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male facial laser hair removal treatment

Say “Goodbye” to Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs Forever

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Do you have a problem with razor bumps or ingrown hair? These are common side effects of shaving with a razor or tweezing. Razor bumps can be caused from genetic factors, curved hair follicles or from shaving and tweezing. The bumps occur when the hair is cut and gets a sharp tip that reenters the skin away from the hair tip or when the hair shaft is broken at uneven lengths which then causes it to poke the skin at different points during re-growth. The signs of razor bumps are dark or red colored bumps on the area of the skin that has been shaved or tweezed. Other signs include seeing bumps containing pus in the inflamed area. This can be embarrassing to men when it occurs on their face and for women when it occurs in the underarms or bikini line.

Laser hair removal may be your answer to getting rid of these problems for good! Laser hair removal is the only process which targets the pigment in the hair follicle while leaving the skin intact – therefore no razor bumps or chance for ingrown hairs. The first treatments with the laser will remove 10%-20% of the hair and will continue to thin the remaining hair. The number of treatments needed to remove the unwanted hair are different depending on your skin type, but usually 6-8 treatments are needed to complete the process.

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