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Ultrashape vs. CoolSculpting: What Areas Work Best With Each Treatment?

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Fatty tissue isn’t always removable via diet or exercise – sometimes there are just fat deposits under your skin that are a little more difficult to remove than usual. For a while, the only type of procedure that could work on this type of fat was traditional liposuction. Fortunately, non-surgical procedures like CoolSculpting and Ultrashape offer an excellent alternative to traditional surgical procedures that get rid of fat.

So which of these nonsurgical procedures work best on specific types of fat? If you’re looking to remove fat in hard-to-reach areas with a little improvement on skin tightness, Ultrashape is the procedure for you. If you’re looking to remove a fair amount of fat with your treatment sessions, the CoolSculpting is the target treatment you should be aiming for.

CoolSculpting vs. UltraShape: Best Areas

CoolSculpting and Ultrashape share a lot of similarities with each other: they’re non-invasive treatments that almost anyone can get, they cause no pain or swelling after the procedure, and they have almost zero downtime required, which can help you resume your daily activities faster. Both of these treatments focus on fat destruction without harming the surrounding tissue or affecting your blood vessels.

However, the key differences between them – specifically how they work – can make all the difference for users who are looking for a specific change in their body after their treatment.

CoolSculpting: Ideal For Larger Coverage

CoolSculpting works by using extreme cold to break down your fat cells from the inside, which are removed by your body as waste a few weeks after your treatment is done. It’s an excellent treatment for people who don’t want to go through the somewhat harsher temperatures associated with other fat reduction treatments like laser lipo or radiofrequency energy treatments.

CoolSculpting works well for the following areas:

  • Back fat
  • Bra fat
  • Abdomen fat
  • Inner and outer thigh fat
  • Double chin and submental fat

Because of the variety of applicators used in CoolSculpting treatment, it’s a versatile body contouring procedure that can precisely mold your body into shape. However, you should keep in mind that not all CoolSculpting providers may have the applicator needed for your particular fat group – so always check if they do before you go to one.

UltraShape: Ideal For Smaller, Hard-To-Reach Areas

UltraShape works by using precisely-directed ultrasound energy to reach isolated pockets of fat underneath your skin, which destroys the membranes of the fat cells. These fat cells are then processed as waste by your body and are removed after a few weeks from your body.

UltraShape works on the following areas:

  • Abdomen fat
  • Thigh fat
  • Flank fat

UltraShape’s main benefit lies in its ability to get rid of stubborn fat in areas that normally don’t respond to most fat reduction treatments. It’s a bit more intense than other similar procedures, which can make it a difficult option for people who have sensitive skin or low pain tolerance.

CoolSculpting vs. UltraShape: Is There A Better Option?

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Given that these two treatments can treat a lot of the same areas, which one should you get? It can be difficult for someone to tell which one works best for the results that they want. Even if there is a general guideline that you can follow as to which treatment works best on your concern, it might not always be the right one.

This is because each person’s type of fat is different – and while there are general similarities that you can find in fat deposits, you need an expert opinion to ultimately choose which treatment suits you best. If you find a provider that can help you get to this decision, then you’re more likely to see success from your fat reduction treatment – whether it’s CoolSculpting or SculpSure.

Remove Fat Cells With Non-Invasive Treatments and Procedures At Ethos Spa NJ

Using ultrasound technology and fat freezing to get rid of fat cells don’t really have a lot of difference in their basics, but if you want more mileage out of your treatments, then you need to know which areas work the best. The majority of people can use one or both of these treatments to get the body shape that they’ve always desired – and with the right provider, get even better results from each flexible treatment.

If you’re looking for non-invasive fat reduction treatments and ways to get to your fitness and body goals with minimal treatment time, visit us at Ethos Spa NJ today. We have the latest development in non-surgical body contouring techniques and procedures, our treatment options have minimal to no recovery time so you can resume your normal activities sooner. For more information about our office treatments and to get started on your own treatment plan, get in touch with us today.

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Dr. Hardik Soni is the founder and Medical Director of Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness. His primary focus is on minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures including botulinum injection (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse), laser hair removal, chemical peels, and laser skin rejuvenation. Dr. Soni believes in a more conservative approach and his first goal is education. Clients are able to determine the ideal treatments after discussion with Dr. Soni regarding the expected outcomes, cost, as well as risks.

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