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laser hair removal on the man's chest

Laser Hair Removal for Men: Are You Ready?

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While women have known the convenience and benefits of laser hair removal for some time now, it’s still a fairly new procedure for most men. If you’ve been thinking of making the choice to consider permanent laser hair removal, there’s some things you should know.

Laser Hair Removal is Permanent

Trends come and go… what may be popular today may be out of style in the future. So, it’s important to realize that the decision for laser hair removal is permanent. The laser light kills the root of the hair, making it very difficult to grow back (but not impossible). You may need occasional “touch-ups” in certain areas to maintain your sleek new look, but for the most part, the hair you have successfully removed will not return.

Think Outside the Torso

Typically, the most common areas of laser hair removal for men have been the back, shoulders and chest. However, treatment may also be appropriate for the arms, the stomach and even the genital region.

Laser Hair Removal May Not Be for You

As much as we’d like, laser hair removal is not ideal for all men. It tends to be most effective on lighter skin with darker hair. It’s important to review your specific situation with our medically trained professionals to consult you toward the treatment that will best serve your needs and help you reach your cosmetic and styling objectives. Our FREE consultation will review your options, and inform you of any potential risks or side effects you need to be aware of.

In Conclusion

More and more often, men are taking advantage of the “manscaping” trend, and laser hair removal for men is an increasingly popular option. Contact us today to find out if it mght be right for you.