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Five Tips to Remember When Cleansing Your Face

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Those stubborn blackheads irritate you so much, right? You need something to make them disappear. At the same time, you need some cleansing method to remove the dirt, while you completely clean your face. What is the best way? Keep reading.

Water Always Helps

Just like with any type of cleaning, we need a lot of water here -- but not any kind of water. We need lukewarm water that is hot enough to open the pores, and cold enough to keep the skin non-irritated. Set the water temperature and wash your face. The pores will open and you're ready for the next step.

Remove the Dirt

If you're wearing heavy makeup, you need a specific cleanser. Apply the gentle cleansing gel that is ideal for your skin type. This must be done every time you wear makeup. Go for the products with non-comedogenic effect, so your pores will remain healthy and clean.

Apply the Cleanser

Some gels and cleaning products have a scrub effect. They are ideal if you want deep cleansing. Your face will breathe again after you remove all the dirt and makeup residues. In some cases, it's advisable to use gentle products without alcohol and parabens. Consider the condition of your skin and choose the cleanser that is perfectly compatible with your skin.

What About Medical Treatments?

When you undertake all possible cleansing methods to make your skin look more beautiful, there is one more thing to consider. Medical treatments are the best way to deeply clean your pores and inner layers of the skin. Facial laser is one of the most popular procedures for face cleaning, especially in a situation when you want to completely change your skin structure. Applying the laser beams will rejuvenate the entire tissue, so the overall skin appearance will be better.

Call the Experts

If you are not sure how to improve the look of your skin, call our Ethos Spa team. Using the latest advances in non-invasive cosmetic treatments and technologies, we can achieve the best results. Your face needs adequate cleansing and our methods are effective enough to get that glowing look you always dream about.

Your aesthetic goals are our top priority. Contact our staff and get the advice that can change the look of your skin.

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