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Discover Natural Lip Enhancement with Vollure

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Don’t settle for stiff, bloated lips. Find out about the new filler that enhances lips exquisitely.

Do you wish your lips had a bit more fullness and definition? Have fine lines around your mouth made your lips appear smaller? If you want subtle yet noticeable lip enhancement without drastic changes, Vollure may be the right one for you.

Get the scoop from Ethos Spa’s Dr. Hardik Soni on what makes Vollure unique, what to expect during and after treatment, ideal candidacy, costs, and how long results last.

Expertly enhanced, luscious lips await at Ethos Spa. Schedule a consult now!

What Exactly is Vollure Lip Filler?

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Vollure lip filler is an injectable dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally hydrating substance found in your body. 

Manufactured by Allergan, Vollure incorporates a specialized technology called Vycross that allows the smooth gel to integrate seamlessly into your facial tissues.

Vollure was approved by the FDA in 2017 for the correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds like nasolabial folds in adults over 21 years old.

Unlike traditional hyaluronic acid fillers, Vollure contains both high and low molecular weight components for incredibly natural-looking, precision enhancement. The Vycross technology in Vollure results in a uniquely smooth, flexible filler gel ideal for your delicate lip area.

Vollure is FDA-approved for filling moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles. It is also commonly used “off-label” for subtle lip shaping and augmentation. 

When expertly injected into your lips and mouth region, Vollure gently plumps and defines your lips for a soft, natural enhancement.

Here are the perks of using Vollure:

  • Gradual volumizing and contouring of your lips
  • Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth
  • Seamless enhancement while retaining your natural lip shape
  • Subtle plumping and definition for understated results
  • Minimal swelling compared to other fillers

Vollure adds a touch of volume precisely where needed to smooth lines, sculpt, and define your lip shape. Unlike more rigid fillers, Vollure allows complete natural lip movement and expression for you. 

With its specialized Vycross technology, Vollure offers one of the smoothest, most seamless lip enhancements available according to our experience.

Can Juvederm Vollure Be Used on Lips?

Yes, Juvederm Vollure can be used on the lips and has become a highly popular off-label treatment for subtly enhancing lips and the perioral area through injection. 

There are several key reasons why Vollure is well-suited for use in your delicate lip and mouth region:

Seamless Integration in Your Delicate Lip Tissue

Unlike firmer dermal fillers, the flexible Vycross gel formulation of Vollure integrates seamlessly when expertly injected into your lips by Dr. Soni. 

The smooth gel filler adapts naturally to your thinner lip tissue without irregular lumping or beading that can occur with other fillers. Vollure adds subtle volume precisely where needed for you.

Gradual Buildable Enhancement

The smooth formulation enables gradual enhancement based on your desired results. Vollure can be injected conservatively by Dr. Soni to shape and augment your lips in a gradual, natural-looking way. The flexible gel spreads evenly and allows for subtle, buildable enhancement with each treatment.

Precise Shaping and Definition

Vollure enables excellent contouring and definition of your vermillion border (the edges of your lips) by Dr. Soni. When expertly injected, Vollure defines your lips’ natural shape and edges for beautiful yet understated augmentation. 

The smooth gel allows for precise injections to enhance specific areas.

Fill Perioral Lines and Wrinkles

In addition to volumizing your lips, Vollure effectively fills in fine vertical lines and wrinkles around your mouth. By providing structural support, Vollure smooths wrinkles on and around your lips caused by repeated muscle movements and aging according to Dr. Soni.

Minimal Side Effects

Compared to traditional denser fillers, Vollure’s specialized formulation minimizes common side effects like pronounced swelling and bruising for you. Patients are able to resume normal activities promptly after treatment according to Dr. Soni.

Retain Natural Lip Movement

The flexible Vycross gel in Vollure allows complete natural lip mobility and expression for you. When injected properly and conservatively by an expert injector like Dr. Soni, Vollure creates beautifully enhanced lips that retain their soft, natural movement and feel.

How Do Juvederm Vollure Lips Look?

According to Dr. Soni, Vollure lip enhancement is designed to provide subtle, natural-looking augmentation, not dramatic changes in size or shape. When properly injected, Vollure can give you the following beautiful types of results:

  • Gently plumps and defines your lips for a smoother, more symmetric appearance. Vollure provides just enough filler to elegantly enhance your natural lip contours.
  • Adds a soft, pillowy fullness to your lips without irregular lumping. The smooth Vollure gel seamlessly integrates and looks natural.
  • Refreshes and hydrates your lips so they appear more youthful and defined. Vollure gives your lips a subtle yet noticeable plumping.
  • Minimizes the appearance of vertical lip lines around your mouth through soft filling and structural support. Smooths and softens fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Allows custom injection by Dr. Soni to precisely shape and enhance specific areas of your lips based on your goals.
  • Provides subtle, gradual lip augmentation while retaining your natural lip shape and feel. Does not dramatically alter or overwhelm your existing anatomy.

Results in minimal swelling compared to other fillers. Looks beautifully natural almost instantly with some settling over 2-4 weeks.

How Much Does Vollure Lip Augmentation Typically Cost?

Vollure lip augmentation typically costs $750 – $1,500 on average. Cost depends on factors like number of syringes needed, provider fees, location, degree of enhancement desired, and any additional facility or follow-up charges. 

