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Ethos Spa Skin and Laser Center specializes in state of the art aesthetic treatments for clients in New Jersey and the nearby areas. We are dedicated to offering the safest and most effective of medi spa solutions ensuring beautiful and long-lasting results. We offer advanced med spa technologies and non-invasive treatments to enhance the look of your skin.

All of our cosmetic procedures are completed by board certified physicians who are highly trained & experienced who will create a personalized treatment plan specifically for you.

We are passionate about providing the medical aesthetics services that you need. From plastic surgery alternatives like body contouring and dermal fillers to massage therapy, PRP hair loss treatments, vein treatment, laser hair removal, and vaginal rejuvenation, Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center in NJ has the right solutions.

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What is Botox: Botulinum Toxins Defined


“Think of your skin as a piece of paper. The more you crinkle that paper, the more lines will be there.”

- Julie Russak, M.D., Dermatologist and Associate Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital

Botox (also known as Botulinum toxin), is a natural protein that is often used in skin rejuvenation treatment as medication. It is derived from a natural bacterium which is found in nature, in places such as forests, lakes, and within many mammals and fish.

Botox allows your facial muscles and muscles in other parts of the body to relax. Muscles that have been tense and taut for years find themselves de-stressed for the first time in years.

Unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and more vanish immediately, leaving behind soft and smooth skin. See the person you were a decade ago staring back at you in the mirror once more—let Botox bring the past back today.

Why Plastic Surgeons Recommend Botox


“It’s an extraordinarily safe drug.”

- Dr. Arthur Perry, M.D. and Associate Professor of Surgery at Columbia University

Botox NJ is one of the most effective means to take the stress off your face, in terms of pricing and surgical effort. Though Botox is referred to as a type of plastic surgery, no surgery is actually involved in the procedure, saving you the possibility of going under the knife.

This plastic surgery alternative solution allows you to step in and step out with little to no change to your daily routine. Never worry about losing time recovering from Botox injections; after a single treatment, you can expect to see results in just a few days, and these results could last for months (like a permanent makeup solution).

Botox can also help you in a variety of other ways. These include:

  • check
    Acne management
  • check
    Neck smoothening
  • check
    Lip lifts
  • check
    Chin and jawline softening
  • check
  • check
    Twitching eye treatment
  • check
    Nose job similarities
  • check
    Reduce excessive sweating
  • check
    And more

Botox Statistics:

The Truth Behind The Popular Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery


“Think of your skin as a piece of paper. The more you crinkle that paper, the more lines will be there.”

- Julie Russak, M.D., Dermatologist and Associate Professor at Mount Sinai Hospital

Thinking of getting Botox in New Jersey? You aren’t alone.
The numbers speak for themselves – the unwarranted stigma against Botox injections and related skin care products has finally gone, and more people than ever before are opting to take the life-changing injection.


More men are now getting Botox than in 2000

6.7 million

Botox procedures were performed in 2015 alone—the most common non-invasive plastic surgery procedure


More 20 to 29-year-olds are using Botox today than in 2010

Botox growth is unprecedented, and many plastic surgeons believe this rise to only continue.
Get your Botox NJ today—chances are, several people you know are already doing it.

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How Can Botox and Other Services Help You?

More and more New Jersey doctors are recommending Botox for a variety of issues. Time magazine recently called it “The Drug That’s Treating Everything”, and it’s no surprise why. NJ Botox has been found to help a number of issues—physically, mentally, and psychologically. To some, Botox is more than just an injection once every few months: it’s a renewed way of living life. Don’t let the appearance of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles scare you anymore.

At My Ethos Spa, we offer a number of Botox-related services, as well as other common cosmetic services.

Facial and Skin Care:
Botox Cosmetic Solutions

Facial care is the top usage of NJ Botox, as it can cure and remedy a number of facial issues you might have. These include frown lines, lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, forehead lines, crow’s feet, acne treatment for acne scars, and more. Seeing lines between the eyebrows? With our expert Botox treatments, never let age creep up on your face again.

