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Are You a Perfect Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

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You’re no doubt here because you know that winter is the best possible time to start laser hair removal.  You’re thinking about it and wondering if you’re a perfect candidate for laser hair removal.

That’s smart on your part.  Laser hair removal does, in fact, have perfect candidates.  But with changes in technology, it’s much more accessible for people with a variety of hair and skin types.

So, let’s talk about laser hair removal and whether it’s the right choice for you.

Pigmentation is key.

Pigmentation is an important factor in successful laser hair removal.  Pale skin combined with pale hair, for that reason and dark hair combined with dark skin, are challenges.

That’s because if there’s not enough contrast between the two, the laser has difficulty distinguishing between the hair and the skin.

But that’s not an insurmountable obstacle in today’s world of advanced laser hair removal.  Next generation tools are now specifically designed to get around this, making the therapy much more accessible for a wider range of hair/skin combinations.

Varying laser intensity is the solution to overcoming the difficulties associated with both extremes of pigmentation, which is good news for those looking to become effortlessly smooth for swimsuit season.

Get rid of hair – everywhere.

Laser hair removal can be used on just about any part of the body. That said, everyone’s different in terms of sensitivity.

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, because they’re always covered up, making them tender.  Those areas which are more frequently exposed to the elements, of course, are easier to treat, offering fewer challenges for technicians.

You’re ready to save on hair removal.

Some people dismiss laser hair removal out of hand, because they’ve been convinced it’s prohibitively costly.  But think about.

You regularly buy hair removal products like waxes, depilatory creams, sugaring and shavers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get the hair removed and not have to think about so often?  Imagine coasting through the spring and summer, unconcerned about whether you’re stubbly?

Kissing those daily stubble checks goodbye is certainly worth the price of admission!

You’re realistic.

Because you’re a research-based consumer, you know that laser hair removal is a process.  Your hair is not magically zapped off in one session.

You also know that everyone responds to the therapy a little differently, so you’re prepared for the eventuality that your hair may present more of a challenge than someone else’s.

Now, you know about Ethos!

Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness is a leading, doctor-directed beauty resource which marries cosmetic technologies to medical oversight.

We’re committed to helping you reach your beauty goals, offering you a suite of superior aesthetic therapies which are performed by professional technicians, under the guidance of medical leadership.

Want to find out if you’re a perfect candidate for laser hair removal?  The answer is a consultation away.  Come see us to discuss laser hair removal with one of our highly-trained technicians.  We’ll offer you a transparent response.

Contact Ethos and get smooth!

Dr. Hardik Soni

MD, Founder/Lead Physician

About Dr. Hardik Soni

Dr. Hardik Soni is the founder and Medical Director of Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness. His primary focus is on minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures including botulinum injection (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse), laser hair removal, chemical peels, and laser skin rejuvenation. Dr. Soni believes in a more conservative approach and his first goal is education. Clients are able to determine the ideal treatments after discussion with Dr. Soni regarding the expected outcomes, cost, as well as risks.

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