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Lip Flip with Fillers

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Achieve a Subtle Yet Striking Look

At Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness, we leverage artistic eye and technical skill to perform lip flip procedures that beautifully enhance patients’ smiles. 

This increasingly popular minimally invasive treatment subtly reshapes the upper lip using dermal filler injections along the vermilion border. When performed by an expert aesthetic physician like Dr. Hardik Soni, a lip flip can deliver transformative yet natural-looking results.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a lip flip with filler. We’ll discuss how it works, ideal candidates, the procedure, results timeline, cost, side effects, combinations with other treatments, finding the right provider, and FAQs.

How Does a Lip Flip Work?

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A lip flip relies on precise injections of hyaluronic acid fillers along the upper lip’s vermilion border. This is the sharp demarcation between the lighter skin of the lip and the surrounding facial skin.

The filler adds subtle volume to flip the upper lip upwards by everting (flipping out) the orbicularis oris muscle. This muscle allows us to purse and pucker our lips. With a lip flip, the lip’s border angles up for a more defined yet understated cupid’s bow.

This also reveals more of the upper front teeth, reducing a gummy smile. The effect is a pleasantly plump lip with a delicate lift that looks like a miniature lip augmentation. Unlike lip fillers that target the body of the lips themselves, a lip flip focuses solely on the upper vermilion border.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Lip Flip?

Ideal lip flip candidates include:

  • Those with a gummy smile who wish to subtly show less gum and more upper lip. This minimal enhancement is optimal for slight cosmetic gum issues.
  • Individuals seeking a delicate lip lift without much augmentation or volume. The flip adds definition versus significant fullness.
  • Patients who want to balance facial proportions or bring attention to the cupid’s bow.
  • People desiring a non-surgical lip lift alternative that carries less risk and downtime than a surgical procedure.
  • Those looking to complement lip filler for added definition and eversion. A flip can boost results from lip augmentation.
  • Anyone wishing to soften the appearance of smoker’s lines around the upper lip. The filler can reduce these etched wrinkles.
  • Individuals with mild age-related lip ptosis seeking a subtle rejuvenating lift. Drooping upper lips can gradually occur with aging.
  • Patients wanting to subtly enhance the cupid’s bow without obvious lip injections. The effects are understated yet visible.
  • Those desiring subtle perioral rejuvenation to refresh the upper lip and philtrum.
  • Anyone seeking temporary enhancement who may not yet want to commit to lip implants.

Lip flip patients should have reasonable expectations for the technique’s subtle effects. While transformative in the right hands, a flip does not drastically change your appearance, flip the entire lip, or act as a full surgical lip lift.

Dr. Soni ensures prospective patients understand the modest enhancements possible before proceeding. An in-person consultation is ideal for evaluating candidacy.

How is a Lip Flip Procedure Performed?

At Ethos, we implement strict protocols for safe, effective lip flip procedures yielding beautiful results. Here is what you can expect:

  • Anesthesia: We use an FDA-approved topical numbing cream for a comfortable injection experience. For added relaxation, oral sedation may also be offered.
  • Hygiene: The lip area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Sterile technique is adhered to for your health and safety.
  • Injection technique: Using an ultrafine needle, our skilled providers will strategically inject tiny amounts of smooth hyaluronic acid filler along the upper lip’s vermilion border. The filler everts the orbicularis muscle to evert the lip edge.
  • Touch-ups: Additional microdroplets of filler may be injected to optimize lip angle, definition, and proportions for a balanced final result.
  • Check and review: Our expert providers will have you sit up to review your refreshed lip profile. Further touch-ups are performed if needed to accomplish your aesthetic goals.
  • Aftercare: We provide thorough verbal and written aftercare instructions for achieving optimal results. Follow up appointments may assess progress and need for maintenance injections.

In skilled hands like Dr. Soni’s, a lip flip requires an average of 1-2 syringes of subtle filler. The entire appointment typically takes 30 minutes or less. You can then return refreshed to your day with minimal downtime.

What is Recovery Like After a Lip Flip?

Lip flip recovery is quick and comfortable compared to surgery. Here’s what to expect:

  • Immediate results: Effects are visible right away, although swelling can initially distort them.
  • Swelling: Some moderate lip swelling, firmness, bruising, or redness is normal for 2-3 days following injections.
  • Return to normal activity: Most patients feel fine returning to regular routines immediately after. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for 24 hours.
  • Duration of results: With optimal filler maintenance, lip flip results can last 6-12 months. Initial results are temporary as filler gradually absorbs.
  • Follow up appointment: After 2 weeks, we recommend scheduling a follow up to assess your enhancement and need for touch-ups.
  • Maintenance injections: Periodic top-up appointments every 6-12 months will sustain your refreshed lip profile long-term.