Try our Botox NJ cosmetic solutions today, before going under the knife for more invasive plastic surgery procedures for issues such as cheek augmentation, eyelid surgery (eyelid lift), and more. Find happiness with your face without frown lines, simply: with Botox.

Botox NJ

Breast Augmentation

Breasts are often the source of much stress and anxiety, and oftentimes the only way to happiness seems to be breast surgery and breast implants. However, Botox is now here to help as an alternative for plastic surgery, as breasts are another area that patients routinely work on with just Botox injections. If you are unhappy with your breasts for whatever reason—breast asymmetry, breast reconstruction issues, breast reduction, breast lifts—breast surgery is no longer the only option available.

With a Botox breast augmentation injection, your breasts can be fuller and tighter in just a few days. Work on either breast or both, and finally achieve the symmetry and size that you always wish you had.

Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are often confused with Botox, and while both are substances injected into the body, they both work in different ways. There are brilliant distinctions between both products that allow them to work together.

As your body ages, you naturally lose subcutaneous fat around your face. This causes your face to lessen in fullness, which (along with stress) is one of the causes of crow’s feet and smiles lines, as it brings your facial muscles nearer to the surface of your face.

NJ Botox vs dermal fillers

Some of the issues dermal fillers can help include:

  • check
    Thin lips
  • check
    Shallow contours
  • check
    Facial creases
  • check
    Recessed scars
  • check
    Dark eyelids

Dermal fillers are used to give your face renewed plump, by filling in the spots where your youthful subcutaneous fat once existed. For those experiencing signs of aging at an early age, dermal fillers are a great way to replenish your youth.

Botox treats headaches

Excessive Sweating and Migraines

NJ Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating under the armpits or around the body. And if you regularly experience intense migraines, Botox has been known to reduce the pain and even completely prevent it.

Body Care

Age isn’t always kind to the body, and due to stress and other factors, we might not be as happy with our physical appearance as we could be. In some cases, even exercise and weight loss can’t solve these issues, leaving you feeling hopeless and defeated. But with modern cosmetic solutions, you no longer have to live with the body issues that bother you most.

At My Ethos Spa in New Jersey, we offer a number of top body care solutions to help you improve your lifestyle and enjoy your body once again.


These include:

  • check
    Thigh lift
  • check
    Cellulite Treatment
  • check
    Spider Vein
  • check
    Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • check
    Skin Resurfacing
  • check
    Arm Lifts
  • check
    Fat Transfer
  • check
    Body Contouring
  • check
    Neck Lift
  • check
    Body Lifts
  • check
    Skin Rejuvenation

Whether you need a complete mommy makeover or your first treatment, and say goodbye to those signs of aging today.

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The Botox Experience:

What To Expect Before and After Botox Injected

The Botox experience is simple and sweet, and is nothing to be afraid of. Our professionals in New Jersey begin by working to create a personalized treatment just right for you. You will be informed of what is happening along every step of the process, as your safety and comfort are our top concerns.

  • point
    The physician or physician assistant will first recommend the best options available to you after filling out the patient forms
  • point
    We will then prepare and administer Botox injections in a quick and painless process
  • point
    You will be advised the ideal post-treatment practices
  • point
    3 to 10 days after the injections of Botox, you will see the full results on the injected areas

We have a number of tips and helpful reminders to get you through that after-Botox care period in the ideal
manner. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Sit Up Afterwards:

It can be tempting to fall asleep right after a procedure, especially one that might have caused you stress, but sleeping right after a Botox injection can be risky. While asleep, you might roll over and press certain parts of your face. This might reduce some of the effectiveness of NJ Botox, as you might press the drug out of the right spot. It’s recommended to wait 3-4 hours before lying down.


Use Ice:

Ice is the go-to solution for any kind of swelling, and like other injections, Botox can occasionally cause swelling immediately after. By applying ice to the injection site (or the area of swelling), you can relieve yourself the initial discomfort. A cold compress will also work in these cases.


Stay Out of the Heat:

Make sure not to stay out in the heat right after your Botox injection, because heat on top of the added sensitivity on your skin right after your treatment can aggravate the injection site. Any side effects you or your facial wrinkles might experience will only be worsened by this heat irritation.


