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Versa or Juvederm: Which Lip Filler is Right for You?

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Discover Which Dermal Filler Is Best for Your Lips

With innovative products like Versa and Juvederm leading the way, it’s difficult to discern which lip filler best suits your individual needs and desires.

Discover the key differences between the two most popular dermal fillers for your lips. Get the inside scoop on cost, ingredients, side effects and more to decide which is best for you. 

Do you want subtle enhancement or a dramatic new look? Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness will help you achieve beautiful, natural-looking results, safely and effectively. Let’s get started!

Lip Fillers and How They Work

Lip fillers are injectable soft tissue fillers used to add volume, shape and definition to the lips and mouth area. They can enhance thin or aged lips with natural-looking fullness and structure. 

Lip fillers work by increasing the volume just under the surface of the skin, filling creases and lines for a smoother, plumper appearance.

Most lip fillers today contain hyaluronic acid, a glycosaminoglycan that occurs naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acid binds with water molecules to create volume and hydration. 

When injected into the lips, the hyaluronic acid filler provides supple structure beneath the surface. The filler gel integrates into the surrounding tissues to add volume and contour.

Types of Lip Fillers

There are several types of FDA-approved dermal fillers for lip enhancement available today. The major categories include:

Filler TypeExamplesDescription
Hyaluronic Acid FillersVersa, Juvederm, RestylaneUtilize hyaluronic acid to replenish volume just under the skin’s surface. Provides natural-looking definition and fullness. Most popular type today due to effectiveness, safety, and minimal downtime.
Collagen StimulatorsSculptraInduces gradual volume by stimulating new collagen growth deep beneath the skin over several months. Results take time but can last over 2 years.
Autologen FillersBellafillContains bovine collagen for immediate volume, plus PMMA microspheres to induce natural collagen formation for long-lasting augmentation.

Brands like Versa and Juvederm contain cross-linked hyaluronic acid tailored for enhancing and shaping lips. This provides customizable, natural-looking results when properly injected.

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Work in Versa and Juvederm?

Hyaluronic acid is able to bind up to 1000 times its weight in water, allowing it to retain moisture and create volume under the skin. It plays a key role in hydration, elasticity and overall skin health.

As we age, hyaluronic acid levels in the skin diminish, leading to loss of firmness, wrinkles and folds. Injecting hyaluronic acid fillers replenishes the hyaluronic acid content under the skin, restoring plumpness and a more youthful appearance.

The hyaluronic acid in Versa and Juvederm have stabilized, gel-like consistency that integrates smoothly into facial tissues. The crosslinking allows the hyaluronic acid to provide flexible, long-lasting volume fill.

When properly injected by a trained professional into areas like the lips, folds around the mouth, cheeks, and contours of the face, hyaluronic acid fillers add subtle, natural-looking fullness and definition. Results typically last 6-12 months for Versa and up to 18 months for Juvederm.

Difference Between Versa Lip Filler and Juvederm

lip filler treatment

When it comes to lip augmentation, both Versa and Juvederm aim to provide natural-looking lip enhancement.  However, there are some key differences:

  • Revanesse Versa contains lidocaine to numb the injection site, while Juvederm (Volbella) does not have lidocaine for numbing. This can make the injection process more comfortable with Versa.
  • Versa lip filler is made from natural hyaluronic acid and has a lower risk of causing an allergic reaction. Juvederm Volbella uses a synthetic hyaluronic acid which may have a slightly higher allergy risk.
  • The results from Revanesse Versa lip filler can last up to 12 months, while Juvederm Volbella results typically last 9-12 months before repeating treatment. Versa may provide longer-lasting fullness.
  • Revanesse Versa is designed specifically for augmenting and enhancing the lips. Juvederm has several formulations that can treat lips, facial folds, cheeks, and other areas.

Overall, both dermal fillers effectively add volume, smooth fine lines around the lips, and improve the shape and structure of the lips.

Revanesse Versa and Juvederm: Administration

When it comes to injecting dermal fillers like Revanesse Versa and Juvederm, the depth and location of injection is critical to achieving the desired outcome. 

ProductInjection DepthPurpose
Revanesse VersaMid-dermis (middle layer of skin)Fill in wrinkles and folds by smoothly integrating into surrounding tissue
Juvederm (Voluma and Ultra Plus)Subcutaneous fatty tissue (deeper under skin)Add lift and structure by plumping tissue under skin
Juvederm (Ultra and Ultra XC)Mid-dermis (middle layer of skin)Fill in wrinkles and folds like Versa

The provider’s choice of product and injection technique is keyed to the particular facial rejuvenation goals for the patient.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Soni to determine the right filler and injection plan for your needs

Revanesse Versa and Juvederm: Side Effects

The side effect profiles of Revanesse Versa and Juvederm fillers are relatively similar, with temporary swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness at the injection site being common but resolving within days. 

While lumps or bumps can occur with improper technique, they are rare. Allergic reactions are also very rare but slightly more frequent with Juvederm since it uses synthetic hyaluronic acid. 

Overall, side effects tend to be minimal when properly injected by an experienced provider. Consult with Dr. Soni and the Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness team to determine the best lip filler option for your needs.

Revanesse Versa and Juvederm: Cost 

When budgeting for lip injections, the costs of Revanesse Versa and Juvederm can vary. Generally, expect to pay the following per syringe:

ProductPrice (per syringe)
Revanesse Versa$500 – $1,000
Juvederm (Volbella)$500 – $800

To achieve full, plump lips, most patients need 1-2 syringes of product injected. Therefore, the total cost for a lip treatment with these brands ranges from $500 for a single syringe on the low end, up to $1,800 for multiple syringes on the high end. 

Keep these ballpark figures in mind as you research pricing and decide on the right provider and product for your desired results within your budget.

Find the lip filler right for your budget! Consult with Dr. Soni at Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness.

Why is a Consultation Important Before Getting Lip Fillers?

A consultation with an experienced injector is crucial prior to enhancing your lips with dermal fillers. Here are some key reasons why:

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

The provider will ask about your health history, any medications or supplements you take, and whether you have any allergies or previous experiences with dermal fillers. This helps determine if you are a good candidate.

Assessment of Facial Anatomy

The injector will analyze the anatomy of your lips and surrounding facial structures. Factors like the shape of your cupid’s bow, lip length, lip volume, and symmetry are evaluated. This is done to create a customized injection plan.

Discussion of Goals

Dr. Soni will listen to your desired results and aesthetic goals for your lips. They will assess if your goals are realistic and make recommendations accordingly. Open communication about expected outcomes is very important.

Treatment Plan

A complete treatment plan will be developed that takes into account your facial anatomy, medical history, desired results, and the type or amount of filler that will likely be needed to achieve optimal results.


We will educate you about the process, recovery, potential side effects, and how to properly care for your lips after treatment. Our experts will also explain to you what to expect during maintenance appointments.

Safety First

We will never compromise your safety just to perform a procedure. Dr. Soni and the Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness team will be honest if we don’t feel lip fillers are right for you.

Get the Lips You’ve Always Wanted – Schedule a Consult Today!

lip filler treatment

Now that you understand the differences between Versa and Juvederm dermal fillers, it’s time to schedule your consultation! 

Let Ethos’ experts help you decide which lip filler is right for you. Dr. Soni will listen to your goals, evaluate your lips, and customize a subtle, gorgeous treatment plan. Ethos can plump your lips beautifully. Schedule your consultation today!

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