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Define Your Curves with TruSculpt – A Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatment

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Among the high-tech procedures in a long list of fat reduction and body sculpting treatments, TruSculpt is one of the latest and most versatile offerings in aesthetic solutions to date. So what makes this procedure stand out from the rest? 

Developed by the company Cutera in 2018, its initial TruSculpt iD product joined the ranks of other non-invasive fat reduction treatments such as CoolSculpt and SculpSure. Shortly after, the TruSculpt 3D treatment was introduced. This article will discuss each treatment, how its technology works and how it measures up against its sculpting predecessors. 

What Is TruSculpt?

TruSculpt utilizes an innovative monopolar radio frequency (RF) technology that selectively targets fat cells and therapeutically heats the adipose tissue until it is destroyed and is naturally eliminated from your body. 

The device itself channels 2 megahertz radio frequency waves which penetrate the fat layer in between the skin and muscle, but avoids harming these surrounding tissues. Most patients describe the treatment as akin to a hot stone massage. Although a session may cause reddening in the treatment area, there is little to no discomfort. The treatment has been clinically proven for permanent fat cell destruction, and patient data has shown an average of 24% fat reduction after one treatment. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The patient consults with a specialist about their goals and needs, so the specialist can determine the best course of treatment. 
  2. The device is administered on the target region by the specialist. Target treatment regions may include the abdomen, chest, arms, thighs, hips, or flanks. 
  3. An average session lasts 15 minutes and yields visible results. However, additional treatments may be required to achieve the desired outcome. 
  4. Patients are free to resume their ordinary routines immediately after leaving the doctor’s office. 
  5. The full impact of one treatment session can be seen in 6-12 weeks after the session, as the body disposes of the dead fat cells. 

Cutera’s TruSculpt Line 

Cutera offers two products under their proprietary TruSculpt line: TruSculpt iD and TruSculpt 3D.

  • TruSculpt iD: When you are talking about TruSculpt, you are most likely referring to TruSculpt iD. TruSculpt iD offers personalized body sculpting for any shape and body type, and is clinically proven to remove stubborn fatty pockets. The procedure lasts 15-minutes, and uses a machine with 6 hand-free vacuum pieces which will be attached to the target areas. 
  • TruSculpt 3D: TruSculpt 3D reviews find that it is similar to the TruSculpt iD, but utilizes a gliding hand-held device for around 60 minutes instead. One TruSculpt 3D review also found that the TruSculpt 3D pieces are more specialized for contouring and reduction in smaller areas such as under the chin. 

The Benefits of TruSculpt 

TruSculpt is beneficially for patients who are looking for a safe, fast, comfortable, and permanent fat-elimination treatment that can be tailored to their needs: 

  • Customizable: Physicians and other qualified practitioners maximize TruSculpt iD’s flexible and comprehensive handpiece options to deliver personalized body sculpting to patients. The hand-held or hands-free options allow specialists to address the target areas with precision. 
  • Safe: TruSculpt was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2018, while Cutera, the company behind TruSculpt 3D and TruSculpt iD is well-versed with aesthetic treatments thanks to its 20-year long history. Both TruSculpt iD and TruSculpt 3D can treat various fat densities and all skin types, and consistent results can be achieved with its real-time temperature control. 
  • Fast: For busy patients who want to shed unwanted bulges, a 15-minute in-office procedure is ideal. TruSculpt 3D can treat up to four areas in one session, and little preparation is required prior the treatment. Patients can immediately resume normal activities after the procedure, since there is no need for recovery time. 
  • Painless: Since TruSculpt iD and TruSculpt 3D are non-invasive and non-surgical fat reduction treatments, they do not require needles, anesthesia, or scalpels. The treatments are comparatively less risky than operations which may cause scarring and blood loss. 
  • Permanent: While neither TruSculpt 3D nor TruSculpt iD will not be able to address major weight problems such as obesity, it can help people who only need to trim the excess bit of fat permanently. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they will not grow back as long as a fit lifestyle is maintained.

TruSculpt vs Other Fat ReductionTreatments 

TruSculpt comes after other non-invasive fat reducing, body sculpting treatments – but how does it stack up against its predecessors? 

Monopolar radio frequency (RF) heat technology Controlled-heat laser technologyControlled-freezing technology 
Procedure time: 15 minutesProcedure time: 25 minutesProcedure time: 35 minutes – 1 hour
Average cost: $2350 Average cost: $1400 – $1500Average cost: $2000 – $4000 

TruSculpt vs SculpSure

TruSculpt iD and SculpSure are similar since both use heat but TruSculpt utilizes RF technology. On the other hand, SculpSure is a belt-like device with applicators that deliver a 1060-nanometer diode laser. 

Since SculpSure can only target the middle layer of fat cells between the skin and muscles, it only offers around 11% – 24% fat reduction. TruSculpt iD is found to be more effective at a consistent 24% – 25% fat reduction, as it can penetrate from just below the skin’s surface to the muscle layer. 

Patients have also commented that SculpSure’s heating process may be uncomfortable, especially for patients with low pain tolerance or sensitive skin. Since TruSculpt’s treatment time is only 15 minutes, it may be a more bearable option over SculpSure’s 25-minute procedure. 

As TruSculpt iD is good with any skin type, patients avoiding laser treatments tend to choose it for this reason as well. 

TruSculpt vs CoolSculpt

CoolSculpting is a procedure that freezes the fat layers, which lets the fat cells die gradually and leave the surrounding area unaffected. Within 3-4 months after treatment, digested cells are sent to the lymphatic system and are filtered out as waste. For TruSculpt iD, you can see results in around 12 weeks as well. 

While both TruSculpt iD and CoolSculpt claim 24% – 25% total fat reduction in treatment areas, one treatment with CoolSculpt costs more time and money when compared to TruSculpt iD for similar results. 

Risks and Side Effects of the Procedure

Intimate woman aesthetic abdomen beauty belly body

As long as you are being treated by a well-trained and competent technician, TruSculpt is a low-risk procedure. Its advanced technology automatically prevents the skin from becoming too hot as direct feedback is received through the treatment paddle, and regulates the delivery of heat. 

In terms of pain, most patients would rate the treatment between 1-3 on a pain scale of 1-10. Side effects may appear, but these wear off after a few hours. These side effects may include: 

  • Soreness
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Sensitivity
  • Mild tenderness
  • Mild irritation 

Ideal Candidates For the Procedure

The ideal candidates for TruSculpt are patients over the age of 21 who are in good health and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s also best for them to have less than 30 body mass index (BMI), as the treatment is most effective in “love handle” reduction from patients who are close to their ideal weight. 

Additionally, the following patients should avoid this treatment:

  • Patients who are pregnant, or planning to be pregnant within the treatment period 
  • Patients with a wound in the area they want sculpted
  • Patients with a cardiac pacemaker or internal defibrillator
  • Patients with a metallic, medical implant in the target area
  • Patients with malignant or benign tumors in the target area

If you’re interested in getting the treatment done, it’s best to consult first with a doctor you trust. 

Sculpt 3D Your Way to a Better Body 

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