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When Is The Best Age To Start Botox?

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Botox injections in your 20's? Preventative Botox? If I wait to get botox when I'm older will my wrinkles require more maintenance? What is the best age to start botox injections? We have your answers below!

"I am in my late 20's - is it too early to start botox injections?"

The short answer is "No!" Some women(and men) start to see light furrows especially in the forehead area by mid to late 20's. Botox may be injected if the furrows are noticeable when the face is resting about once a year to keep them from progressing. If the furrows aren't too deep, using a retinol in the skin care routine can be helpful to keep them at bay.

"What is preventative botox?"

Preventative botox injections are recommended for men and women in their 30's who may be people who over exaggerate facial expressions without even knowing it. For example, frowners, smilers, squinters and eyebrow raisers. Using Botox in the areas of the face that are "wrinkled" more often can help keep the wrinkles from being etched into the skin. Usually we recommend seeing these types of patients every six months for best results.

"If I wait to get my first botox injection until I am older and the wrinkles are deeper will I need more maintenance?"

The answer for most patients who wait until after 40 to start getting botox injections is "Yes". Usually the patient will also need laser resurfacing, fillers and botox injections in more areas of the face. If the patient had come in just 5 years sooner, preventative botox could have been started and the wrinkles would not have had a chance to become deeper.

Still not sure if you should start botox injections? Give us a call and we can schedule a complimentary consultation and start a treatment program just for you. We can't wait to see you and uncover a younger you!

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