Don’t Touch!:

One of the first urges you will have after your treatment is to touch the injection area, but don’t! Messing with that area can cause potential hiccups in your recovery and in the long-term results, and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

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Botox Statistics:

The Truth Behind The Popular Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery


“I have noted that some people do report feeling happier following botox treatment. Once the face is set into a relaxed natural resting state, the mechanisms of the body behave differently and less stress response is created.”

- Dr. Frances Prenna Jones, Cosmetic Surgeon

While Botulinum toxin is widely used as a solution of aesthetic procedures, new research has found that the effects of Botox go beyond the skin. In fact, researchers have found that NJ Botox is also a great way to treat anxiety and depression.

According to Dr. Michael Prager, one of the leading Botox doctors in Europe, Botox can do wonders for those trapped in bad moods. “What most people appreciate about a botox treatment is that it makes them feel better, whether that's due to their perceived improved looks or changes in their neurology. The facial expressions creates the emotion, so if one cannot frown, one might not be able to feel sad or depressed."

Studies have found that patients administered with botox experience less sadness and anxiety than their peers. Scientists believe this is caused by botox injections freezing the face’s “grief muscles”.

Simply put, if you can’t frown, you might as well smile.

Breaking Down the Botox Myths:

Clearing Up the Facts

Myth: Botox is poisonous.

While Botox comes from the poisonous Botulism, the final strains that end up in Botox and similar non-invasive plastic surgery products are so tiny that there is no danger of getting poisoned.

Myth: You will look like plastic if you use Botox.

There are many horror stories online of celebrities looking like plastic mannequins, but many of these stories are outdated or not really caused by Botox at all. In fact, so many people now use Botox without anyone even realizing it.

Myth: Botox can permanently change your face.

This is untrue. Botox simply freezes the connection between your nerves, and this freezing lasts for about four to six months. The product will slowly be metabolized by your body and your nerves will regain function over time.

Myth: Botox is too expensive for the average person and is only accessible to celebrities.

This might have been true when it was first introduced to the public, but Botox is much more affordable and accessible these days, available at a variety of price ranges. Prices will also vary depending on the expertise and reputation of the nurses or doctors involved and the location of the office.

Myth: You can’t get Botox if you also have laser hair removal.

This is not true. Having laser hair treatment won’t irritate or bother any Botox in your system. Botox can even possibly make laser skin treatment less painful of an experience.

Myth: Botox has dangerous side effects.

Any dangerous or negative side effects that you might associate with Botox are due to inexperienced injectors or bad product. When applied correctly, Botox has virtually no negative side effects at all.

Note: There are patients who experience a kind of brain freeze right after the injection, but this pain will subside after just a few minutes.

Our Guarantee: Ask Us

We are committed towards giving you the best Botox experience you can get. For your assurance, we would like you to ask us or any other Botox injectors in Paramus, NJ, or Jersey City the following question. These questions will guarantee that you are informed of the expertise and talent of your injector.

  • point
    What are your qualifications?
  • point
    What brand do you use?
  • point
    Has this brand tested and researched this product extensively??
  • point
    What is the average experience of your patients? Can you show me before and after photos?
  • point
    What side effects might I experience?
  • point
    What are your after-care methods?

Before & After

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What Our Clients Say About Us*

Ethos Spa has become my go-to place for botox. A lot of my friends ask me what my secret is and none of the can tell it’s botox! For some reason, Ethos’ technique just makes it look effortless. The level of service they provide is amazing, plus they really make sure you know what you’re getting into so you get your money’s worth. Thank you so much!

Megan Stetzel

Dr. Sony I don’t even know how to thank you. I went through so many clinics and none of them convinced me to do botox until I went to you. This is an amazing birthday present for myself, looking forward to my 40th (or is it 20th? :D) birthday. Cheers x

Franka Anic

Always scared to do botox because of the horror stories I see online. But holy cow does my face look great. I feel more confident and happy with my appearance and that’s something money can’t pay for. Worth every penny. Happy beyond words

Jen Woodroff