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Bikini vs Brazilian Laser Hair Removal treatments

What Is The Difference Between Bikini and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

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Have you been considering laser hair removal in your bikini area? Many women have questions when it comes to how much to get removed. It is becoming more commonplace for women to choose Brazilian laser hair removal. By removing all of the hair in the pubic area, women can feel fresh and clean every single day. Bathing suits and lingerie have become narrower exposing more than before. Having this procedure done enables our patients to be worry free about the last time they shaved or waxed.

The traditional bikini area includes the sides of the pubic area and may include some hair from the top of the region. The Brazilian laser hair removal includes removing all of the hair in your pubic area. Some women may choose to leave a stripe, triangle or other custom shape.

Full Brazilian includes removing all of the hair in the pubic area including the labia’s and all the way around the back. The Brazilian with a stripe includes all of the hair except for a small stripe in the center of the region. The Brazilian with a triangle leaves a small triangle above the region and some patients choose to have a custom design*. Please check with your nurse to be sure that the design can be achieved.

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