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How Many Units Is Needed for Botox Lip Flip to Get the Best Results?

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Lip augmentation is a great way to add that final touch to your look, and with all the top celebrities now getting in the lip game, lip augmentation is becoming more popular than ever. But a new lip trend has picked up steam over the last few years – instead of just lip fillers, patients are now asking for the Botox lip flip, where Botox is used to create the illusion of fuller and sexier lips.

So how many units of Botox are used when to get the ideal Botox lip flip? Patients can expect up to 10 units of Botox with every Botox lip flip to achieve the full, maximum volume look. Compared to other Botox procedures in the face, that’s not too much Botox, making the Botox flip one of the more affordable and quicker Botox treatments.

What is a Botox Lip Flip?

A majority of lip augmentation procedures are typically done with hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Popular examples of these fillers include Restylane, Vollure, Volbella, and Juvéderm.

Botox has traditionally been used to freeze up the muscles underneath the face, for the purpose of erasing wrinkles by relaxing the skin-deep micro-muscles causing them; on the other hand, fillers have been used to plump up and add volume to the lips and face.

But a recent trend that has been making the rounds over the last few years is the Botox lip flip, in which Botox is used to magnify the lip pout, either alone or with the help of certain fillers.

How exactly does this work? The Botox flip flips the lip line outward, forcing the lip to subtly roll out, creating the illusion of a sexier and more voluminous pout. The mouth is encircled by a muscle called the orbicularis oris. The tightness from this muscle keeps our lips held in place, even when we are naturally relaxed.

By injecting the top half of the mouth’s muscle with Botox, the muscle holding the upper lip relaxes, loosening its hold on the upper lip. This allows the upper lip to slightly roll upward, creating the illusion of it being more defined and voluminous. Patients who undergo this procedure also benefit from secondary benefits of Botox around the mouth – the erasure of the vertical lip lines above the upper lip.

Lip Flip Botox VS Lip Filler: Which Should I Get?

With the Botox lip flip growing in popularity, patients now regularly ask whether they should go for the lip flip or the more traditional filler procedure. The choice is really up to you, because unless you only have the budget for one procedure, it’s not one or the other. In fact, there is nothing stopping you from getting both procedures for the fullest effect.

You have to think about the way both procedures work. Both procedures add to your overall look of a pouty and full pair of lips. Lip fillers do this by literally adding volume and plump to your lips with the hyaluronic acid-based injectables.

On the other hand, the Botox lip flip is more of an illusion – the Botox injection makes the lip look bigger by relaxing the orbicularis oris muscle, forcing the lip to flip outward. While the Botox lip flip is definitely not as much of a dramatic lip augmentation as the lip filler, it’s a great option for those who want something more on top of their filler, or just want a slight, subtle adjustment to their lips.

Both procedures are absolutely safe and wear off several months after the procedure. This means that if you aren’t happy with the results, they naturally disappear in a few months; if you do like them, a simple touch-up treatment every few months will keep them going on for as long as you like.

How Many Units of Botox Does it Take to Flip Your Lips?

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Now we come to the important question: just how much Botox do you need for the so-called Botox lip flip? This procedure requires roughly 10 units of Botox, sometimes less. This is because the treated area is very small compared to other uses of Botox on the face.

Here’s a quick comparison of the number of Botox units required for various injections around the face:

Injection AreaAverage Units of Botox
Frown lines25
Crow’s eyes12
Lip lines6
Lip flip10

As for the number of lip injections required to administer 10 units of Botox during a Botox lip flip procedure, this depends on the type of Botox used by the doctor. The number of units of Botox per syringe depends on how diluted the Botox is, so it can be hard to say an exact number.

However, patients can expect anywhere from 3-6 injections of Botox during the typical procedure. Consult your doctor before your procedure to understand everything you want to know.

Lip Flipping Round-Up

Where is the lip flip injected: Above the upper lip, to relax the top half of the orbicularis oris muscle that surrounds the mouth.

How much does the flip cost: Prices vary depending on your location and the expertise of your doctor. You do not want to have any Botox injected by a doctor or spa with little expertise and unknown history.

Is a lip flip better than lip fillers: Both procedures work towards augmenting the look of your lips, but the Botox lip flip is more of an illusion while lip fillers literally augment the size of your lips. If you are looking for dramatic results, lip fillers would be best for you; if you want a subtler change or something to add on top of your lip fillers, the Botox flip fits the bill perfectly.

Have Your Botox Lip Flip and More Done at Ethos Spa Today

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With a procedure where you can be done and out in just 20 minutes, the Botox lip flip is a great way to give your lips that extra touch and sparkle a few days before any big date or event coming up. And like with any Botox procedure, you never want your Botox injected by an amateur, or else you add tons of unwanted risk to your experience.

At Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness in Summit, New Jersey, we are proud to call ourselves the premier Botox providers in all of New Jersey. We have helped countless patients with Botox injections, lip fillers, and more.

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