As a cosmetic treatment, Vollure is paid fully out-of-pocket by patients. Your final cost depends on several factors:

  1. Number of syringes required – Most patients need 1-2 syringes to achieve their desired lip enhancement, with more significant augmentation requiring more syringes.
  2. Provider fees – More experienced injectors and those in metro areas tend to charge higher prices. Provider technique also affects how much product is required.
  3. Geographic location – Vollure costs more in major cities and coastal regions compared to rural areas.
  4. Extent of enhancement desired – More subtle shaping may require less than one full 1 mL syringe for you. Significant augmentation often needs multiple syringes.
  5. Additional facility, follow-up, or ancillary service fees – Some practices charge separately for the injection procedure, follow-up visits, numbing, etc.

Unfortunately, cosmetic treatments like Vollure are not covered by insurance. Patients must pay the full cost out-of-pocket according to Dr. Soni. That said, many practices offer payment plans or periodic specials to make this worthwhile lip enhancement more affordable.

How Long Do Vollure Lip Augmentation Results Typically Last?

On average, Vollure lasts between 15-18 months when properly injected into your lips and surrounding areas. One of the major advantages of Vollure filler is its longevity for lip enhancement.

This is significantly longer lasting than other hyaluronic acid lip fillers, which tend to dissipate between 6-12 months. Vollure’s smooth Vycross formula makes the results more durable while still feeling soft and natural for you.

However, certain factors influence how long Vollure lasts:

FactorEffect on Vollure Longevity
Treatment AreaLess mobile areas like marionette lines may last slightly longer than active areas like lips. But Vollure lasts well in dynamic lip area.
Amount InjectedMore filler and product used typically equals longer-lasting results.
MetabolismYounger patients with faster metabolisms absorb filler quicker.
Provider TechniquePrecise injection technique leads to more durable filler integration.

While individual longevity varies, the 18-month average duration for Vollure lip enhancement makes results quite durable compared to other fillers. Maintenance touch-up injections can help sustain your Vollure lip results over time as per Dr. Soni’s advice.

What is the Recommended Time Between Vollure Lip Filler Treatments?

The recommended time between Vollure lip filler treatments is at least 2 weeks. Only consider any touch-up or follow-up treatments after that. This allows time for the filler to fully integrate into your delicate lip tissue and for any bruising to resolve.

Rushing back in for more Vollure too soon could potentially increase side effects or unevenness in your lips. You’ll also get a better sense of your actual results after letting the filler settle for 2 weeks post-treatment.

In most cases, Dr. Soni finds that patients are satisfied with the level of enhancement from just a single Vollure treatment. But some may elect to have a touch-up 4-6 weeks later if desiring more volume or shaping in certain areas of their lips or mouth.

For maintaining results long-term, Dr. Soni recommends the ideal time between follow-up or maintenance Vollure injections is typically 9-15 months for patients. This sustains lip fullness while allowing adequate time between treatments for tissue recovery.

It’s important not to overfill your lips with repeated injections too soon according to our experiencei. Be patient and follow your provider’s guidance on optimal timing between Vollure treatments for beautiful, subtle enhancement over time.

How Long Should You Expect Initial Vollure Lip Enhancement Results to Last?

While Vollure lip enhancement results are visible right after treatment, it’s important to be patient during the first 2-4 weeks while the filler integrates and settles completely. Here’s what to expect regarding duration:

  • Results are instantly visible after the injections, but there will likely be some temporary swelling and possibly bruising.
  • Within 2-5 days, most swelling and bruising improve and your lips start taking shape.
  • Maximum results become apparent around 2-4 weeks post-treatment as inflammation and swelling resolve fully.
  • When properly injected, Dr. Soni finds that Vollure smooth gel filler results can last up to 18 months on your lips and surrounding areas.
  • Follow-up maintenance Vollure injections help sustain enhancement results over time according to Dr. Soni.

It takes a bit of time for Vollure to completely settle into your thin lip tissue and integrate with your natural anatomy. Avoiding irritants and strenuous activity during the first 2 weeks helps optimal results fully develop. 

How Should I Prepare for Juvederm Vollure Lip Injections?

lip filler treatment

To prepare for Juvederm Vollure lip injections, avoid blood thinners like aspirin and alcohol for 1-2 weeks beforehand, take arnica and vitamin C supplements to reduce bruising, stay hydrated, and moisturize lips with balm. 

A consultation to review goals and medical history is key for optimal, customized Vollure treatment.

1. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation with your injector discuss your goals and determine if Vollure is suitable for you.

Your full medical history will also be reviewed during the consult to ensure it is safe for you to receive Vollure injections. Understanding your anatomy and objectives enables customized treatment.

2. Avoid Certain Medications

Avoid blood thinning medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil for 1-2 weeks beforehand. Dr. Soni advises that these can increase bleeding and bruising risk from the injections.

Also avoid herbal supplements that may thin the blood, like vitamin E, gingko, and garlic.

3. Take Recommended Supplements

Take supplements like arnica, bromelain, and vitamin C for several days before treatment.

Dr. Soni finds these can help reduce potential bruising and swelling after Vollure injections in some patients.

4. No Alcohol

Avoid alcohol intake for at least 24 hours before your appointment. Alcohol can increase bleeding and bruising tendencies.

5. Hydrate and Moisturize

Hydrate well by drinking plenty of water leading up to your treatment. Well-hydrated lips are ideal.

Use a moisturizing lip balm on your lips to keep them soft and conditioned before injections.

Showcase more beautifully contoured lips through Dr. Soni’s expert lip filler artistry. His custom approach shapes lips for a graceful, natural enhancement with subtle volume. Schedule your Vollure consultation today!

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