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Vanquish vs. CoolSculpting: Which Works Better For The Inner And Outer Thighs?

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A body contouring procedure like Vanquish or CoolSculpting has become the cosmetic treatment of choice for patients looking to get rid of fatty tissue in only one to two treatments. These non-surgical and non-invasive alternatives to liposuction and plastic surgery can get rid of stubborn fat cells with half the treatment time, allow you to resume your daily activities, and fit into a busy schedule without the usual cost, energy, or effort you’d normally expect. These treatments can shave off precise amounts of fat from your body, even on normally tricky areas like the thighs.

So which is the better option between Vanquish or CoolSculpting for inner and outer thigh fat removal? Both of them can shave off those last few inches from your skin, but CoolSculpting treatments offer far more versatility when removing the fat cells in those hard-to-reach areas. While both of them still have the same effects, people looking to treat the inner and outer thighs specifically will benefit more from CoolSculpting treatments.

Vanquish vs. CoolSculpting

Vanquish and CoolSculpting are both examples of non-invasive treatments that work on reducing fat deposits underneath your skin. The techniques used in each treatment have some similarities, with the most significant one being that they don’t require any incisions, injections, or penetrating the surface layer of your skin in any way to get to the fatty cells underneath.

Here is a brief explanation of the differences between the two:


Vanquish uses a radiofrequency device to deliver precise amounts of heat energy to your skin, which causes cell death in the fat cells underneath. Over time, these destroyed fat cells are removed by your body, which results in an overall reduction of fat without involving invasive fat removal procedures.

This radiofrequency energy doesn’t just cause fat destruction: it can also aid with collagen production as a skin tightening treatment. Since hot temperatures can stimulate collagen activity, getting Vanquish treatments not only removes fat without leaving behind loose skin but can also improve the appearance of the skin overall.


In contrast, CoolSculpting treatments use intense cold – otherwise known as cryolipolysis – to freeze the fat underneath the skin. This causes the fat cells to break down from the inside, and they’re removed by the lymphatic system in the following weeks after your treatment.

CoolSculpting treatments are well-suited for removing more fat from a single treatment since the body’s response to cold temperatures is to burn the repositories of fat to keep itself warm. Combined with the fat destruction caused by the CoolSculpting treatment, this pushes you to lose more fat overall even if you only get one to two treatments.

Why CoolSculpting Is Better For Thighs

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So what exactly makes CoolSculpting the ideal fit for inner and outer thigh fat? One significant advantage that CoolSculpting has over Vanquish treatment is that the handheld device used for CoolSculpting can be customized with different applicators depending on the fat that needs to be removed.

While this can depend on whether or not your provider has the appropriate applicator, you generally have more options to make the fat removal process more precise when you choose CoolSculpting. Between CoolAdvantage, CoolFit, and CoolSmooth applicators, patients have the freedom to shape their thighs the way that they want, down to the last few inches.

This is also because CoolSculpting works better on areas with “pinchable” fat, like the thighs. Vanquish treatments work better on larger areas that have more loose skin. But thigh fat is often firmer and smaller, so the effects of Vanquish treatments won’t be as noticeable or as effective.

Before Your CoolSculpting Session: Things To Remember

So now that you’ve decided on CoolSculpting as your treatment for removing thigh fat, what should you keep in mind before your actual treatment? Fortunately, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat removal treatment, so you don’t need a lot of preparation before you get it. While your provider can give you a clearer idea of what to expect and what to do before your treatment, there are some general things you can keep in mind:

  • Keep yourself 5 to 10 pounds within your target weight
  • Check if you have an active outbreak or a skin condition on the treated area
  • Avoid certain medications like aspirin to reduce the risk of side effects
  • Ask your provider if any supplements or dietary choices can affect the immediate results of your treatment
  • Go for a checkup with your primary care doctor to see if any adverse reactions may occur
  • Create a dietary and exercise plan to follow after your treatment
  • Make sure that your skin is well-taken care of before and after treatments

In general, getting CoolSculpting treatments are meant to be a simple and quick process, especially since you usually only need one treatment. You also don’t have to worry about the duration of results after your treatment session, as the effects of CoolSculpting treatments are usually permanent. Unless you experience drastic weight gain – in which case CoolSculpting may be used again – your body will retain the contours long after your procedure.

Get Non-Invasive Skin Treatment And Fat Reduction With Ethos Spa NJ

The technology behind Vanquish and CoolSculpting treatments offers the same benefit for patients: a non-invasive procedure to get rid of fat cells, and a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. However, it’s the small differences in how each procedure works, the device used in the treatment, and the kinds of fat that they work on which help edge out CoolSculpting as the best choice for fat reduction in the inner and outer thighs.

If you’re looking for skin tightening or fat reduction treatments, visit the Ethos Spa today. We can help you with a personalized treatment plan to get the body that you’ve always wanted, with comfortable and effective treatment sessions. Combined with our experience in cosmetic treatments, you can rely on us as a partner in your beauty journey. To learn about which body contouring treatment or cosmetic procedure is the best fit for you, get in touch with us today.

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