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Bikini vs. Brazilian Wax: What’s the Difference?

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Hair removal in the intimate area is a priority when it comes to proper body grooming. There are many techniques to remove the hair down there, but waxing is an excellent way to ensure that the skin stays smooth. When choosing a specific type of waxing to go for, bikini and Brazilian waxing only seem like different names for the same process.

So what exactly is the difference between a bikini and Brazilian wax? The main difference between these two types is the coverage of hair removal – bikini wax removes hair at the sides and prevents them from peeking out of the bikini line while Brazilian wax leaves you bare in the front, sides, and back.

Choosing Between Bikini and Brazilian Wax

Hair removal in the intimate area is an important aspect of body grooming for two reasons – good hygiene and sexual attractiveness. According to a study published by JAMA Dermatology in 2016, around 84% of American women groom their pubic hair.

Waxing is a great hair removal option that guarantees a hairless intimate area for a few weeks. It’s a common beauty service that’s offered in most salons and some medspa clinics. This treatment leaves the skin feeling smooth and minimizes the risk of accidental cuts caused by shaving. There are many types of pubic hair waxing techniques, but the bikini and Brazilian wax are the most popular options.

Choosing between the bikini and Brazilian wax ultimately depends on the client’s budget and preference. For people who just want well-trimmed hairs down there, a bikini wax is a quick procedure that offers great results. But if you prefer to be naked as the day you were born, Brazilian wax gets the job done while leaving the skin smooth.

Bikini vs Brazilian Wax: A Closer Look

Bikini and Brazilian wax are two different waxing methods that are usually confused with each other. To find out which technique is the right pick for you, here is a detailed comparison between the two:

Bikini WaxThis method is a lot less painful than Brazilian wax because it only focuses on hair removal in the bikini line.A bikini wax is only effective if the hair near the bikini line is long enough. You need to wait for a few weeks before another bikini wax session.
Brazilian WaxBrazilian wax covers the entire pubic region – front, sides, and back.Some hair in the different areas may be hard to remove with wax, so expect some tweezing during the session.

How is it Done?

A bikini wax is the least invasive waxing option for women. Like the name implies, this waxing technique focuses on hair removal outside the bikini line. The hair on the sides and top of the pubic triangle are trimmed to create a neat look. This also prevents stray hairs on the front from accidentally peeking out when the client wears a bikini. Depending on the client’s preference, the estheticians leave out a patch of hair in different shapes, such as a triangle, a landing strip, or even a heart.

On the other hand, a Brazilian wax is popular among women because it leaves their intimate area up to the buttocks completely hairless. Leaving a different shape on top of the pubic area, such as a triangle, a landing strip or even a heart depends entirely on the client’s preference. The specialist may ask the client to open their legs or bend down in uncomfortable positions to ensure that all hairs are removed. It might involve some tweezing too if there are stubborn hairs that wax can’t get rid of.

How Painful is it?

Anything that involves waxing is bound to be painful – the hairs are ripped from the body after all. Women who tried both waxing techniques experienced almost the same amount of pain, but the good news is that frequent waxing sessions eventually got them used to the sensation. The hair typically grows softer and finer after every waxing session, which makes it easier for the esthetician to rip it with wax.

Irritation in their intimate area after a waxing session is also another common problem for many. It can be in the form of small bumps on the skin, an itchy groin, or redness and swelling in some parts. Most symptoms eventually disappear even without treatment, but there are tips and tricks to soothe the irritation like applying a cold compress or wearing loose clothes to prevent rubbing.

Whether you’re choosing bikini or Brazilian wax, it’s also essential to get it done at a trusted spa. Find an esthetician you’re comfortable with and build a rapport so that every waxing session becomes a lot more bearable.

Who is it for?

Since bikini wax doesn’t take off much of the hair, it’s the recommended choice for first-timers who aren’t comfortable with getting naked around a stranger. This type of waxing doesn’t require women to take off their underwear during the procedure.

For anyone who wants to get rid of all the hair down there, a Brazilian wax is the better choice. Although it is a painful procedure, clients are guaranteed that their skin becomes smoother. Unlike bikini waxing, clients are required to take off their panties during Brazilian waxing.

Whether you’re going for a bikini or Brazilian wax, it’s crucial to wait until the skin’s sensitivity returns to normal. Both waxing techniques are not recommended for women whose periods are ongoing or a few days away.

How Should I Prepare for it?

Waxing isn’t a treatment that you just decide to try on impulse. With bikini and Brazilian waxing that involves hair removal on the intimate area, the skin needs some preparation to minimize discomfort. Here are some of the best ways to prepare for the bikini or Brazilian waxing appointment:

  • Make sure that the hair is long enough for waxing.
  • Exfoliate the skin a day or two before the session to remove the dead skin cells around the hair follicles.
  • Wear loose clothing to prevent rubbing on the waxed area.
  • Take an Advil around 30-60 minutes before the appointment to minimize help with the pain.

What Type of Wax Does it Use?

The type of wax used in bikini waxing depends on the thickness of the hair in the intimate area, but most estheticians utilize hard waxes. This allows them to remove the coarse hair cleanly and precisely. Hard wax also acts as an exfoliator that reduces the chance of an irritated intimate area after the procedure.

Estheticians utilize both hard and soft wax for Brazilian waxing. They use hard wax on coarse hairs and reachable areas. Since soft waxes are more malleable, they’re better utilized in less accessible areas. Soft waxes also provide quick results and minimal tugging when done by an experienced esthetician.

How Much Does it Cost?

The exact prices for both bikini and Brazilian wax depending on the salon’s location and the wax used. On average, women pay around $30 to $35 for the traditional bikini wax while Brazilian wax cost around $50 to $120.

It’s tempting to get either of the waxing techniques done at a salon with cheaper rates, but it’s worth finding a reputable salon to get the job done. This allows you to prevent unpleasant experiences and possible complications after the procedure.

How Long Do I Need to Wait for the Next Session?

The next waxing session depends on how quick the growth cycle of the client’s pubic hair is. It may take a few weeks for the hair underneath the skin to become long enough for the wax to grasp and pull out.

Most clients return to get their intimate area waxed within 3-4 weeks. Frequent waxing sessions also affect the length of hair regrowth – waxing damages the follicles, causing some of the hairs to stop growing altogether.

Best Hair Removal Techniques at Ethos Spa

Here at Ethos Spa, we understand the importance of keeping the pubic hair groomed which is why we offer something better than waxing techniques – laser hair removal for bikini lines. Our state-of-the-art technology is a lot quicker and gentler than most grooming methods including waxing. This procedure precisely removes the hair in the intimate area without damaging the skin or the discomfort that waxing and shaving brings.

Learn more about the best hair removal techniques here at Ethos Spa by visiting our website now. Call us at (908) 628-1916 to book an appointment.

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