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causes of dark circles under eyes

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

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Dark circles under your eyes can be attributed to many different factors. To determine which type of dark circles you have, look at yourself in a mirror in natural light. Lower your chin a little to see the shadows under your eyes. You may notice a bluish shade or a brownish shade. Treatments for lightening the shadows will depend on which shade you have under your eyes.

Blue Circles Under Your Eyes

Blue circles tend to form when oxygenated blood pools under your eyes. The skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate and is easy to see through. Blue shadows may appear brighter in the morning after you have been laying horizontal during the night. As we age, blue circles often appear brighter as well as the skin loses fat which may have previously covered up the area.

Treatments for these circles can vary. Many people try  over-the-counter(OTC) remedies. These include topical creams and metal roller ball devices that are both used to constrict the blood vessels and move the pooled blood away from the area. These treatments are very temporary though and last only as long as one day. Professional treatments are long lasting. One treatment option is injecting a hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane or Juvederm to plump the skin and therefore hide the blue undertones in the area. This treatment lasts about a year and can be performed in an office environment with little to no downtime.

Brown Circles Under Your Eyes

Brown circles are more common and are often caused by heredity. They can result from hyperpigmentation, sun exposure, excessive rubbing  of the eyes and genetics.  Asian and African American people tend to have these dark circles more than others.

Treatment options for brown circles is a little different than blue circles. OTC remedies may include using a skin brightener with citrus or soy to gradually lighten the skin over a period of time. This must be used on a daily basis to see the best results. There are professional options available as well. Chemical peels often help reduce the appearance of brown circles by exfoliating the skin. Laser treatments can also be used over time to lighten the appearance.

After receiving treatment for blue or brown circles, protect your skin by using sunscreen every day.  Sun protection on the face is very important for many different reasons, but especially to protect the delicate areas around the eyes. Contact Us to talk about your many options for treating dark circles under eyes today.

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