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beautiful and smooth legs from a young woman who just removed all hair

Laser Hair Removal Success Stories

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Our clients love our laser hair removal treatments. It’s one of the most popular services we offer. With each treatment, hair growth is permanently diminished, and our elos system procedure is effective with most hair colors an skin types. (The number of treatments necessary may vary with darker hair and skin tones – ask your consultant if you have any questions about your specific situation.)

Working with one of our trained medical professionals, we will design the right treatment program for you, adjusting the laser intensity to maximize results and minimize any discomfort in the process. Your session may take just minutes for a small area, up to 45 minutes or an hour to treat larger areas like removing all the hair from your legs or torso.

Laser Hair Removal - Back | Before and After

Example of Laser Hair Removal results

See even more examples in our Before and After Gallery

Will you be our next success story? Make an appointment for your FREE Laser Hair Removal Consultation. Our professional staff will meet with you and assess your options, and design a treatment program t meet your unique needs and budget.

At Ethos Skin and Laser center, we pride ourselves on our spa like atmosphere. While our staff is medically trained, you won’t be dealing in a cold, uninviting environment.Let us take the stress and worry out of the beautification process for you. We’ll use state of the art equipment and techniques to get you the best results with a minimum of side effects and downtime.