpting & Pregnancies: What Women Should Know Before Getting CoolSculpting

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CoolSculpting is an effective body contouring treatment that can help patients achieve their weight and body goals. While Ethos Spa has become a center for CoolSculpting in New Jersey, we put the safety of our patients first and foremost. Aside from our initial consultations before any treatment to determine if you’re a good candidate for any procedure, we also take care to make sure our female patients aren’t pregnant or planning to get pregnant before procedures like CoolSculpting.

So how long do you have to wait to get pregnant after having CoolSculpting done on your stomach? Can CoolSculpting affect my chances of getting pregnant? How soon can I get CoolSculpting after pregnancy? These are just some of the questions many of our patients have. While the answer may vary for some patients, there’s a general rule of thumb that we follow for treating women before, during, and after their pregnancies. 

Before Pregnancy

If you’ve recently had a CoolSculpting treatment session done on any part of your body, there’s little to no downtime or recovery period necessary. This means you don’t have to wait to get pregnant after having CoolSculpting done on areas like your stomach. The concept behind CoolSculpting, cryolipolysis, doesn’t affect internal organs and only kills the treated fat cells. After your treatment, it’s possible to try getting pregnant immediately after.

With that being said, here’s another misconception debunked about CoolSculpting: it doesn’t affect your fertility. CoolSculpting’s fat-freezing technique doesn’t affect anything beyond the layer of treated skin and fat. This means organs like your ovaries – which are deep behind several layers of abdominal walls – are safe and won’t be affected if you have CoolSculpting treatments done anywhere near the area.

However, just because CoolSculpting doesn’t affect fertility doesn’t mean you should get a treatment session while you’re actively trying to get pregnant. We discourage getting CoolSculpting if you’re actively trying to get pregnant. If you’re trying, there’s a risk that you may unknowingly be pregnant while getting CoolSculpting.

On the other hand, while you can start trying for a baby after getting CoolSculpting, you should know the risks involved. CoolSculpting kills the unwanted fat cells in the treatment area, but it won’t stop new fatty tissue from redeveloping in the area after significant weight gain. During pregnancies, it’s normal for some women to gain weight. If you’ve had pregnancies before and notice that you gain significant weight during your pregnancy, it may be best to wait until after your pregnancy.   

During Pregnancy

Pregnant women shouldn’t get CoolSculpting. While CoolSculpting is a safe procedure that won’t harm your body, there’s no research done on the effects CoolSculpting can have on pregnant women and fetuses. To avoid any risk to you or your child, medical professionals don’t offer CoolSculpting if you’re pregnant.

If you’ve had CoolSculpting done prior to conceiving, the results can vary. Some women who are able to maintain their weight can notice the effects of their CoolSculpting sessions shedding away fat cells. However, it’s possible for some women to not see a difference or grow new fat cells in their treated area.  

After Pregnancy

We don’t recommend getting CoolSculpting immediately after your pregnancy. After your body’s changes in the last 9 months and the toll childbirth has taken on your body, it’s best to let your body recuperate first before seeking any cosmetic procedure. 

Most women need around 6 months after giving birth to fully heal from pregnancy and childbirth, though some women need more time before they feel well enough. Don’t rush your body – doing so can take away the joys of being a new parent (and can make the CoolSculpting process more uncomfortable for you).

If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, you should avoid getting CoolSculpting. This means if you plan on avoiding milk formula completely or do a combination of breastfeeding and formula, you should avoid CoolSculpting until your child is fully weaned, which can take at least 2 years. While there’s no research to show a negative link between CoolSculpting and breastfeeding, it’s best to be on the safe side for your baby.

Is CoolSculpting Safe for Women?

Pretty calm mama holding hands on stomach and sitting on kitchen chair inside light flat

CoolSculpting is a safe non-invasive treatment for both women and men. It’s FDA-approved and has fewer risks and recovery time compared to undergoing a surgical procedure. Following your procedure, you can resume your normal activities shortly  with little to no discomfort. In the hands of experienced professionals like Dr. Monika Soni and Dr. Hardik Soni, you can expect slimming results from your CoolSculpting sessions.

These limitations for women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or are breastfeeding is for the safety of you and your child. While the freezing effects of CoolSculpting are unlikely to affect your internal organs, there are no studies or research done on the effects CoolSculpting can have on fetuses and breast-fed babies. To be on the safe side for the sake of you and your child, it’s best to pause your plans for CoolSculpting until you’re not breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant.

Aside from pregnancies and breastfeeding, any adult woman can get CoolSculpting as long as they have a body mass index (BMI) lower than 30 (though you can have double chins treated if your BMI is below 43). CoolSculpting is a fat reduction treatment, not a weight-loss method. Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting are those who:

  • Are 20 to 30 pounds away from their ideal weight
  • Have difficulty shedding stubborn fat in areas that can’t be managed with a healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Are in generally good health
  • Understand that the results of CoolSculpting can take months
  • Are willing to continue living a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight after treatment

To learn more if CoolSculpting is the right aesthetic treatment for you and if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting, schedule a consultation with Ethos Spa today. Our board-certified cosmetic practitioners and highly-skilled staff can discuss your conditions in detail, determine if it’s safe for you to get CoolSculpting treatments, and determine a cosmetic treatment plan that works best for your needs and goals.  

Achieve Your Sculpted Body with Ethos Spa

CoolSculpting is a safe procedure when done with an experienced aesthetic doctor. It doesn’t affect your fertility or ability to conceive in the future. However, if you’re pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or breastfeeding, then it’s best to put off your CoolSculpting treatment to a later date.

CoolSculpting is a painless and safe method that can help you naturally shed unwanted fat in a matter of months. Say goodbye to stubborn fat cells and reach your goal weight in no time. Schedule an initial consultation with Ethos Spa today and know if CoolSculpting is the best procedure for you.