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Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Affect Fertility?

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Laser hair removal is a relatively painless way of removing hair semi-permanently. However, because it involves lasers, most people still have reservations about this hair removal method, especially if it’s done in sensitive areas such as the bikini area.

But can Brazilian laser hair removal treatment affect fertility? No, it doesn’t affect fertility. The laser light technology of this method will only affect the superficial layers of your skin up to the root of the hair follicles, which means that it doesn’t penetrate further to have any effect on any of your organs.

Will a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment Affect Fertility?

Brazilian laser hair removal is a safe way to effectively remove unwanted hair growth in the bikini area. Unlike other treatments, Brazilian laser hair removal targets unwanted hair growth more efficiently as the lasers also address ingrown hair. 

While most people are concerned about the radiation emitted by laser beam technology, in reality, laser hair removal only affects the surface of your skin up to the hair follicle. However, Brazilian laser hair removal still has side effects, especially if you have poorly prepared for it or lacked sufficient knowledge of the best practices for aftercare.

Why Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Affect Fertility

Treatments of Brazilian laser hair removal work by using laser light technology in targeting pigmentation to remove each hair follicle from the root. This reduces the foundation for stable hair regrowth in the area, thus causing a semi-permanent result.

This laser wavelength technology only affects the hair follicle per se and doesn’t do any damage to your pores or skin tissue surrounding it. So if it only affects the top layers of the skin, most especially the hair follicle, then it wouldn’t have any radiating effect on the organs and skin tissue beneath the treated area. Despite this, there are still reservations as to the safety of having the treatment during pregnancy.

In general, Brazilian hair removal treatment doesn’t have any effect on your organs and your fertility. If you’re having issues with fertility or ovaries once you’ve had even a single Brazilian laser hair treatment, you might want to consult with a gynecologist. Your ovarian condition may be caused by other factors that aren’t related to this hair removal treatment.

Safety of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Just like any other hair removal treatments and skin treatments, Brazilian laser hair removal still has risks and side effects but none of which includes infertility or ovarian conditions. For instance, Brazilian hair removal methods may work best for individuals who have lighter skin color and dark hair. 

This is because laser hair removal targets dark pigmentation, so if you have dark skin color then your laser hair removal session may be more painful than if you had lighter skin. Consequently, if you have light-colored hair, then the laser technician may have a harder time eliminating your hair follicles.

In general, Brazilian laser hair reduction sessions are relatively painless and low risk, but individuals with sensitive skin may feel a slight pinching sensation. In summary, he following are the common side effects of this hair removal method:

  • Mild swelling
  • Scarring and Skin crusting
  • Stimulation of hair growth
  • Redness or slight redness and temporary irritation
  • Changes in skin texture or skin pigmentation

Additionally, there are limited studies supporting the safety of having Brazilian laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy, but that’s not to say that this method is totally unsafe. However, Brazilian hair removal is commonly discouraged anytime during the course of pregnancy.

How to Get The Best Results From Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the only method that does a great job at removing body hair without causing pain or discomfort. Laser light technology removes hair up to the hair follicles which reduces hair regrowth and causes a semi-permanent result.

Brazilian laser hair removal produces smoother skin than waxing and other hair removal methods with long-term hair reduction benefits. But to get the best results from your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, you need to seek the services of qualified laser hair removal technicians. 

Keeping in mind the important instructions before and after your treatment session can also significantly enhance the results.

1) Choose The Right Aesthetic Provider

Brazilian laser hair removal is generally safe, but it doesn’t mean that it can be performed by an unlicensed or unqualified individual. Your laser technician or aesthetic provider matters. Laser hair removal treatment sessions are usually scheduled and it’s not only performed once. So your provider requires sufficient knowledge to come up with a reliable assessment to create a laser hair removal treatment plan that best suits you.

The hair removal treatment may be a different experience for those with a darker skin tone and lighter hair color, but going to the right laser center to be treated by a qualified laser technician or aesthetic provider can help reduce any pain. These qualified providers can adjust the laser heat to improve your experience and ease feelings of discomfort.

Aside from that, the technology used also matters. Always check for service reviews (i.e, testimonials) or contact the aesthetic provider to check if they use state-of-the-art and updated laser hair removal technology to perform the hair removal treatment.

2) Take Note of Pre-Treatment Instructions

Before you have your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, always do due diligence to know how to best prepare for it. The following are required to be taken note of when preparing for your Brazilian laser hair removal:

  • Shave a day before your treatment so that laser energy can get directly to them and avoid excessive heat from getting into your skin.
  • Don’t do any exfoliating, waxing, or tweezing on the treatment area before your Brazilian laser hair removal session.
  • Maintain basic hygiene by taking a shower before you have your unwanted hair removed.
  • Make sure to bring extra clothes that are loose to be worn after the treatment session.

3) Follow Aftercare Treatment Instructions

If it’s your first time getting a Brazilian laser hair removal, then you may want to ask your aesthetic provider for some aftercare tips to reduce any risks and side effects. Get the best out of your Brazilian laser hair removal session by taking note of the following post-treatment instructions:

  • Apply ice to reduce burning sensations
  • Apply topical antibiotic medication recommended by your provider
  • Don’t apply any other hair removal options in the treatment area (i.e, waxing or topical hair removal medication)
  • Don’t apply pressure or friction on the treatment area
  • Exfoliate gently as recommended by your provider
  • Avoid exposure to heat for at least 2 months to reduce skin irritation and redness

Safe and Painless Laser Hair Removal at Ethos Med Spa

Brazilian laser hair removal treatment only affects hair follicles when removing excess hair or unwanted body hair, so you don’t have to be worried about the procedure affecting your fertility. For symptoms of ovarian conditions that appeared after your hair removal sessions, have yourself checked by a gynecologist.

Choosing the right laser center for your aesthetic needs is important to avoid any adverse effects that you may experience after your Brazilian laser hair removal session. At Ethos Spa, we offer safe, affordable, and effective semi-permanent hair removal, hair reduction, waxing, and body hair removal laser treatment procedures that suit all kinds of skin types, hair colors, and skin tones. We also offer other types of skin treatments that may help with your aesthetic needs.

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