With Dr. Soni’s expert technique, lip flips require minimal downtime for rapid real-world results. Proper aftercare also optimizes your outcome.

What Results Can I Expect From a Lip Flip?

In the right provider’s capable hands, a lip flip can produce refined yet understated enhancement. The average results patients can expect include:

  • Subtle lift: The upper lip edge angles up just enough to reduce a gummy smile. The lift is modest, not drastic.
  • Everted vermilion: The lip border subtly flips out and up for enhanced definition of the cupid’s bow.
  • Smoothed profile: Wrinkles and smoker’s lines along the upper lip become less noticeable.
  • Upper teeth exposure: 1-2mm more of the upper front teeth show with a relaxed lip. The gumline exposure is reduced.
  • Balanced proportions: A flip can better align the upper lip with the lower lip and surrounding facial features.
  • Plumping effect: While not the focus, some added fullness along the vermilion border can sharpen the lip line.
  • Rejuvenated look: The lip regains a refreshed, youthful contour for a subtle anti-aging effect.
  • Natural enhancement: The changes should always retain a natural appearance if performed by a specialist like Dr. Soni.

The lip flip results emerge gradually over 2-4 weeks as swelling subsides. While understated, the enhancements make a noticeable yet natural difference patients appreciate.

How Much Does a Lip Flip Cost?

The cost of a lip flip primarily depends on:

  • The provider’s expertise: Top specialists command higher fees for their advanced skills and artistic vision. This ensures optimal results.
  • Amount of filler required: Typically 1-2 syringes treat most lips, costing $600-$1200. More significant volume loss may require additional syringes.
  • Filler type: Hyaluronic acids like Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero balance safety and effectiveness for lip flips. These cost $500-800 per syringe.
  • Anesthesia fees: Topical numbing creams average around $65. Oral sedation costs $150-300.
  • Location: Practices in major metro areas tend to charge higher prices.
  • Boosted doctor’s fee: Some practices charge a few hundred dollars in supplemental doctor’s fees for lip procedures.
  • Follow-up appointments: Periodic maintenance touch-ups average $400-$800 every 6-12 months.

Overall, expect an investment of approximately $900-$1500 to start for a quality lip flip. Optimal results and longevity come from choosing a top injector rather than bargain shopping. This ensures the most refinement from each syringe.

Are There Any Side Effects or Risks?

When performed correctly by an expert injector, lip flips have minimal risks and side effects. These may include:

  • Temporary swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness around injection sites.
  • Potential unevenness or asymmetry if filler distribution becomes imbalanced. Skillful technique prevents this.
  • If severely over-injected, an unnatural, “duck-like” appearance. Conservative doses by an expert provide natural results.
  • Very small risk of infection at injection sites. Proper sterilization technique minimizes this.
  • Tiny risk of allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid filler. We screen patients’ allergy history to avoid this.
  • Potential but rare risk of vascular occlusion from intravascular filler injection. This can compromise blood flow and require hyaluronidase treatment.
  • Possibility of dissatisfaction with the results if a non-specialist performs the flip. Managing patient expectations is key.
  • Need for periodic maintenance injections and associated costs to sustain improvements.

Choosing an acclaimed injector like Dr. Soni greatly mitigates these risks. He uses meticulous injection methods and conservative filler amounts for beautiful, understated outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

Can a Lip Flip Be Combined With Other Procedures?

A lip flip pairs well with other facial rejuvenation treatments for enhanced, synergistic effects. Popular combinations include:

With Lip Fillers

Strategically adding a lip flip to traditional lip injections can further define, support, and lift the VERMILION BORDER for more pronounced augmentation effects. The dual procedures complement each other beautifully.

With Botox Lip Flip

Botox can provide a temporary lip flip by relaxing the orbicularis muscle. However, HA filler creates a more lasting, molded effect. 

With Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

A lip flip’s proportion-enhancing effects complement those of non-surgical nose jobs using dermal fillers. Together, they can harmonize the mid and lower face.

With Chin Filler

Chin filler adds projection, while a lip flip provides lift. Combining the two can achieve a facially slimming effect.

