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Laser Hair Removal Tips for Sensitive Skin

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Today people are very concerned about their appearance. Everyone wants to have soft, silky skin and get rid of unwanted hairs forever and completely. Laser hair removal or electrolysis is the perfect solution.

You can get laser hair removal all over your body or at special areas like underarms and bikini. You get 75-90% permanent hair reduction. The treatment is completely pain-free.

How Is It Done?

It is done with a special machine. LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. First, the gel is applied. It is the conductive agent for the light. Then, the laser follows. Its red light is attracted to the pigment. It destroys the hair in the root so it cannot regrow.

You are advised not to wax or pluck two weeks prior to your treatment. You just need to shave to make the trunk of the hair thicker. In this way the treatment will be more effective. Even the lightest, most sensitive skin can be treated.

Women usually have to come 6 to 7 times every 6-8 weeks. The hair gradually weakens and becomes thinner.

The client literally doesn’t feel any pain. You may feel mild, prickly sensation. It is superfast and very comfortable procedure.

Personal Experience

Personal experiences in laser hair removal vary. Most clients are very satisfied, especially when they see the results. They are well informed by the stuff at the clinics so they are completely at ease during the whole treatment.

Expert Opinion

Dermatologists highly recommend laser hair removal. They often have this treatment on offer at their clinics. The most requested treatments are the face, upper lip chin, underarms and bikini area, arms and legs.

Useful Tips

Top tips for laser hair removal are the following:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure three weeks before and after treatment.
  • Avoid sun-tanning products.
  • Do your treatment in an institution where safety is ensured and you have a test.
  • Don’t pluck hair or wax the skin. Shave before every treatment.
  • Wash, moisturize and hydrate the skin to ensure quick recovery.


Cost can be an important factor when getting laser treatments for hair removal. This is because you have to pay for every session needed. The actual cost will depend on the location of the clinic, area to be treated, number of sessions, and the service fee of the dermatologist.

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Dr. Hardik Soni

MD, Founder/Lead Physician

About Dr. Hardik Soni

Dr. Hardik Soni is the founder and Medical Director of Ethos Aesthetics + Wellness. His primary focus is on minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures including botulinum injection (Botox and Dysport), dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse), laser hair removal, chemical peels, and laser skin rejuvenation. Dr. Soni believes in a more conservative approach and his first goal is education. Clients are able to determine the ideal treatments after discussion with Dr. Soni regarding the expected outcomes, cost, as well as risks.

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