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What You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers For Men

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Contrary to popular belief, dermal fillers aren’t exclusively for women. Signs of skin aging can also be visible in men, and they can also have dermal filler injection treatments to restore their youthful glow and rejuvenate their skin. 

So what do dermal fillers do for men? Dermal fillers for men are used in the same problem areas that women have. Male patients may only differ when it comes to factors such as facial filler dosage and facial filler application, but injectable filler injections for men have little to no difference from dermal fillers for women.

Do Men Use Dermal Fillers

When speaking about dermal fillers, most people perceive them as a woman’s product. Men do have aesthetic goals too, which is why men can also use dermal fillers all over their faces to improve every facial feature and achieve their target look.

Dermal fillers are alternative treatments to facial plastic surgery and Botox cosmetic injections, which aims to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds. Currently, facial fillers are on the rise as men seek to slow the signs of skin aging and enhance every male facial feature.

Although facial fillers for men and women are generally the same, there are a few unique gender-specific considerations when it comes to treatments for the male face. First, there may be discrepancies in trends and preferences among men and women. It would be normal for more men to have a jawline filler treatment to improve their jawline features. 

In addition, men and women also differ in their facial anatomy so the approach is naturally also different. A plastic surgeon usually injects a more vicious, thicker filler to compensate for the denser skin and larger bone structure of a male patient.

While male patients want to strengthen their facial features and make them look more prominent, female patients go for a softer yet pronounced look, such as a defined chin or a higher nose bridge. The general approach to facial surgery for men would normally differ as men prefer to have a stronger look, like a chiseled jawline.

Dermal Fillers for Men: Why You Need It

There’s a need for men to look effortlessly enhanced and accentuate their facial areas. Other than facial wrinkles, male patients often opt to merely enhance their facial features and improve facial structure. Treatments of male patients usually result in a stronger and well-defined jaw and chin. 

There’s no harm in wanting the classic male features. Good thing that there are non-surgical alternatives such as facial fillers to achieve these enhancements that will result in a more attractive facial profile for men. Below are some reasons why you may need dermal fillers:

  • To volumize and lift the midface
  • To enhance nose shape
  • To restore a youthful look by addressing tear-trough areas
  • To eliminate eye bag circles and dark under eyes
  • To improve overall facial symmetry and facial proportions
  • To define a weak chin or jawline
  • To minimize deep facial wrinkles
  • To reduce superficial fine lines
  • To reduce jowls
  • Acne treatment for acne scars

Benefits of Dermal Filler Treatments for Men

Dermal filler treatment is a minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement that has many benefits in different aspects of the procedure. This is one of the most commonly recommended treatments by a plastic surgeon because of the following benefits:

  • Specifically tailored to your needs
  • Quick procedure with instant results
  • No downtime and recovery period
  • No incisions compared to cosmetic surgery
  • Eliminates facial lines (i.e, frown lines, marionette lines)
  • Enhances facial contour
  • Side effects after filler treatment sessions are mild
  • The risk of serious complications is rare
  • Temporary results which you can reverse or touch-up anytime

During the treatment procedure, a small cannula is used to apply the facial filler injection in the treatment area while keeping the treatment session as minimally invasive as possible. In addition, the treatment procedure usually takes up to 30 minutes to finish without any downtime or recovery period. After the treatment session, the following minimal side effects can be expected:

  • Swelling, tenderness, lumps, or bumps
  • Bruising, redness, or discoloration
  • Hives or nodules

Although dermal fillers normally take 2 weeks to settle, visible results can already be seen after the treatment session, depending on the kind of dermal filler injection applied to your face. Regular maintenance treatments will be scheduled as recommended by your plastic surgeon.

Who Can Have Male Dermal Filler Treatments

Every face is unique, so treatments may also vary from patient to patient. During a patient’s initial consultation with a certified plastic surgeon, they will be evaluated for their eligibility to have dermal filler injection treatment. Otherwise, more drastic alternatives such as facial plastic surgery will be recommended to them instead. Additionally, the following can have dermal fillers:

Best Dermal Fillers for Men

The types of facial fillers depend on the dermal filler substance. There are several dermal filler substances to define prominent male features of a male patient. Your plastic surgeon will decide on which is the best dermal filler substance to be used for your injectable treatment session. Below are the categories of dermal filler substances for effective cosmetic treatment:

World-Class Dermal Filler Treatments for Men at Ethos Spa

Dermal filler treatments require an initial consultation so a board-certified plastic surgeon can assess whether or not you’re eligible to have the treatment in the first place. It’s also essential for a plastic surgeon to identify the degree of correction targeted by a male patient, along with the extent of preservation that patients would like for their facial structure.

With years of training and experience in providing high-quality dermal filler injections, here at Ethos Spa, our staff can help both female and male patients achieve their goals safely and effectively. Other than facial fillers for men, we also offer other male enhancement treatments such as penis dermal fillers, lip filler treatments, hair restoration treatments, laser hair removal treatments, brow lift treatments, Botox treatments, and body contouring treatments.

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