With Jawline Contouring

A lip flip balances upper facial rejuvenation from jawline contouring using neuromodulators or filler for a complete transformation.

With Non Surgical Facelift

HA filler facelifts can restore facial volume and contours. A lip flip provides targeted rejuvenation of the upper mouth area to finish the refreshed look.

Dr. Soni frequently combines treatments for maximized improvements tailored to patients’ unique facial aesthetics and beauty goals. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

How Do I Find the Right Lip Flip Provider?

Choosing an expert lip flip specialist is the most crucial step for stunning outcomes. We recommend selecting a board-certified facial plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist like Dr. Soni. Warning signs of an under qualified provider include:

  • No specific injectable filler training, certification, or membership in expert societies like the AACS.
  • Limited experience specifically performing lip flips. Ask to see before/after photos of their work.
  • Offering discounts or Groupons. Quality filler work requires specialized skill that cannot be discounted.
  • Hard-selling add-ons. Reputable doctors make recommendations based on your individual needs.
  • Unrealistic expectations set about potential results. A true specialist will educate on realistic outcomes.
  • Office staff making injecting decisions rather than the doctor.

FAQs About Lip Flip with Filler 

Can a lip flip replace actual lip fillers?

No, a lip flip does not significantly augment or volumize the lips. It is ideal for subtly enhancing the upper lip border versus the fullness of the lips themselves. For plumping and volume, standard lip injections are required.

Does a lip flip procedure hurt?

Patients report little to no pain during the procedure thanks to effective numbing creams. Any discomfort felt is mild. Dr. Soni also checks in regularly on your comfort.

How long does a lip flip last?

A lip flip’s effects gradually resolve over 6-12 months as the smooth hyaluronic acid filler slowly absorbs. Maintenance injections every 6-12 months can sustain your refreshed lip profile.

Can a lip flip be reversed if I don’t like it?

Yes, hyaluronidase dissolving enzyme can safely break down and remove HA filler if you are unsatisfied with your lip flip results. This quickly restores your original lip anatomy with no lasting effects.

Can I combine a lip flip with lip plumping gloss or makeup?

Absolutely. A lip flip lays the ideal foundation for makeup and lip plumping products to further amplify your results. Take your new lip profile to the next level.

Will a lip flip negatively affect my lips long term?

When properly injected by a specialist like Dr. Soni, a conservative lip flip will not cause permanent changes or damage your lip tissue. Effects are temporary and reversible.

Can I get a lip flip if I have no dental fillings or implants?

Yes, you can safely receive a lip flip without any dental work present. The injections only interact with the soft lip tissue, not teeth or implants.

Will lip filler stretching after a lip flip cause the effects to disappear faster?

Some mild settling of the lifted lip edge is normal in the first 2 weeks as swelling resolves. Avoid exaggerated lip movements during this time. Proper technique prevents extreme dispersion.

Can I combine a lip flip with lip Botox for total lip rejuvenation?

Yes, the two services work synergistically. Botox relaxes the muscle for reduced smoker’s line wrinkling, while filler everts and lifts the edge. Combination treatments are popular.

Will a lip flip help reshape my asymmetrical lips?

If asymmetry is mild, strategic filler placement can help balance the lips. Marked asymmetry may benefit from additional options like lip implants. Discuss goals at your consultation.

Can I use lip plumping devices after getting a lip flip?

We recommend avoiding lip plumpers for 2 weeks after injections to allow proper healing first. Over-plumping too soon could disturb settling. After 2 weeks, lip plumping devices are fine based on comfort.

How old should I be to get a lip flip?

There is no definitive minimum age, but lip filler is best suited for fully developed lips in late adolescence/early adulthood. Individual factors determine maturity. Book a consultation to assess your needs.

Transform Your Smile with a Lip Flip at Ethos Aesthetics

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A lip flip offers understated yet impactful rejuvenation and can balance facial features beautifully. With an expert injector, it subtly lifts and defines the upper lip with no downtime. To determine if you could benefit from this rising treatment, schedule an appointment online or call us at (908) 628-1916. We look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Hardik Soni

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Dr. Hardik Soni is the founder and Medical Director of Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness. His primary focus is on minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures including botulinum injection (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse), laser hair removal, chemical peels, and laser skin rejuvenation. Dr. Soni believes in a more conservative approach and his first goal is education. Clients are able to determine the ideal treatments after discussion with Dr. Soni regarding the expected outcomes, cost, as well as risks.

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