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woman who has many tattoos her back

Do Your Tattoos Hold You Back?

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Over the years, tattoos have moved more into the mainstream, but in the business world, tattoos are often still seen as a detriment to your professional image. A visible tattoo may be holding you back in your career.

Recently, Victoria Beckham, celebrity and fashion designer, has been rumored to have been undergoing laser tattoo removal of her visibile tattoos on her arms and wrists. It’s speculated that her reasoning is she believes her ink is holding back her credibility in business.

Her husband, soccer star David Beckham was also recently quoted as saying he wouldn’t want his children to get tattoos, although they are already expressing a desire.

While the Beckhams both work in the entertainment fields, where the self-expression of tattoos is generally par for the course, the modern office workplace still shows some prejudice against tattoos and visible ink.

The Economist quotes a study by the University of Scotland that says when hiring managers are shown 2 equally qualified candidates, the job-seeker with visible tattoos is routinely identified as the less desirable candidate.

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