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How much Does Botox Cost around the Eyes

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How much is Botox around the eyes? An expert injector charges Botox in two ways, by the unit and by the area. The price per unit varies from one location to another. Therefore, the price ranges between 9 dollars and 20 dollars.

The amount of Botox required to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes is about 10 units. Each eye is most likely to receive 5 units.

Thus, in calculating the total cost for an injection around the eyes, you multiply the number of units and the total per unit. For example, you multiply 10 units by 20 dollars. You will have to pay 200 dollars. The cost of Botox for the eyes varies from one location to another depending on the following factors:

The person carrying out the treatment

Dermatologists who have greater knowledge on facial muscle anatomy charges more for Botox injection. Doctors who are less experienced and new in the medicine field will charge less. However, the injection may be successful as well as to the one performed by experienced doctors. The success of Botox injections is determined by the art of the doctor in administering the injection.


Your location determines the total amount you will pay for Botox injections. Find a doctor that will be able to perform a successful Botox injection regardless of the cost.

The area to be treated

Large surface areas requires more units than smaller areas, you will be required to pay more especially by the doctors that charge per area.


Doctors and clinics that have high reputation charges more for Botox injections since they are known for successful treatments.