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syneron profound

Popularity of Syneron Profound for the Signs of Aging

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Syneron Profound System received its FDA approval in 2016 and it is already becoming the popular treatment for signs of aging. It is great treatment for many different issues that come along with aging. It is successful in tightening sagging skin in the neck area, jawline, and face. We all experience skin aging, sooner or later. Many factors influence and speed up process of aging including environmental factors, living habits and lifestyle, genetics, extended sun exposure, etc. Technology such as Syneron Profound System help us fight the signs of aging at a good pace.

What is Syneron Profound System?

Syneron Profound System is a bipolar radiofrequency device that is consisted of a hand piece that has 5 micro-needles that are connected to electrodes. Those needles deliver bipolar radiofrequency to the deep dermis, encouraging production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. In this way, it is rejuvenating your skin.

How does the procedure look like?

The entire procedure is minimally invasive and it works by the principle of stimulating skin’s natural wound healing process. It is the first device that encourages production of three essential ingredients for youthful skin collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Besides being minimally invasive, it requires only one treatment that can be used on different parts of one’s face, separately.

 What are the expected results?

This treatment delivers improved set of results such as volume to the face, improved texture, tightening, wrinkle removal and softening. Overall it delivers improved and satisfying skin appearance. Desired results become visible within first two weeks after treatment. The results last for up to 9 months. Syneron Profound System is good for all skin types. Almost anyone who has to age and sagging skin the neck area, jowl, cheeks, loss of volume, wrinkles, etc. Make a free appointment with us to see if you are the right candidate for Syneron Profound System.