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Temples of Doom! – How Temple Fillers Improve Your Appearance

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Do You Have Hollow Temples?

The temple is the area above the cheekbone, leading to up to the brow line. A hollow appearance to the temples can make your face look dark, and your appearance seem dreary. While most people don’t look in the mirror and obsess about their temples, a dramatic effect can be achieved in improving your appearance through dermal temple fillers injected in these areas.

As we age, the skin naturally loses collagen and skin becomes thinner and more dehydrated. The aging process also affects the underlying muscle and bone. All these factors working together, along with lifestyle choices affects our overall appearance. As part of an overall beauty regimen, adding volume to your temples, you draw increased attention to your eyes and eliminate unflattering shadowing.

Dermal Fillers for Your Temples

FDA Approved dermal fillers, like Restylane or Juvederm, or other products rich in hyaluronic acid can be injected beneath the skin, directly into the temples to increase volume and spur additional skin hydration.The procedure usually only takes a few minutes. First, the skin is numbed with a localized, topical anesthetic cream. In addition to producing collagen, these temple fillers absorb a tremendous amount of water over time, producing a plump youthful appearance. In fact, optimal results occur a few weeks after the initial treatment.

Botox and Dermal Temple Fillers Together?

Botox and dermal temple fillers perform different functions. While Botox inhibits some muscle contractions that minimize lines and wrinkles, the dermal fillers can target the deeper lines that Botox is ineffective for. Consult with your esthetician during your free consultationabout creating a program that will help you reach your appearance goals.